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I'm kinda grossed out that the selective deleting of Tumblr blogs seems to have been done mainly for the benefit of Julia Allison, but I'm honestly not surprised and don't really care that much. I really like the concept behind Tumblr, the simplicity of its programming and all that, but somewhere along the line it turned into this really self-referential insular circle jerk that is thoroughly unappealing. Obviously you can use Tumblr in such a way that you never even see any of that stuff -- I'm sure many people who use Tumblr would have no idea what I'm even talking about here. But for a large subset of active blogs, the dialogue has started to resemble what the Gawker comments used to be like, back when you had to be specifically invited to comment. It's very...ick. So, while in principle I'm opposed to blog censorship, especially half-assed and incompetent censorship (see: my LJ tag), I am also in principle opposed to giving Julia Allison any attention at all AT ALL. So JUST STOP WRITING ABOUT HER. She is a completely inconsequential human being that no one outside of idiotic bloggers has even heard of. Just STOP.


Feb. 13th, 2009 01:41 pm
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A woman who was an inspiration to me died last night. I am having intermittent crying jags. The world is a better place because she was in it, and is a poorer place for her loss.

I really just don't know what else to say.

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I'm super stoked that John Paul Stevens is going to be the one to swear in Biden. But then please, can we get the poor man his long-deserved nap??? The old liberal is sleepy, people!
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There seems to have been some mistake. I remember very clearly, when we moved here and I filled out the address change form at the post office, I specifically wrote down Wisconsin.


Still, it could be worse. I could be back in New York, where it is a relatively balmy 20°, but stuck on a crashed airplane in the middle of the Hudson. That probably feels pretty cold.
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25. Leftovers! MGMT hit it big this year, but their album came out in 2007. So, as much as I would love to put "Electric Feel" higher up on this list, it has to hang out on the bottom for technical reasons. Also getting a lot of play in my car this year but not technically eligible for 2008 prizes? The New Young Pony Club album, and two terribly catchy earworms by Paramore: "That's What You Get" and "Misery Business". I want to hate Paramore, but I can't.

24. "URA Fever" by the Kills. Featured in an awesome moment on Gossip Girl, following which the rest of the season went downhill. Similarly, the rest of the Kills album was not too exciting. But Gossip Girl got better again in the second season, and even more awesome songs were played! Some of them will appear elsewhere on this list! I'm Chuck Bass!

23. Robyn's album finally came out! I kinda feel like I shouldn't specify singles on here, because all of the songs on this album have been floating around for years now, but I'm glad they were finally collected and released here in the states. Now, other people can sing Crash and Burn Girl with me, and I won't feel insane (or possibly Swedish) -- because they played it on Gossip Girl! Note: Segev hates this album.

22. "A Milli" and "Got Money" by Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne likes to talk about how much money he has. He often does it in relatively catchy ways. This pleases me. I think he is hugely overrated as a rapper, but I still enjoy the beats.

21. "Move (Cut Copy Remix)" by Cansei De Sur Sexy. I like the Cut Copy remix of this better than the original.

20. "Paris is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)" by Ladyhawke. I have not heard the original version of this, but I like the Cut Copy remix.

19. "Hearts on Fire" by Cut Copy. I like Cut Copy.

18. The Ting Tings. The Ting Tings confuse me. They had a song on Gossip Girl -- but it was probably my least favorite song of theirs ("Shut Up And Let Me Go"). They have some songs where the big popular remix is awesome while the original kinda sucks ("That's Not My Name"), and some where the original is great and the big popular remix is a big letdown ("Great DJ"). Maybe next album will give me a little big of consistency? Because the raw material is totally there. Good luck, Ting Tings!

17. "Down to Earth" by Peter Gabriel. God knows I'll take whatever little Peter Gabriel scraps get served up to me these days -- but the fact that this song accompanied the most amazing credits sequence in any movie ever makes it more than just a scrap. How crazy is it that in possibly the best movie of the year, possibly the best animated film of all time, the Peter Gabriel-scored credits is the part that made me cry?

16. Santogold. I didn't think her album was terrifically consistent, but I definitely dug pretty much everything she touched this year. Best songs, probably "Creator" (as featured in a Sandra-Oh-dances-around-in-slow-motion sequence on Grey's Anatomy) and "L.E.S. Artistes", but various collaborations with Amanda Blank and Jay-Z were pretty tops, too. And, again, yes, featured in a fabulous Gossip Girl scene. (Yes, Dan Humphrey, Serena DOES think you're a joke. So SHOVE IT.)

