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Things that make today a good day already:

Joss is making a new show. Starring Faithy-Schmaithy. This is the part where Siobhan gets very excited.

Someone more talented than I am carved a pumpkin to look like Death.

And one of my favorite Sesame Street clips is finally up on You Tube. I promise you, if you watch this all the way through "I-klahoma", you will smile.

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Exhibit Q in the case against the networks: Fox just outlawed Buffy musical episode sing-alongs. Yeah, fans of a show that doesn't air anymore who have already given Fox massive amounts of revenue! Quit watching it for free and enjoying yourselves! "UNSKIPPABLE COMMERCIALS MUST ALWAYS BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES. IMBIBE OUR DIGITAL CONTENT IN THE FORMAT THAT WE MANDATE. oh, and VOTE REPUBLICAN. KTHXBI, kisses, Rupert."
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Late night thoughts:

I am not a shoe slut, but finding out that Christian Louboutins come up to a size 12 makes me wish I had $800 or so lying around so's I could buy some peep-toes with five-inch heels and red soles and pretend I'm Posh Spice.

The LOLCAT bible wiki is my favorite thing in the right now.

I hope iTunes doesn't take as long getting America's Next Top Model up this week as it took them to put up How I Met Your Mother. (I have grown oddly fond of HIMYM, by the way. It needed some time to percolate, but now the main couple doesn't irritate me so much, and all the rest is Jason-Segel-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Aly-Hannigan-flavored goodness.)

That is all.
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I've been meaning to write about this for a little while now, and I'm just going to come right out and say it -- I have a bone to pick with the Emmy nominations committee. I could sit here and blab on and on about Friday Night Lights and bore you all to tears, so I'll make this part short -- Connie Britton not getting nominated for Best Actress in a drama is a TRAVESTY. And I'm kinda cranky on behalf of Adrianne Palicki, whose performance in the last third of the season was a masterstroke, taking a mostly-unsympathetic one-note character and turning her into the character I'm most interested in. But I always knew she was a long-shot, and that Zach GIlford was for Best Supporting Actor, too. Connie, I thought she had it in the bag. I am thoroughly disappointed. Inevitably they HAD to nominate Sally Field, because she's frickin' Sally Field, even though that show looks about as interesting as a bag of leaves. And Edie Falco is a no brainer, and everyone loves Mariska Hargitay. She so pretty. But Patricia Arquette and Kyra Sedgwick? Boring, boring, boring. And Minnie Driver, too -- they basically just nominated the two old standbys (Hargitay and Falco) and then everyone else who is better thought of as a film actress for stooping to bring their warm glowing warming glow to the small screen. Gimme a break -- Connie Britton deserves a nomination of Arquette, Sedgwick, and Driver in a heartbeat.

Then you get to best drama, and I start to laugh like a crazy person. Come ON. You're trying to tell me that Boston Legal is a better show than Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, AND Lost? You're on crack. The Sopranos was a gimme -- even if I grew bored with it after Ade died, it was the last season, so there was no way it was going out without a nod. House is a very well made show, if not completely to my tastes, so I bow to that. Heroes took Lost's slot. I'm kinda OK with that, because I like Heroes a lot, and I think they see it as the new, hip, fun show to nominate. I just happen to think that Lost does crazy sci-fi serial much better. And Grey's Anatomy being nominated for best anything is just fucking ridiculous. That show is a train wreck. It's a consistently entertaining train wreck, but they haven't really been able to pull their shit together this whole season. I knew there was no way in hell that BSG would make it onto the list, but even with an on-and-off season like the one they just had, they're still better than Boston Legal and Grey's in a cakewalk.

I started thinking about what episode of each of my favorite left-out shows should have been submitted, which would catch the high points of the seasons. That's the thing that hurts serialized shows like the ones I tend to like -- the Emmys make you submit a single episode to represent your season, which doesn't really help to win votes from people who've never watched your show before. Grey's Anatomy and The Sopranos are both serials, but they are IMMENSELY POPULAR serials, and people know the characters and what's going on just from the press surrounding the show, so sitting down to watch a single episode doesn't hurt their chances. Heroes is also a serial, but it's got so much hype around it right now that it was going to get nominated no matter what. (For the record, I would have submitted "Company Man" for Heroes -- even though it's a fairly unusual episode for lack of the standard ensemble thrust of the show, it's still impeccably crafted and a great look inside the heretofore-most-inscrutible character, Cheerdaddy Bennett, who I am madly in love with.) For Lost, it's hard -- the stand-out episodes that first sprang to mind were, first, the finale, which was great, and then the Ben flashback episode, and then "The Man From Tallahassee", where Locke gets thrown out a motherfuckin' window. I think I would have to go with "Man From Tallahassee" for my submission, because I don't think I have ever screamed "WHHAAAATT??" at the screen as much as I did when Locke went flailing off the side of that building. For BSG, there's pretty much no doubt in my mind that it has to be "Exodus Pt. 2" because, holy crapweasel, that episode was nonstop excitement. For Friday Night Lights, I know that they submitted the pilot. And while I PERSONALLY thought the pilot was great, I generally don't think that pilots capture what a show turns into over a season-long run. I would go with "Mud Bowl". "Mud Bowl" does everything that show does right, and it does it great. It's intense and emotional and fun at the same time. (On a side-note, I don't think that Adrianne Palicki should have submitted "Mud Bowl" for her episode. It seems like a no-brainer -- that's her big dramatic attempted rape scene. But it's the next episode, "Best Laid Plans" that shows what an amazing and subtle actress she really is as she comes to terms with being attacked.)

