Jul. 9th, 2008

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I will be posting a new link to the new episode of Radio Free Misanthropy as soon as the DotMac to MobileMe transition finishes tomorrow. Until then, here's a sneak peak at what you'll be listening to...

No Sex For Ben-The Rapture
Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D. Mix)-Nine Inch Nails
Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) [Remix]-N*E*R*D f/Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T
No Pause-Girl Talk
Hounds of Love (Phones Wolves At The Door Remix)-The Futureheads
Mercury-Bloc Party
Bright Red Helmet-Styrofoam
When You Go Out-Sebastien Grainger
Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT Remix)-Services
Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)-New Young Pony Club
Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Hearts On Fire (NT89 Remix)-Cut Copy
That's Not My Name (Doctor Werewolf's Bmore Mix)-The Ting Tings
A Cause Des Garcons (VaVan Treaxy Remix)-Yelle
Konichiwa Bitches-Robyn
Break The Ice-Britney Spears
Heart Beat Rock (Benny Blanco Mix)-Kyle Minogue f/Spank Rock
A Milli (Remix)-Li'l Wayne f/R. Kelly
Snap Yo Fingers (Harrison Schaaf Remix)-Li'l Jon
Go Girl (Chu Fu Mix)-Pitbull f/Trina and Young Boss
Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix)-We Are Scientists
Golden Star (Alias Remix)-My Brightest Diamond
Running Up That Hill-Placebo
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Somehow I managed to isolate all my vocals in the left channel on my podcast. I'll fix it, but I can't get to my website until after MobileMe is up and running. So, in the event that any of you had downloaded it before the site went down, listen at your own risk -- it sounds shitty. Wait until tomorrow evening, when I will have had a chance to reupload, presuming the DotMac-MobileMe switch doesn't go horribly awry. In which case, I will have more pressing issues on my mind than the podcast.


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