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Columbia is undertaking some sort of rehab work on our building in order to bring the cornices up to code. This apparently involves an hour at a time of someone drilling or sanding or something on the wall above our bed, followed by another hour of someone scraping with a small hand instrument at whatever is left after the drilling/sanding, and then back to MORE drilling/sanding. This starts at 8 am and wakes me up with the distinct perception that the wall is about an inch thick and the drill is going to come swirling through it into my skull. Now, obviously I would like to avoid an involuntary trepanning, but I was stubborn and refused to get up, despite a full three hours of drill/sand/scrape/rinse/repeat. It was not particularly restful, however, and when Segev came home for lunch I stumbled out into the kitchen mumbling incoherently about drills and scrapers. Segev looked at me in horror and said, "You look TERRIBLE." Which is totally what you want to hear after someone has been drilling directly behind your head for three hours. It's been a long day already.
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This morning, my husband came across a scintillating article on the widespread use of hand sanitizer by poltical candidates. Is it good hygiene, or a contemptuous disgust for the germy little people they're shaking hands with? My husband referred to it as a "Bart's People" story, which made me laugh. And then I realized that particular episode of The Simpsons will be included on the 9th season box set that comes out in December.

The Simpsons used to be one of my favorite shows, second only perhaps to Buffy. But I honestly haven't watched a new episode in about two years. I had become so disillusioned with the show that I found it upsetting to watch subpar episode after subpar episode, especially as the later episodes began to dominate the syndication special to the exclusion of seasons 6 and 7. The last episode that made me laugh at all was the "Land of the Jockeys" episode, and that was simply because of the sheer awful ridiculousness of it all.

Season 9 is really the show's last gasp at relevance. It is thoroughly uneven, with one brilliant episode ("The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson"), a number of episodes with hilarious parts that peter out towards the end ("This Little Wiggy", though it's redeemed by the last minute appearance of the pyromaniac leprechaun, and "Trash of the Titans", which thoroughly wastes Steve Martin), and some real stinkers (...gonna use oil-based paint cuz the wood is piiine!). So it's not an immediate must-buy for me as the last 8 seasons have been. And that makes me sad. But it's going on my wishlist, where it will linger until someone either decides to buy it FOR me, or I break down and realize that my desire to see the Canyonero ad whenever I want overrides my dislike of the rest of that episode (the one where Krusty becomes an alterna-comic and hangs out with Janeane Garofalo -- god, that could have been so good).

Season 10 was my first year in college, and I watched it pretty much every week with everyone else on my floor in our RH's apartment. I'm looking through the episode guide now and I don't see a single good episode. The only funny line that's even popping out to me right now is from the Mark Hamill episode: "Guys and Dolls, we're just a bunch of crazy guys and dolls, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah guys and dolls..." And that's not even that funny. *sigh* At least season 11 has the Tomacco episode. Season 12 has Comic Book Guy's bootleg tape of Mr. Rogers drunk. ("What do you mean I can't take off my sweater? I'm HOT!") In season 12 there's literally only one episode I can remember at all (the one where they go to Brazil), and after that I honestly don't think I'd seen any until this year's Halloween episode, which I saw on YouTube and didn't laugh at once. Not ONCE. So sad.

There was also a clip from the Simpsons movie on a DVD we recently rented. It was very, very random and not particularly funny (Hower gets attacked by his sled dogs). I'm expecting this movie to be worse than the Dark Crystal sequel, which I'm pretty depressed about, too.
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I was listening to my iPod the other day and the Pharcyde's "Ya Mama" came on.

"Ya mama's glasses are so thick she look into a map and see people wavin at her."

I'd never really paid attention to that part of the song, and for some reason I was incredibly amused.