And I'm going to go on, just for fun, and make a claim for a Hottest Actor on a Dramatic Series category. We've got Milo Ventimiglia and Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes, Henry Ian Cusick and Josh Holloway from Lost (sorry Sayid, you may be my favorite PERSON on the island, but you come in third in my lust sweepstakes...actually, fourth, after crazy eyeliner-wearing immortal Cuban pirate Richard Alpert, but I'm leaving him out because he's not actually in the cast), Kyle Chandler on Friday Night Lights, and Michael Trucco from BSG. Please let me know if I have committed any major oversight here. (No, I will not hear from Matthew Fox and Patrick Dempsey. Both pretty. Both playing DUMB ASS CHARACTERS that totally cancel out any and all physical attractiveness they might possess. I will also listen to petitioners on behalf of Adrian Pasdar and Christopher Meloni, both of whom skeeve me a little bit but whom I will respectfully admit are, in their own creepy ways, hot. Anyone who wants to claim that Apollo is hot is not allowed to read my journal anymore. If James McAvoy were still on Shameless, he'd be all over this category, damn the fact that it's a British show. But his character apparently got shuttled off to France over a drug deal or something, leaving him free to play upstanding working-class gents in period pieces, and human-fawn hybrids in children's movies. The kid who plays Lip on that show is pretty damn cute himself, though...) I would list Hot Principal here, too, but I heard he got killed off of 24. That's a damn shame. I might have actually watched that show if they made it the Mary Lynn Raskjub and Hot Principal Variety Hour.

In other, completely unrelated news, I have finally faced up to the fact that I have a crush on Michael Cera, and I did even when he was 16 on Arrested Development. I am old and gross. The LJ pedophile police will be here to take away my birthday any second now, I am sure.
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Muppet-related factoid for the day: Joss Whedon's father, Tom Whedon, co-wrote "Hey Cinderella", one of the Tales From Muppetland specials of the late '60s/early '70s and a personal favorite of mine. Given the issues Joss apparently has with father figures, based on all of his shows, maybe I shouldn't be so excited abou this link between two of my biggest pop culture obsessions. But at this point, if I'm going to choose sympathies between the guy who worked with Jim Henson or crazy megalomaniac "I give them what they NEED, not what they WANT" Joss, I think Tom Whedon wins my heart. Maybe there's a good reason Buffy's dad couldn't take her to the ice show!
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i've somehow managed to watch a couple of late 6th season buffy episodes in the last two days. right now i'm watching a documentary that's a bonus feature on the DVD set. can someone explain to me why marti noxon thought that not being able to explain the mythology of the show she ran was somehow cute and endearing? because it's not, it's maddening, and i want to punch her in the face.

also, my random simpsons quote generator today misspelled "superintendent chalmers" as "chamlers". and i noticed. and that is why i am a huge dork.

oh, and...

Jan. 25th, 2005 11:43 am
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strongbad is a character from the homestar runner website. he's a man in a mexican wrestling mask who lives with his two brothers, strongmad and strongsad, and answers emails sent to him in a humorous way.

do you remember the last episode of buffy when andrew and xander and amanda and giles are sitting around playing an RPG and andrew says something about trogdor the burninator? that's a strongbad email.
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last night, i found my favorite pair of pajama pants. i thought they'd been left behind somewhere while i was travelling, but they'd only slipped into a crack behind a dresser drawer. i was so thrilled. i love these pants. i've had them since i was a junior in high school. they're long enough, and they're all soft and warm and comfy and worn-in. just the best pajama pants in the world.

about 30 seconds ago, i jumped up in a really strange position, and the pants ripped, right across the buttcheek. completely unsalvageable.

i guess that's the downside to completely worn-in pants. the same thing happened to my most comfortable jeans. when you wear the same thing for 7 years, they're just bound to go eventually.

so i sit and mourn my navy and green mini-plaid old navy men's pajama pants. the gap snowman pants are no substitute, and the old navy scrubs are on their last legs too. no pajama pants will ever be softer. i'm so glad i got these last 24 supremely comfortable hours with you. it's like when cordelia came back for a day on angel! my pants gave me one last kiss, and then they were gone. so i got closure.

