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The number one silent killer of American 20-somethings? Getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night not realizing your foot is asleep, then crumpling to the floor in a giant wrenched-ankle heap, hoping your skull doesn't smash against the coffee table. Today, at 3:54 AM, by the grace of Jeebus, I escaped death's icy clutches. Tomorrow is another day.
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Think you know what an "overweight" person looks like? Think again. (Pippa and Erin, I salute you.)
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Generally Jessica Valenti and I tend to disagree on a lot of things (see a comment on another Feministing thread where she compares FGM to "designer vaginas" -- a similar comparison to the one that made me lose all interest in my Gender & Human Rights class a couple years ago), but I think she sums this one up right: People are assholes.

I mean, seriously. Jordin is not fat. She's certainly big, but she's big the way I'm big -- she's 5'10" and broad shouldered and kinda thick. Obese?? Not by a long shot. And to have that little twig of a blond woman say that Jordin's handlers are probably going to make her lose 40 pounds like that would be a GOOD thing makes me want to vomit. "I look at Jordin and I see diabetes, I see heart disease..." Christ, woman, you want to know what I see when I look at three-quarters of the girls in Hollywood? I see osteoporosis, I see drug addiction, I see bradycardia, I see amenorrhea, I see tooth decay. I see Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Should they be "allowed" to win American Idol for the example they set?

Also, in the video clip they show pictures of LaKisha before they show pictures of Jordin. This pisses me off in a whole "They all look the same" kind of way -- seriously, the editors at Fox News can't tell apart the black girls on the show?
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last night i was put in a very weird, totally chick-lit situation which majorly tripped me out. i don't want to go into it (there was knitting involved), but suffice to say chrissy and yashar are awesome and totally commiserated and calmed me down after the fact and they rule. this situation also involved me walking home from 92nd and west end on my bad back. it didn't really hurt for the first 12 blocks or so; actually it felt like it was stretching my muscles out and was helpful. but i was wearing my ankle boots, which are really comfortable but do have about 1.5 inch heels, and whenever i walk on heels for too far my back alignment goes out. so today i have a big shoulder-ache on top of my (feeling much better by comparison but not healed by any means) lower back. i've massaged it and iced it and heated it, a strategy i think made my lower back feel so better today, but it still hurts. lying flat on the ground helps. but it's also giving me weird pains in my left hand, cramps and kinda shooting pains through my thumb and forefinger. but of course, that might be partly from putting numbers in my cell phone yesterday.
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what's the deal with being double jointed? you can't possibly have joints that work in two different directions, can you? i mean, my left elbow can bend back weirdly, but i think that just means that my elbow is messed up, not that there's anything special about my joints.

also, you never hear people talk about being double jointed when you're a grown-up. as kids, everybody was so excited to show off all the weird things they could do. i guess that doesn't fly in polite company anymore. that's probably similar to the reason why people don't like it when i show off when i get really big bruises. i thought that chicks dig scars! oh well.
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there is a motherfucker party tomorrow night. motherfucker parties are known as being the best parties in new york. they sound like something i would actually enjoy if i went to -- not just endless dancehall or house music, indie and pop and 80s and all good stuff. they always hold them the night before holidays, because the next day is a day off.

unfortunately, although i would really like to go, i'm just too sick. i'm sure i'll be feeling better tomorrow, but not well enough to totally wear myself out dancing. but now i have the webaddress, so now i'll know what's going on for the next one. and hopefully if i show up early enough i'll be able to get in even though i am so not cool.
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recipe for disaster:

take one part sinuses on fire and sneezing fits caused by extremely dry hot air in the apartment, cat dander, and dust.

add one part sticking my head up against the window screen wearing only a tank top and pajama pants to breathe in freezing cold air to clear my sinuses.

i'll have the flu by christmas.
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there is a large party going on in the apartment building kitty-corner to ours. large and loud. there's been rhythmic chanting, drumming, woo-ing, screaming, and now incredibly bass-tastic playing of pharrell and james brown. it's half annoying and half making me wish i was at the party. instead i am home with a headache reading the new michael moore book which i meant to read at the store but was enjoying so much that i bought it.
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fuck. i just popped my knee out and it really hurts. i continue to be a ridiculous specimen of a human being, as damian helpfully pointed out last night.

is anybody upset about how pork-barrel this energy bill is? oh well, i'll just have to revel in gay-marriage. until it gets overturned. *sigh*
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i just deafened myself with a q-tip.

no, really. i can't hear a thing out of my left ear.

uh oh.
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*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

i get to meet siobhan! we're going to go to banjara for dinner.

*bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

i get to go to banjara for dinner!


this makes my debilitating sinus infection all the more tolerable.
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according to devon, hailey and maria, my right eye is all bloodshot. i haven't bothered to go look. it isn't bothering me, and i'm so tired i just couldn't give two shits about what i look like. gnargh.

week, be over!


Oct. 28th, 2002 01:15 pm
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i'm not at work today. and no, i'm not sick again. segev accidentally kneed me in the back last night getting into bed, because he's a spaz. and i'm kinda hobbledy and in pain now. so i'm taking it easy.

there is a LOT of shitty television on during the day, i must say. good thing i have lots of dvds to watch and books to read.
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i am wheezier than my cat, whistle, who is snoring under my feet at this moment, and my boyfriend, who is snoring on the bed.

i am wheezier than my aunt weezie (yes, i do have one), though not quite as wheezy as brooks' aunt loisie.

hell, i'm wheezier than weezie from the jeffersons. fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the griiiiiiill.
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woo hoo! asthma attack! haven't had one of these in about 5 years. which means, i haven't had an inhaler on hand for about 4 years. shoot. *cough* *gag* *wheeze*


Sep. 3rd, 2002 08:01 pm
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i just walked three miles and then took a cab the rest of the way home. i have a headache and was carsick.
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tumby achey. toooooo much slurpee.


Jul. 24th, 2002 03:00 pm
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jaw ache jaw ache jaw ache!


Jun. 10th, 2002 08:15 pm
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whistle was just lying on my leg, all cute. then, she suddenly mistook my leg for a scratching post -- she planted her claw in my knee and streeeeeeetched! OW OW OW OW OW!

and now i have a foot cramp. this sucks.

i think it is a function of my age that i am suddenly attracted to young billy idol because he reminds me of spike, not the other way around. hmm.


May. 8th, 2002 01:31 pm
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my. eye. won't stop itching. MYEYEWON'TSTOPITCHING!

stoppit stoppit stoppit itching stoppit...


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