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I'm kinda grossed out that the selective deleting of Tumblr blogs seems to have been done mainly for the benefit of Julia Allison, but I'm honestly not surprised and don't really care that much. I really like the concept behind Tumblr, the simplicity of its programming and all that, but somewhere along the line it turned into this really self-referential insular circle jerk that is thoroughly unappealing. Obviously you can use Tumblr in such a way that you never even see any of that stuff -- I'm sure many people who use Tumblr would have no idea what I'm even talking about here. But for a large subset of active blogs, the dialogue has started to resemble what the Gawker comments used to be like, back when you had to be specifically invited to comment. It's very...ick. So, while in principle I'm opposed to blog censorship, especially half-assed and incompetent censorship (see: my LJ tag), I am also in principle opposed to giving Julia Allison any attention at all AT ALL. So JUST STOP WRITING ABOUT HER. She is a completely inconsequential human being that no one outside of idiotic bloggers has even heard of. Just STOP.
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Somehow I managed to isolate all my vocals in the left channel on my podcast. I'll fix it, but I can't get to my website until after MobileMe is up and running. So, in the event that any of you had downloaded it before the site went down, listen at your own risk -- it sounds shitty. Wait until tomorrow evening, when I will have had a chance to reupload, presuming the DotMac-MobileMe switch doesn't go horribly awry. In which case, I will have more pressing issues on my mind than the podcast.
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I will be posting a new link to the new episode of Radio Free Misanthropy as soon as the DotMac to MobileMe transition finishes tomorrow. Until then, here's a sneak peak at what you'll be listening to...

No Sex For Ben-The Rapture
Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D. Mix)-Nine Inch Nails
Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) [Remix]-N*E*R*D f/Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T
No Pause-Girl Talk
Hounds of Love (Phones Wolves At The Door Remix)-The Futureheads
Mercury-Bloc Party
Bright Red Helmet-Styrofoam
When You Go Out-Sebastien Grainger
Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT Remix)-Services
Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)-New Young Pony Club
Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Hearts On Fire (NT89 Remix)-Cut Copy
That's Not My Name (Doctor Werewolf's Bmore Mix)-The Ting Tings
A Cause Des Garcons (VaVan Treaxy Remix)-Yelle
Konichiwa Bitches-Robyn
Break The Ice-Britney Spears
Heart Beat Rock (Benny Blanco Mix)-Kyle Minogue f/Spank Rock
A Milli (Remix)-Li'l Wayne f/R. Kelly
Snap Yo Fingers (Harrison Schaaf Remix)-Li'l Jon
Go Girl (Chu Fu Mix)-Pitbull f/Trina and Young Boss
Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix)-We Are Scientists
Golden Star (Alias Remix)-My Brightest Diamond
Running Up That Hill-Placebo


Mar. 18th, 2008 12:32 am
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I am just a total wannabe -- John says "Hm this Flock thing is kinda cool" so I'm all "betcha that Flock thing is cool if John says it is" la la la.  The blog post function, which I am currently using, doesn't really serve my purposes particularly well, since I use different user icons and privacy settings and fun LJ-only coding.  But all the RSS feeds and Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Photobucket/whathaveyou in the sidebar is pretty cool...if they had functionality for Tumblr I'd be totally down.  I'll try using it regularly for a couple of days and see how it goes.  Looks like kind of a memory hog.  But shiny!  Lord knows I love new shiny things!  (P.S. -- READ MY TUMBLELOG!)  If there's some sort of calendar widget that I could incorporate, that would be great -- Google Calendar has been underwhelming me.

Hey, look!  It DOES let me choose privacy settings before posting!  That's pretty awesome.  Icons would be even better...HINT HINT Flock people!
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Oh, Russian overlords. When you bought LiveJournal, I was so sad to think that I would not enjoy more LOLZ at the expense of our good friends at SixDistinctive. I figured that you would learn from their mistakes -- maybe you'd censor some Russian users and have a Cyrillic text uproar in a news post that I wouldn't understand, something like that, and you quickly made obvious that you'd make boneheaded decisions in a misguided attempt to maximize profit margins, yes...but certainly you would know not to piss off the fanfic writers...

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There's a guy over at Talking Points Memo who has started posting as Sinbad, in response to the news that the harrowing trip to Bosnia that Clinton is using as an example of her foreign policy experience was actually a goodwill trip she took with Sinbad and Sheryl Crow. The Sinbad comments have been cracking me up even more than the guy with the user name "idiotic" that responds to every post with "THAT IS EXCELLENT NEWS!!! FOR HILLARY!!!!" (That particular meme has started spreading to other sites now, which is also amusing.)

My favorite Sinbad comment? So, someone posts this picture from the Bosnia trip (which he mistakenly refers to as Kosovo -- people need to do a better job of keeping this straight) and asks "Sinbad, why weren't you singing with Hillary Clinton in Kosovo?"

Sinbad's response?

"Why wasn't Sinbad singing?