I got The Little Mermaid on DVD today and was excited to watch it, having not seen the movie in close to 10 years. It was only slightly ruined by the fact that Segev kept posing questions about logical inconsistencies. I had to continually point out to him that it's a movie about MERMAIDS and TALKING CRABS, and if he's able to accept that, then why can't he accept that there's a giant gold castle at the bottom of the sea without needing to know where they mined the gold? Anyway, I was horrified to realize that The Little Mermaid came out 17 freakin' years ago, and I am officially OLD.
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the new york magazine cover article this week is about the elite echelon of bloggers who rule the universe. well, maybe not the universe. just the web. anyway, boing boing is apparently the most linked-to blog on the web, so they refer to its creation in 2000 as a milestone in blogistory. what they leave out is that boing boing has been around much longer than that. i had a link to boing boing on my extremely bare bones geocities home page in 1996. and apparently, as far back as 1988, it was a paper zine.

but the same thing i thought about boing boing when it was just another boring website is true now that it's a scintillating blog -- it's filled with useless crap and is a total waste of time to read. there are inevitably real jewels in there, but as new york mag describes, they've got 5 bloggers just posting anything they can come up with for 12-14 hours a day. it's not as barebones and overwhelming as metafilter, but at least metafilter doesn't attempt hipness, really.

so, anyway, i'm always happy when someone finds something cool on boing boing and points me to it. that means they've done the work for me. because when i try to read the page myself, my eyes utterly glaze over.

segev has fallen asleep in front of the menus of the chappelle show season 2 DVD. so for about 45 minutes, my life has had the soundtrack of "what's the best show on tv? chappelle show! woo-hoo!" and lots of harmonica jams. but if i turn it down, or god forbid off, segev will wake up and be cranky.

and i don't remember if i posted this this morning or not, and i'm too lazy to go check. but segev and i are definitely getting married on september 2nd, the saturday of labor day weekend. wish us luck in planning this damn thing.
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i don't think i've ever actually been excited for a baseball game before! i'm a childhood red sox fan and a girl of great sentiment, so around town i have to usually keep quiet about who i'm rooting for. last year, april and i went into this bar at the end of the last sox/yankees game and april (who's from boston) was shouting at the top of her lungs about how the yankees fucking suck. i thought we were going to get killed. lucky for us we're hot chicks (though i wasn't exactly at my hottest around that time last year).

i don't know if i should watch or not. i don't know if i'm good or bad luck. watching the bills, growing up, wherever we were in the house when the bills first scored, we all had to stay there for the rest of the game. so my dad would sometimes be watching in the attic, me in the living room, and my mom in the bedroom. and then every time the other team scored, we were free to move around again. i may play by the same rules tonight

poor segev -- if it goes to 14 innings again, there's no way he'll be able to make himself stay up that late. but this! this could be historic! this is a bigger deal than actually winning the world series. i have a feeling that if boston wins tonight, they'll totally go on to blow the world series because all they really cared about was beating the yankees and getting to the game in the first place. :) fuck you, babe ruth!
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i got the coolest birthday present from segev! he bought me noise cancelling headphones. they're supercool. it's just your own little room of sound -- womb of sound, even. and they cancel out low end noise, like the air conditioner or airplane engines. we shall see how they work on the subway. and they come with their own spiffy little carrying case, and an ipod fits in it too. yaaaay!
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you know what's a fun word to say?


it's the generic name for one of my skin cremes.

it sounds like when homer goes "trambampoline!" which is also fun to say.

i'm on the guestlist for msshapes, and i guess i could go soon, but even though i have nothing to do here i really don't want to go downtown all by myself right now. i could if it was trash, because it seems more loosened up there. but misshapes is a lot more serious. still fun, but i dunno. i should just look for a way to pass the time here. don't want to stay out late becaus ei actually have something to do tomorrow afternoon -- i'm dj-ing a mini-set at the WBAR 4th of july barbecue. it's for the kids in the summer program here. i'm really looking forward to it. here's my planned little setlist:

•deceptacon-le tigre
•glamorous life-the fever
•desperate guys-the faint
•i need you tonight-INXS
•the death of american radio-radio 4
•fearless-the bravery
•i would die 4 U-prince

mostly stuff i've played on my show, a couple i haven't.