farewell, pants. you will be sorely missed.
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last night i met brooks and his friend laurie at empire skating in crown heights for "hip hop rollerskating" that laurie had read about in the village voice. it's a pretty shady neighborhood, but the place itself is apparently where "roller disco" was "invented". and the music was very disco-y. and everyone was AMAZING! apparently there's a rollerskating scene. these people were dancing. on. skates. it was unbelievable. and then i realized i hadn't been on 4-wheelers since i was 12 years old. i felt very conspicuous. but fun was had. i got better as time went on.

i just finished watching season 6 of buffy, and although i have big problems with some of the plotlines, i found myself liking it a lot more than i remembered. the shoddy production values only bothered me in 2 episodes. i still hated the riley episode. the willow plotline was still horribly handled, but there were some good moments. dawn was annoying but in some ways sympathetic. and xander and anya were so much more fun than i remembered! emma caulfield is hysterical.
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i can't be the only one who likes singing along to the harmony part of "midnight train to georgia" just to sing the "whoo whoo!"s.

also, does the fact that i get sad listening to "tales of brave ulysses" make me the lamest buffy fan on the planet?
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ok, so i'm re-watching the last season of buffy, and i'm almost at the end. and, you know, i have a lot of nitpicks. a lot, a lot. but there's one thing i just have to say now and get it out of my system.


*sigh* i feel better.
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i was watching a bunch of buffy last night so i made some more buffy-related icons. here's angel doing his little dance.
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alyson hannigan and luke perry are starring in a west end stage version of when harry met sally. no, really.

the fuck?

Feb. 5th, 2004 12:07 am
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angel makes no sense. i mean...angel makes. no. sense.

cordy's greatest hits )
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ok, first things first. the firefly theme song has begun haunting my dreams. it plays as mick mars and matthew barney in his cremaster-satyr suit make out. gah!

the theme song pretty much sums up what i feel was terribly wrong with the pilot. namely, all of hollywood has been sucking joss's cock. and then they told him he could make a show about whatever he wanted, however he wanted, and they would give him great production values, and he could even write the theme song! however, joss's ego swollen to exploding proportions now, actually went and did it. the result is "serenity", the 2-hour pilot. joss went totally self-indulgent, and it's what fucked the show forever. the pace is plodding. the actors don't have a real sense of their characters yet. there's tired misdirection (that may have been tim minear's contribution). that war scene at the beginning goes on too long. the line "gettin' mighty crowded in my sky." WE GET IT. we're supposed to think that kaylee is the SENSUAL character because she sucks on that strawberry. WE GET IT. i actually sympathized with the network for once. they gave joss free reign to do whatever he wanted -- and he did whatever he wanted. and "serenity" is what came out. and i think when fox expressed its tempered dissatisfaction with the pilot, joss went all diva on them. something he learned at the feet of the very definition of undeserved divaness herself, ms. sarah michelle gellar. (all this is speculation based on rumor, of course.) so they finally got him to write essentially a new pilot, but he was notably put out about it, and probably a little whiny, so fox said "fuck you, we're putting your show on in an unwinnable timeslot and giving it no promotion. see ya!"

this is all very unfortunate. because the show? is good. the pilot? not so good. "the train job," the second pilot? also not that good. the rest of the show? basically got better and better.

i am now going to compare the shows episode by episode -- all of joss's work. note that i am placing the firefly episodes in the order they were meant to be aired, not the way they were aired.

episode comparison )
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for those who know what i'm talking about: whee! lindsey! now it might get interesting.
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i saw this in the window of the burberry store in soho when i was down there with mimi a couple of weeks ago:

i have an abiding love for ponchos. remember that episode of buffy where willow and buffy are walking through the graveyard and willow's wearing that poncho that's so tight it severely retarded her range of movement? i coveted that poncho. everyone else loathed it. i wish i could have a burberry poncho. you know, it's a good thing i'm unemployed, because if i still had my job i would have concocted some way to rationalize buying it off ebay, like i did with all my sandman stuff and my kate spade organizer and wallet. i can't rationalize it now.
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a couple presents just came my way. my lovely doppelganger sent me "buffy the vampire slayer and philosophy: fear and trembling in sunndale," which i think will be just the thing to help me segue back into academia from a life of endless pop culture. thank you so much! and i hope you enjoy "wolves in the walls." i haven't bought it, but i heard him read it live as the opening act for the magnetic fields a couple years ago and loved it.

and my mom made me a purse with a pill box inside it. she's terribly inventive, that mother o' mine...
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is there anything cuter than alyson hannigan AND a kitten?

i think not.

these are my only thoughts so far on disc six of the season four box set. just -- so very cute.


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