Maybe because Sinbad was SOLVING the ongoing refugee crisis!

Did you hear that, MSM? Hillary took all the credit for the fact that I, Sinbad, SOLVED THE CRISIS IN KOSOVO!


And then? Someone responds with:


Result: I die laughing.
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From my Facebook updates, at 9:30 pm:

Russ Feingold has accepted your friend request.

I'm totally close personal friends with Russ Feingold! Wheeeeee!

(I don't know why I have Tribe Called Quest stuck in my head. It's better than when I had the Monkees theme song stuck in my head a couple days ago, that's for damn sure. Stir it up!)
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I was extremely disappointed with the Lee Siegel interview on The Daily Show last week. To recap, Lee Siegel is a writer for the New Republic who wrote some really crappy blog post about Jon Stewart, then sockpuppeted his way through the comments talking about how Lee Siegel is an authentic American hero, and you guyz r totally teh suck, so shut up! When his douchetastic sockpuppetry was found out, his blog got shut down and he was briefly suspended from the magazine. To kill time during said suspension, Siegel decided to write a whole book about how the internet is totally stupid anyway, and he totally doesn't care about what all the webdorks think of him. Actually, the totally BRILLIANT irony of the book is that his central thesis is that the web is an invalid forum for social criticism because you never know who is doing the posting. Everyone's a sock puppet! Not just me! And it's destroying Western culture, through its mass sockpuppetdom! As such, he insists that his "Sprezzatura" alter-ego on the blog was created as "a prank and a provocation", not because he's a whiny baby. So he's not really a petulant flouncy sock puppet, he's simply a damn troll.

Given that Siegel is a giant wank, and given that the post that started the whole thing was ABOUT JON STEWART, I was expecting at least SOME MENTION of the original incident during the interview. But the interview was surprisingly inert -- the New Republic blog disaster never came up, so there was a glaring lack of context for the book itself. Siegel just sat there, choading it up in his black-mock-turtleneck/tweed-sport-coat/self-satisfied-shit-eating-grin combo. I honestly think Jon Stewart was going to talk about it, but as soon as Siegel opened his mouth, he realized it would be totally futile to talk about anything of substance with the man, so instead he decided to make the interview as boring as possible to avoid stoking book sales for this absolutely useless human being. Pretty much the opposite tack as he took with Jonah Goldberg. (I'm still dying to see the unedited cut of that interview, by the way. I'm hoping against hope that now that the writer's strike is over, they'll post it on the web.)

But yeah, here's the Siegel interview. If you click it, prepare to be bored stiff. (Although it's kinda worth it just to see how lame and smug this guy is.)

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Playing around with Tumblr. It's basically like if LJ, Vox, Pownce, and Facebook ran into each other at high speed and exploded in a giant ADHD sprawl of aesthetically pleasing fonts and rounded edges. But, since I am part of a generation of techno-narcissists whose every thought must be documented, I have installed the bookmarks bar link. It works pretty well. But, you know, I also used and Twitter and Pownce and Vox and MySpace and Friendster and pretty much every other web 2.0 ridiculousness that's come down the pike, so let's see if this holds up any better.
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Oh, also, yet again the posting boards on TWoP blow my minds. I swear, some of these people HAVE NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW BEFORE. My current favorite?

spoilery, but only if you've pretty much never watched the show. )
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Last week was the 16th anniversary of Richard Hunt's death. Richard Hunt was one of the main muppeteers in the '70s and '80s; you may know him as the voice of Scooter, Janice, and Sweetums on The Muppet Show, or as Don Music, Forgetful Jones, and Gladys the Cow on Sesame Street, or even as Junior Gorg on Fraggle Rock. Richard Hunt died of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 40.

I wrote a couple of years ago (but I totally can't find it in my tags -- bogus) about how I found it disheartening that Muppet fans who attempted to even mention that Richard Hunt was probably gay got shut down very quickly. Yes, there is a Muppet fandom, mostly centered around a website called Muppet Central. Although I am obviously a big fan of the Muppets, I don't post very often on those posting boards, mostly because I've found other Muppet fans to be strange and offputting. Have any of you seen King of Kong? Yeah, well, that same level of socially awkward nerdery and arrested development, but without the hand-eye coordination and capacity for relatively advanced spacial analysis. Periodically on the Muppet Central boards, a Richard Hunt thread would pop up, and things would go along swimmingly for about 4 pages of people blubbering all over themselves about how he was an amazing puppeteer who brought joy into the lives of millions (which he was, and he did), and then someone would say, "So, hey, was he gay?" And other people would say, "Yeah, um, was he gay? Not that there's anything WRONG with that, um, hey, yeah, but, uh, was he? I think he probably was..." And then a moderator would sweep in and lock the thread and say people weren't even allowed to discuss the subject out of respect for his friends and family.