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Once again, the comments over on Jezebel drive me crazy. Sure, I understand the sentiment about not wanting to hear your neighbors scream for 40 hours during a home birth. But it makes me really sad that so many women my age are under the impression that birth is like that — screaming and pain for days and days. Births can go on a long time, and there can be noisier periods (usually grunting is a more useful sound to make than straight up screaming), but any widwife attending a birth where a woman has been straight up screaming bloody murder long enough to disturb neighbors to any degree beyond “dog barking” or “loud sex” or other standard apartment-dweller’s annoyance noise, needs to GET THAT WOMAN TO A HOSPITAL, because that is not a home birth that is going well. So that’s really a red herring as far as what many of these commenters really have an issue with here.

There’s just so much “placentas, EW!” in these comments, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it over there. I’m not planning on storing my placenta in the freezer or anything, but I feel like a lot of women in my cohort, as represented on Jezebel, have bought into the idea, as promoted by the medical industry (not to mention just society in general), that the female body is gross and foreign and birth is something that needs to be dealt with like a disease instead of as one of the MAIN FUNCTIONS OUR BODIES ARE BUILT FOR. Seeing that on a supposedly feminist site is very disapointing. But I’m getting used to it. Given the bizarro moderating over there (i.e. how the posters get away with saying incredibly negative stuff about other women all the time, but anyone who says a celebrity looks like shit in a Snap Judgment post gets shamed in those best/worst comments threads), it doesn’t surprise me anymore.

There’s also a definite classist tinge to a lot of the commentary, like the person who wonders why home birthers don’t just go to a birthing center, or have a midwife AND a doctor. Sadly, that combines with the overall Park-Slopey setting of the Times article in question to overlook one of the main problems that arises with medical birth in this country, and especially in places like NYC — if you’re lucky enough to have insurance, you often have to fight to have them cover anything but a hospital birth. And forget about NYC birthing centers if you don’t know about them from the start — they book up 8 months in advance. A woman who works two jobs to support herself and get some shitty insurance doesn’t have the time to spend online researching different birth options, or fighting with her insurance to cover a midwife, LET ALONE both a doctor AND a midwife. The “get a doctor and a midwife” comment was the “let them eat cake” moment in the middle of this trainwreck.

For the record — I am not having a home birth. I am planning a natural birth IN a hospital. But I only feel comfortable doing that because A) I live in the People’s Republic of Madison, and the doctors I’ve dealt with are definitely more enlightened that the people you’ll run into in many of this country’s hospitals (where the priority is to deliver as many babies as quickly as possible to maximize monetary return and diminish the chance of being sued for malpractice by getting those babies OUT OUT OUT CUT ‘EM OUT) and B) I have the incredibly luxury of being able to research my options AND have insurance that will cover many different styles of birth (and if it didn’t, I, again, have the time to argue with them about it — many, many women do not). Oh, and C) I have no qualms about throwing a giant fucking hissyfit at any doctor or nurse who tries to force me into a medical procedure that I do not want. I have a friend (who is probably reading this, but I won't name unless she wants to chip in) who was given an episiotomy without being asked by the on-call doctor, even after having made her choice clear to her regular OB and on her birth plan. Luckily, when I told this story to my doctor, he was obviously horrified, so I know he’s on my side here. But if I show up at that hospital to a doctor I’ve never met before, I don’t care about being polite — you cut me, or break my waters, or fucking do any goddamn thing to my private parts without my express consent, you are facing not just malpractice charges but sexual assault charges, too. I will say this loudly, up front. I don’t play. Too many women come out of birth feeling violated in one way or another by the medical professionals that worked on them. I REFUSE. But if I didn't have the supportive community of friends that I do, I wouldn't even realize that I might have to pipe up and say, "Hey, please don't cut my taint without asking me first." Wouldn't have even OCCURRED to me. And in that sense, I am luckier than most women in this country. The stats are mind-boggling. There is no way that 1 in 3 women in this country have physiological reasons why they can't give birth vaginally. There are many reasons to have a c-section; I personally know many women who have had c-sections and NEEDED c-sections, and I will have one if it is necessary. But most women in the U.S. assume that medical interventions at birth are necessary and in their best interest when they AREN'T ALWAYS. Making people who pursue things like home birth or just natural birth in general out to be either dirty hippies or Park Slope elitists doesn't serve any woman's best interest. The commenters on Jezebel talk a good game about being pro-choice. I think a lot of young women don't really understand the full ramifications of what that phrase should mean. But what it definitely DOESN'T mean is "EW, PLACENTAS! Go to the hospital and shut the fuck up!"

*sigh* Just in general another occasion for Jezebel to make my blood boil.
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OK, I did all my liveblogging over on Facebook tonight, so I'll transcribe it over here.

5:55 pm -- All we need is the Kerry states plus IA, NM, and CO. The rest is gravy. Breathe.

6:12 pm -- There's a little vein popping out in Pat Buchanan's forehead.

6:38 pm -- The Mitch McConnell race is soooooo close!!