segev's reading the 3rd harry potter. this makes me happy.
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the most blissful moment of the whole trip to pittsburgh? picture: driving home after the rowing trip, pitch black out, segev driving really aggressively and sneezing like crazy, me clutching my seat, terrible music playing on every radio station the whole way. suddenly, a radio station we'd never picked up before appears on the dial, playing "she's lost control". both of us just go, "oh, YEAH!" we listen to the whole song, totally psyched. segev's driving calms and his sneezing recedes. ian curtis is soothing us. after the song, the station goes to commercial, so i flip stations. on the next go-round of the dial, the station is gone as mysteriously as it came. no more signal, no more joy division, no nothing. it's as if the gods of manchester knew we needed a little relief just at that moment and smiled on us.
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the brainwashing company from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (which segev and i saw yesterday and was very good) has its own website, set up as a promotional device for the movie.

what's most amusing and disturbing about the site is their "evaluation" page. it has a checkbox of questions to determine whether the procedure is right for you. but the list is composed entirely of questions that almost EVERYONE would answer yes to, questions such as "do you feel embarassment?" and "do you feel regret?" as segev pointed out after we saw the movie, this list emphasizes one of the underlying social messages of the movie, which is that modern medicine strives to offer you a magic pill instead of really dealing with things that have gone wrong in your life and how they've impacted who you truly are as a person. regret and such things are a natural and important part of human life. would you truly be a person if any memories of a broken heart were erased from your memory? this page perfectly underlines the fallacy that is central to the movie as a whole.
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segev is actually looking up hints for zelda online now. this nintendo-on-the-computer thing has to stop.
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woo! and hoo! my printer works!

as segev said, "just in time for...oh."

well, at least i'll be able to print papers next semester.
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flipping back now through my copy of "endless nights," in response to receiving the newest sandman tie-in earlier today...i just noticed that delight, when she's talking to killalla -- her eyes are both the same color.


i wish segev would read my sandman books. i wish segev would read the harry potters i bought for him. i wish segev would read all of the books i set out on the table for him, some of my favorite books, because i wish that segev would read something other than physics. i think too much physics is hurting his brain.
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yesterday siobhan, segev, my cousin sam and i went to a taping of the daily show. it was fun except for the long standing-around portions of the afternoon. but sam bought me gummy bears for the wait in line, so that was good. only 2 people behind us in line got in, so it's a good thing sam got there before us to stake out a spot.

jon stewart is so cute! he really is as little as everyone says! for some reason i thought they were exaggerating, but no. i think he's shorter than segev. he just has an enormous head, so that makes him look bigger on tv. and one of the guests they filmed was charlie sheen, who is also a little man. taller than jon stewart, though. but that didn't surprise me since i saw emilio estevez once when i was in LA and he is shetland pony-sized. jon stewart was so adorable during the commercial breaks -- he kept drumming and lip-syncing along with the music they were playing in the studio, and doodling on his little sheet of paper, and periodically throwing his hands in the air and collapsing back in his chair. siobhan and i were giggling like schoolgirls.

and then afterwards i managed to somehow trick sam, who is a pickier eater than i am if you can imagine, into eating thai food. i think my uncle mat should provide me with some type of payment for that. i don't have any idea how i did it.

today i have my TA session, then i have to go down to 96th street and pick up my remaindered drugs, then look into getting a new cell phone and maybe get my eyebrows waxed. oh, and i have to go to the post office and buy stamps, and i need to put in a work order for a new bathroom sink because simi knocked my glass moisturizer bottle into it and cracked it and there's a big ol' hole and the sink is now non-functional.
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i can't sleep. segev made this teeny-weeny comment about whistle not feeling good and now i'm totally flashing back to when fidget was sick and being all paranoid that something's seriously wrong with her too. all she did was regurgitate a little bit of saliva. it's not like she's puking chunks repeatedly or anything. i just can't take kitty sickness again so soon. too much too much too much. i really am wanting pills right now. that's bad. i need to go to a meeting tomorrow, i think. i suck.
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since segev took the digicam to japan with him, i can't yet take pictures of all the retardedly cute things simi is doing. so, i will be morbid and post a couple really cute pictures of fidget.