I'm all for being respectful of people's privacy, especially people who aren't alive to clear the record themselves. But I just thought it was pretty gross that some people found any mention of Hunt's possible sexuality to somehow be an insult to his memory, or somehow inherently distasteful. I'm not saying that we should have big long discussions on the technicalities of HOW he got AIDS -- how often he did it, what positions he did it in, whatEVER -- but, you know, people talk about Jim Henson's marriage and separation, and the fact that he had five kids. In a sense, that's talking about Jim Henson's sexuality just as much as saying the words "Richard Hunt was gay" is talking about his sexuality. Jim Henson was straight. Richard Hunt was, presumably, gay. (Yes, I realize I was working on a presumption all these years, but although it isn't politically correct to say so, the vast majority of young men who died of AIDS in the US in 1992 were homosexuals or intravenous drug users. The man was a rather flamboyant puppeteer. You do the math.) I was sad that, apparently, Richard Hunt's family hadn't come to terms with his homosexuality, and thus did not want it to be discussed. That, at least, was the impression that the Muppet Central moderators gave when they shut down threads "out of respect for his family."

But then last week the newest Muppet podcast went up -- it's a two hour tribute to Richard Hunt, including a ridiculously long, rambling conversation between the host and Richard Hunt's mother (who is extremely charming, but seriously -- that shit needed an editor). About 15 minutes into the conversation, Jane Hunt makes an offhand comment about Richard being gay, something about how he loved to go to the opera and how that was apparently a THING for gay men of a certain age. And the host is obviously IMMEDIATELY uncomfortable, and starts stuttering. Jane Hunt brings it up again, a couple of times actually, notably discussing how Richard had gone to Venice to scatter his lover's ashes. Oh, man, the host did NOT know how to field that one. At the beginning of the podcast, the host specifies that the interview should be rated "PG-13". And it suddenly struck me -- it was never Richard Hunt's family that didn't want people talking about his sexuality, or people at the Jim Henson Company. It was Muppet fans themselves, or at least a certain faction among them who found it distasteful. Let's look at this carefully -- grown men who obsessively watch puppet shows find it gross to talk about gay stuff in relation to "children's" entertainment. Does that strike anyone else as super ironic? Because, you know, this isn't about protecting the delicate sensibilities of children or whatever. Cuz really, kids don't care. And any kid who is old enough to be reading the internet is certainly old enough to know that there's such a thing as homosexuality -- and parents may do well to discuss it with their children in the context of a respected performer like Richard Hunt rather than letting them do their own research on less kid-friendly parts of the web. This is about ADULTS being uncomfortable with homosexuality, and I think that's pretty sad.

And that's all i have to say about that.
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Oh noes, not my Scrabulous!!! (I actually heard about this a couple of days ago, but...but...why has it not yet been resolved??!!?? Must keep kicking Siobhan's ass in ultimate test of superior literacy!!!)
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Dude. Tony DiMera is 62. HE IS 62. Like sands through the hourglass, amirite or amirite? (Also, Deirdre Hall is 60. That's some damn good plastic surgery she's had. She's also a Kucinich fan. Wikipedia is awesome.)
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I watched the first 20 seconds of "2 Girls 1 Cup" last night. I shut it off pretty quickly, because I was afraid I'd start to retch and wake Segev up. That is one internet meme I SERIOUSLY could have done without seeing. Makes goatse look like unicorns and rainbows.
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To my dismay, Hype Machine has suddenly become super-crappy. I can't find anything there anymore -- I'm constantly scrolling because the graphics are now apparently engineered for elderly blind people and thus HUGE. And GREEN. What are these shenanigans?
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Late night thoughts:

I am not a shoe slut, but finding out that Christian Louboutins come up to a size 12 makes me wish I had $800 or so lying around so's I could buy some peep-toes with five-inch heels and red soles and pretend I'm Posh Spice.

The LOLCAT bible wiki is my favorite thing in the right now.

I hope iTunes doesn't take as long getting America's Next Top Model up this week as it took them to put up How I Met Your Mother. (I have grown oddly fond of HIMYM, by the way. It needed some time to percolate, but now the main couple doesn't irritate me so much, and all the rest is Jason-Segel-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Aly-Hannigan-flavored goodness.)

That is all.
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Can someone get Miss South Carolina a copy of Firefox? Cuz when I type shit on Facebook, this handy-dandy spellcheck application makes sure I don't look like a moron. When you're pretty much only KNOWN for being a moron, you should probably take steps to avoid perpetuating that image. For instance: "mine" is not spelled "myn". "doesn't" isn't spelled "dosen't". "seriously" isn't spelled "serisously". And, best of all, "academic scholarship" IS NOT SPELLED "academic schlorship". God bless America, and like such as.
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A running list of highly suspect Wikipedia edits, based on IP addresses. I especially like the fact that someone at the ACLU was apparently vandalizing the Pope's entry. They really do give their employees too much free time, don't they? Ah, I kinda miss it.
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Oh no. Anna made Go Fug Yourself. Look, I can personally vouch for her -- she usually dresses super cute! *sigh* Yeah, this look is not of the good.


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