6:40 pm -- Obama's within 15K votes in Indiana with NO precincts in Lake County yet. This rules.

7:01 pm -- Pennsylvania to Obama with 0% returns. Those exit polls must have been a blowout! And NH, too! Start dancing, folks!

7:32 pm -- EAT IT LIDDY DOLE!!!!

8:24 pm -- Oooooooooohio!!!!!!!

8:44 pm -- Maggie is thinking McCain needs to pull an upset in Washington. Think it could happen? If so, I have a lovely bridge you might like to buy..

8:48 pm -- Obama's winning Tampa. He's gonna win Florida. I'm just gonna come out and say it. Florida=Obama country.

8:50 pm -- The baby is kicking up a storm. Excited about Obama, or strung out on all the Gobstoppers I've been chowing on for three hours? Too close to call.

9:04 pm -- He's gonna win VA, and FL, and NC, and IN, and NV, and god..

9:23 pm -- Maggie is super jealous of her friends in Grant Park.

9:57 pm -- Chris Matthews is totally creaming himself -- I guess that's why they took him off the air right after calling Ohio, they needed to calm him down a little.

10:01 pm -- They just called it! I think Olbermann is crying. They're showing people collapsed in tears in Atlanta and Harlem. This is insane.

10:03 pm -- HA HA HA HA MY NEWS FEED JUST WENT FUCKING BERZERKER! There are fireworks somewhere outside.

10:08 pm -- Slightly anticlimactic: "by the way, Virginia went to Obama." People are crying.

10:18 pm -- Jesse Jackson is crying in Grant Park. Guess you don't want to cut his balls off anymore, huh Jesse?

10:20 pm -- The McCain crowd is booing Obama. Classy to the end, guys.

10:45 pm -- Maggie is now panicking about Prop 8. Gah!

10:59 pm -- Awww, Malia took her twists out. I thought Barack thought she looked tight! Why do you lie to Sway, President-elect Obama??

11:04 pm -- Oprah is excited that Malia and Sasha get a puppy!!! You get a puppy! You get a puppy! EVERYONE GETS A PUPPY!!!!

11:21 pm -- Is that Michelle's brother that's basketball coach at Princeton? Good lord, he's tall.

11:48 pm -- Maggie is projecting that Obama will pull out Indiana and NC by a fraction of a percent, might yet pull out MO, and MT??

11:57 pm -- David Gregory just pointed out that we don't have any results yet from Alaska, and Rachel Maddow LAUGHED AT HIM. It was LULZtastic.

12:15 pm -- Chris Matthews is getting rowdy, shouting about Bill Richardson's facial hair. Has he been drinking?

12:29 pm -- Maggie is going to go crazy watching the Prop 8 numbers shrink by a tenth of a percent at each refresh.

12:30 pm -- Chris Matthews is now muttering under his breath about how much he loves Cory Booker. Seriously, I think he's drunk!
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OK, so I went over to Real Clear Politics and made my own map of electoral predictions.

The pastel ones are a mix of states that I'm hoping might make the night slightly more interesting -- I think McCain will pull out North Carolina and Georgia in the end (10 hour lines in Atlanta??), but might get surprised by Montana and North Dakota. I also think that Obama's ground game will make the difference in Missouri and Indiana, and that Charlie Crist's bruised ego at not being chosen as McCain's VP will make the difference in Florida similar to how Jeb being governor made the difference in 2000. In a state as crazy as Florida, you need to have the state apparatus on your side, and Crist has no intention of going out on a limb for McCain right about now. Thanks for the extended voting hours, Charlie!! But I think Ohio and Pennsylvania will go Obama in the end, Nevada's looking like a lock based on early voting numbers, and the registration nightmares I thought we'd see coming out of Colorado and Virginia don't appear to have materialized, so I think he's got those wrapped up, too. So, as much as I'm totally panic-stricken, in my heart I think we're in good shape.

Some other thoughts on various other races? I think Saxby Chambliss is going to eat it in Georgia, and good fucking riddance. I think Mitch McConnell might make it through in Kentucky by the skin of his teeth, and it might honestly be partly from backlash to some nasty ads coming down from one of the unions. Good to know that no one party has a monopoly on ugly homophobia. I think Franken's going to lose in Minnesota in a squeaker. I've never thought Franken was a good candidate -- I think it was incredibly egotistical of him to think he would be able to win with all of the baggage he carries. I think he's a relatively funny guy, and I agree with him on most issues, but 15 years of sitting in 30 Rock coked out of your skull riffing on jokes about rape...that doesn't necessarily translate to rural Minnesota voters. If it's a very good day, we'll see Darcy Burner come out ahead in Washington, El Tinklenwhozitz kick Michelle Bachmann's botoxed ass in Minnesota, and Gary Trauner win the shit out of Cheney's old seat in Wyoming. None of them are a sure thing, but man, that would be pretty awesome. And John Murtha's probably going to lose in Pennsylvania, which I'm not particularly sad about. Ted Stevens SHOULD lose Alaska, but you never know -- that place is crazysauce. Kay Hagen's gonna beat Liddy Dole. Jeanne Shaheen is gonna beat mini-Sununu. I'm thinking at least one of the two Diaz-whatever brothers in Florida will lose. And if Prop 8 passes in California, I'm going to have a fucking fit.
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I beg you, if you live in a state that allows for early voting, GO VOTE NOW. This year will have crazy turnout everywhere, and I already personally know of people who have been wrongly removed from the voter rolls. If you vote early, you may have time to get your registration straightened out. If you find out at the polls that something has gone wonky, you're stuck filling out a provisional ballot, many of which never get counted. And that way lies madness.