this is fidget thinking he's people.

this is fidget in what was his default position -- snuggled next to me.

i promise, as soon as i get the autopsy results and i bury his ashes, i will have some sort of closure on this and stop posting about it all the time. but until then, please continue to put up with my pathetic mourning process.
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well, well, well. in my absence, simi has learned how to climb up onto the kitchen counter and into the sink. this will be problematic when segev gets home. i'm pretty easygoing about it, but it'll piss him off to no end. he's been spoiled by whistle and fidget being so well-behaved. simi has also learned how to use her claws to climb all the way up your jeans. this could also pose a problem.

i was treated to the pan-flute, muzak version of salisbury hill in the airport. yikes.

the good news for the evening is that i got the bill from the animal hospital and my balance is only 900-and-some dollars. that's in addition to the $1667 i put down when i dropped fidget off, but still considerably less than it could have been. and thanks to all the donations, including recent ones from lydia, joan yin, and my cousin katie, most of that $900+ is covered by the fidget memorial fund. thank you, all of you. even those of you who couldn't afford to give money, you've just so totally been there for me, everyone. thanks.

i have to go to the post office tomorrow and pick up fidget's ashes. i wonder if that will make it any more real.

i took a lot of crap-assed, hurried polaroids for suzanne today. i hope at least a couple of them are agent-presentable.

oh, how i wish i had kool-aid.

simi keeps trying to type. :)
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i think i've put my finger on the worst part about losing someone. it's knowing that that feeling you get when you're around someone you love, the feeling that's particular only to them -- you will never get to experience that ever again. you can remember it, but each day that memory will grow slightly further away. how i felt when fidget would jump up on the bed next to me, flumph down next to me, or sneak up from behind me on the couch -- i can't get it anymore. it's almost there, and then it slips through my grasp. and there's nothing i can do about it.

simi is biting my toes. this cat lives at a gallop. she keeps flinging herself into or onto things. the fights her shadow on the wall by attacking it and then bouncing off. she runs one direction down the hall and then leaps at the door at the end, then bounces off, turns around, runs back and bounces off the door of the entertainment center. she spelunks the crevaces of my wicker hamper. she steps on segev's head while he's asleep. it's all incredibly cute.

but i don't love her yet. that's ok, i didn't love whistle and fidget right away, so i know i will love her given time. it's just...hard. hard because i did love fidget, so much, and it almost seems disrespectful to his incredibly laconic memory to have this whirlwind running around in his place.

hee. she really wants to play with segev right now. to bad he's unconscious.

i need a cigarette.
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segev has spent the entire day debating the efficiency of government use of tax-money with his washington-times-reading libertarian uncle. i am going. to. BED.
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it should also be noted that we watched the parade from the corner of christopher street and gay street, which has to be the coolest place possible to watch the gay pride parade.

there was also a guy walking up and down the sidewalk with a "screw scalia" poster over his head, which cracked me up. i think that the timing of the supreme court decision was so fortuitous to be right in the middle of pride. woot!

and i mentioned to segev how cool it was to see such a huge representation of lesbians of color. they're often a pretty marginalized faction (much like feminists of color, in general), so seeing them out in force was rad.

i think i clapped hardest for the dykes on bikes, the gay firefighters, and the stonewall veterans. they were keen.
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well i guess segev's not gonna get that t-shirt i promised him for our anniversary.

i saw it on laura kightlinger in some standup special the other day. it was just a black t-shirt with a picture of dick cheney's head and the word "DICK" under it.

do you know how hard it is to search for something online using only the command "dick t-shirt"?


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