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A running list of highly suspect Wikipedia edits, based on IP addresses. I especially like the fact that someone at the ACLU was apparently vandalizing the Pope's entry. They really do give their employees too much free time, don't they? Ah, I kinda miss it.
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i just sent a message to michael showalter on friendster. hey, his profile says he wants to meet everybody...I'M everybody! i've never used friendster to actually talk to total strangers before, much less semi-celebrities.

20 bucks says he will never, ever write me back.

i just think it's really funny that through abby, hayley, and alissa, i'm connected to, like, the entirety of the state. they're so my starfucker friends.
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goddammit! i've been looking forward all week to having dinner with michelle tonight, and what happens? the guys who fixed my sink this afternoon BROKE MY DOOR. and now i am trapped in the apartment. see, the doorknob has actually been broken for a long time now. the super said on monday that he'd come back with replacement screws for it the next day, but he didn't. and now, someone who doesn't know how to handle the doorknob turned it the wrong way or something and totally screwed it up so the latch won't open. feck.
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went to hayley's birthday tonight. twas fun. segev even came. there was a brief encounter with maria at the very end that left me totally weirded out, but otherwise, good.

then kareem, chris, april and i went to kareem's friend's brother's birthday party and danced a bunch to hip hop and some dancehall that i didn't know at all. fun!
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i got siobhan settled in earlier, and then she went into a coma so i came home. she was a real trooper -- did really well. i think for a minute there she was really prepared to drive home when i kept stalling out. then we discovered i just hadn't taken off the emergency break. whoops. after that i made it back to her place stalling only once. but the i stalled twice after having to come to a complete stop to make the turn into her driveway. we finally made it though. siobhan was a little unsteady on her feet, especially going up the stairs, but she got into bed ok and i put on drop dead gorgeous. i ace-bandaged two ice packs to her head, but she sneezed them off and got jell-o all over them. hee.

i fell asleep for a while but of course didn't stay asleep. now i'm watching the best of phil hartman on saturday night live and eating flavorice. rock. in theory i should meet brooks tomorrow for the siren festival, but i really doubt that's going to happen. i think i'm just going to rest all day and then go to hayley's party at night. then sunday i might have lunch with nick amigone. we'll see.
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dale wants me to write in my journal so there'll be something to muse him. unfortunately, not much is going on, especially not anything terribly amusing.

i dreamt that i adopted vince's two older kids. i don't know quite why; maybe so he'd have time for the new baby. and also i got a dog. in the dream. and then whistle turned into charlotte olena. i don't know.

i wrote a little note to send to devon last night. i don't think i'm going to send it, though. from what dale's saying, it would probably only incur her wrath.

once again there is no food in the house and i have no idea what i'm going to eat today. i think i'm going to go back to bed and read magazines.
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woo and a little bit of hoo! it's a happy week for the aclu! first they won the affirmative action case (which must be why vince was in such a hurry when i saw him on monday), and now they won the texas sodomy case! go liberty!

in other news, i have decided that my head is too small for my giant linebacker shoulders. i am a pinhead. why are you all friends with a freakish pinhead like me?
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kareem's pants are on fire, entirely independent of any lies he may have told.
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yesterday vince complimented my eyebrows. he noticed that i'd had them waxed and said they looked very nice, that my eyebrows were "striking." i preened, because vince is my fancy lawyer friend and a compliment from him weighs more than those from others. :)

today, i sprout a zit in said striking eyebrows.

god is a subtly sick fuck sometimes.
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new unfortunate donor surname of the week:


that is all.
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today is a good day. i got two nice letters from donors (as opposed to the grumpy and/or abusive letters i generally tend to get) and i'm generally in a good mood. and i've turned christy on to elliott smith. all good things.
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everyone remember the total information awareness act? you know, that whole poindexter "spy on your neighbor" office? well, this guy has set up a cafe press store with their logo on thongs and lunchboxes and stuff, and all the proceeds come to the aclu.

read about it here
shop for it here


Feb. 6th, 2003 01:44 pm
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i just went into the mailroom, plaintively asking lewis if i got a package. he just laughed at me. but then i rifled through the mail bins and lo and behold, there's an ulta box that looks like just the right size to hold cds. is it? could it be? IT IS! so i maniacally laughed and said "i DID get a package, lewis, so HA!" lewis continues to think i'm crazy.

i'm off to play with my mix cds now, finally. i hope the aclu doesn't expect to bank any money today, because i sure as hell ain't doin' it. new toys!
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1, 2, 3, 4, we don't wanna go today!

/jon stewart


Dec. 6th, 2002 04:42 pm
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i may have just hurt myself laughing. hailey just walked down the hall singing, loudly and somewhat off key, to the tune of prince's "cream":


nearly pissed myself.
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a dooonut, a doooonut, kareem owes me a doooooooonut!


Oct. 29th, 2002 11:35 am
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a song from winnie the pooh is eminating, muffled, from somewhere nearby. it's not me, and it's not jessie. the logical culprit would be fred, who always plays loud music. but usually loud RAP music, not disney music. i don't think fred's daughter is here or anything.

it's very difficult to do work with pooh-music playing, because it keeps cracking me up. and making me want to leave work and go buy disney dvds.
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i am happy because my friend michelle came to visit the office today. she is sitting over my shoulder right now telling me i have to write nice things about her. someone please send help. she is very very mean to me!

no. not really. michelle is lovely and wonderful and has pretty hair. yay.
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dear god. she's doing a powerpoint presentation. there's a cartoon man with a lightbulb over his head. kill me. now.


Jun. 12th, 2002 04:13 pm
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newsflash for the people in charge of catering our training session:

if you leave milk for coffee out in the room filled with hot computers all day, IT WILL SPOIL! and SMELL BAD! and i'm TRAPPED IN THE ROOM WITH THE SPOILED MILK SMELL! so when you bring in the lunch, TAKE OUT THE SPOILING MILK! because I CAN'T DEAL WITH IT!


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