Please vote early, and tell everyone you know to vote early, too. I don't care who they're voting for; this isn't a partisan thing for me. Passions are running very high in this country right now. Every person in an early voting state can do their part to make election night go as smoothly as possible and prevent Chris Matthews's and Steve Doocy's heads from actually exploding on air in overexcitement. As entertaining as that might be.

Thank you for listening. Everyone should now go and watch the new Lost preview on YouTube. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:46 pm
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Yay for LJ app for iPhone!

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OK, can we please discuss the ridiculous hotness of Demian Bichir, the guy who plays Nancy Botwin's drug lord boyfriend on Weeds?

Dear Jesus lord. So now, since the season is over and I can't watch him on my TV screen anymore, I've totally got to go watch that like seven-hour-long Che Guevara movie that Steven Soderbergh made. Cuz Bichir plays Castro. Dude. Castro WISHES. Bichir is so hot, just looking at him in costume made both of Castro's ex-wives spontaneously conceive children. And they're in their 70s!

My favorite fact from Demian Bichir's Wikipedia page?

Both of his parents, Alejandro Bichir and Maricruz Nájera, and brothers Odiseo and Bruno Bichir are also actors. The MTV Movie Awards-México created a special category "Mejor Bichir en una Película" ("Best Bichir in a movie") because of the many films the Bichir siblings act in every year.

For the record? His brothers are nowhere near as smoking-hot, and as such, Demian should win EVERY YEAR. They should also nominate him for the award "Mejor Bichir en mi Pantalones".
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Question of the Day: Why does the iTunes Genius feature insist on putting "Careless Whisper" by Wham on every single 80s-related playlist I ask it to generate? Starting with Whitesnake -- gives me Journey, Foreigner, Genesis, Def Leppard, Van Halen...and WHAM?
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A vote for McCain is apparently a vote for a cold war with Spain now. Huzzah!

OK, a poll:

[Poll #1262427]

Vote now!
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Fun fact for the day: Hey, you know how Sarah Palin likes to talk about how Alaska is so close to Russia? Well, I did the math, and it looks like the Palin homestead in Wasilla is about the same distance from the Bering Strait as I am in Madison from my parents' house in Vero Beach, Florida! *waves* Hi Mom! I can see your foreign policy qualifications from here!

And to go from Palin's office in Juneau to the Bering Strait? Why, that's close to 2000 miles -- just a short little jaunt like the one I take every afternoon to visit my sister in Los Angeles!

When I told my geographically-challenged friend Ryan I was moving to Wisconsin, he kinda squinted and said, "That's near Canada, right?" Well, sorta, Ryan -- but apparently that proximity is a better asset for my career prospects than my masters degree. Look out, Ban Ki Moon! I've got a geographically-stacked resume and some cute spectacles, and I'm coming for your job!
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Favorite Thing of the Day: Mattel LED Football for iPhone/iPod Touch! I'm in '80s Hand-Me-Down-Toy heaven! (Actually, I think the one my sister had was baseball, not football, but it's the same sort of interface and makes the same little satisfying bloops and bleeps.)
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Thing I like: Genius playlists in the new iTunes. Hell YEAH if I want to listen to "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper I'll also want to listen to Heart, Wham, and Til Tuesday! Love IS a motherfuckin' battlefield, Pat Benatar, thanks for pointing that out!

Thing I don't like: That Nancy Botwin keeps fucking stuff up with her hot shirtless boyfriends. I already don't get to see Romany Malco on my TV anymore; now just because she has a moral problem with human trafficking, I can't see the sexy telenovela guy next season? SHENANIGANS.

Other thing I like: Teeny baby bump.

Corollary thing I do NOT like: Pregnancy heartburn. Whooorf.
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Did you know that Thomas Eagleton, George McGovern's running mate who was torpedoed after his history of shock treatments was discovered after a practically nonexistent vetting process (imagine!), had a Scientologist niece who tried to extort him by spreading false rumors that he was bisexual? Now you do!


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