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Holy shit, who put DC FOLLIES on iTunes?? The Sid and Marty Kroft "Land of Confusion" Reagan puppet show? I half thought I dreamed that show. Seriously, until I was about 16, the entirety of my understanding of the Reagan administration was composed of nuggets I'd gleaned from Doonesbury, DC Follies, and my grandmother shouting at the TV screen at dinner. I'll be good and just download one least for now.
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Miscaviage vs. Denton. Ugh, I don't know who I'm supposed to root for in this -- they're both such horrible human beings. But, as usual, I'm on the fair use side of things, so...Denton. I feel dirty. To counteract that, I'm going to post links to the Gawker media posts I've found most heinous since Denton went on his 2008 page-views binge. (To clarify, starting January 1st, all the editors of Nick Denton's blogs get paid by the page view, so they've basically started trolling. It's pretty gross.)

Hey everyone! Let's make fun of some girl because her dad is a publisher! [Gawker]

Madams are inherently wise because they're sex-positive, even if we don't really know anything about how they treat their employees. Go Team Vagina! [Jezebel]

Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder are totally made up by hysterical women. Shut the fuck up about your incurable pain, tools of the pharmaceutical industry! [Jezebel]

OK, to be fair, Moe's been posting obnoxiously inflammatory shit since before January.

Misquoting Katherine Heigl. [Defamer] Yeah, that one's totally minor, but it's still shoddy journalism.

Of course, when the atmosphere in a workplace drives an editor to quit after ONE DAY, what can you really expect? I know it's kinda cliché at this point to pile on Gawker, but whatever. Nick Denton is a jerk who gives his writers incentives to be assholes. Also, I'm pissed that he's forcing me to side with Vanessa Grigoriadis on something, which I don't like AT ALL .
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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have returned to the airwaves after nine weeks of strike-induced absence. Neither host wanted to go back on the air without their writers, but their contracts left them with little choice. I watched the first episodes back of both shows. As we were watching them, Segev said, "Do you support the writers strike?" When I answered decisively in the affirmative, he snapped, "Well, then why the hell did you download these?" I explained that the Daily Show was already paid for, the money already long gone from the iTunes monthly pass I had purchased but not completed before the strike. The auto-renewal has now been turned off, but I'm going to watch the remaining 5 episodes relatively guilt-free. And the Colbert Report...that somehow mysteriously appeared on my hard drive. Maybe the Viacom fairy put it there; I don't know... Suffice it to say that the writers may not have received any income from my viewing of Monday night's Colbert Report, but neither did Sumner Redstone or Les Moonves. (And, to be perfectly honest, I feel absolutely zero guilt about this. The studios are going to have a hell of a time trying to prosecute intellectual property cases on internet downloads of TV shows if they've proclaimed that viewing an entire episode online is a "promotional use" [even when there are unskippable ads embedded] and therefore shouldn't result in residual payments to the writers. If the internet episode has no monetary value, what are you suing me for? Not to mention Betamax time-shifting blah-di-blah...I'm over it. Get your act together, AMPTP.)

So, anyway, the results of the first episodes were mixed. Jon Stewart was widely criticized for being kinda cranky about the fact that the WGA wouldn't break him off the same deal that Worldwide Pants got. I personally think that the Worldwide Pants deal was a bad strategic call on the part of the WGA. They're saying that it's a totally different case because Worldwide Pants owns the rights to Letterman's show, where as Busboy Productions doesn't own The Daily Show or The Colbert Report (Viacom does). But, you know, where I'm standing, CBS is getting ad revenues from Letterman the same way that Comedy Central gets ad revenues from Colbert. The difference really seems to be that The Daily Show has more cachet as a bargaining tool than Letterman does -- higher profile, I guess, what with John Oliver traipsing around New York with picket signs, being all British and cute. Obviously Jon was a little upset, because he wants his show to go back to normal, but he's very sympathetic to labor, and he knows how much he depends on his writers for material. (Last night's episode had a great bit where Jon quoted Cocoon and it flew right over the college-aged audience's head -- he said, "You know, without my writers all my references are going to be from the '80s. I can get up to about Breakfast Club, and then nothin'.") He's conflicted. So Jon's first episode back was a little rough, especially compared to Colbert. Colbert has a huge advantage -- he comes from an improv background, a rich and storied Second City improv background, and is much more able to just wing it than stand-up Jon. Colbert really can just pull stuff out of his ass and be funny at a moment's notice. It's kinda brilliant. But, as I've said before, although I'm a huge fan of Colbert himself, I'm not super fond of the show. Colbert-the-persona is a little hard for me to take in full half-hour doses. If the episodes were Aqua-Teen-sized, then I'd be totally up for it. 11 minutes of Colbert-larity, in and out, boom. But I cant do the full half hour. Which is sad, because half-hour shows are really only 21 minutes long. I have no attention span left.

Last night's Daily Show, however, was leaps and bounds better, and featured a music cue that made me laugh hysterically -- as a response to Hillary's total non-cry heard around the world, they did a montage of presidents and other celebrities crying set to "It's Alright to Cry" from Free To Be You And Me, ending with the classic shot of the Indian crying about pollution. Jon's cultural references really did top off somewhere in the mid-70s. I think Cocoon is actually pushing it, timeline-wise. But that montage totally made me want to download Free To Be You And Me and sing about how William Has A Doll and Parents Are People, People With Children, and listen to Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks riff about gender roles. Awesome. (Speaking of Betamax...I HAD THAT on betamax! It was part of the Children's Video Library, which had an animated logo with balloons and a jaunty whistled tune. They also put out Benji movies on videotape. I miss my childhood so.) It looks like Hillary has learned the lesson Rosey Grier made clear all those years ago: It's alright to cry. Crying gets the sad out of you.
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To my dismay, Hype Machine has suddenly become super-crappy. I can't find anything there anymore -- I'm constantly scrolling because the graphics are now apparently engineered for elderly blind people and thus HUGE. And GREEN. What are these shenanigans?
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Everyone knows that television shows have gotten progressively shorter, with regards to their actual running times. The Wire is a notable exception. It's episodes are all upwards of 55 minutes long, some even over an hour; I can barely watch them because my attention span is so shot from crappy network TV. My good friends over at NBC Universal have hit a new low, though. This past week's hour-long episode of The Office (Are they all going to be an hour now? Because storytelling-wise, it REALLY doesn't work well) topped out at 39 minutes. 30 Rock? 19 minutes. NINETEEN MINUTES. That's embarrassing. I really have no larger point to make here. I just think it's ludicrous that the networks were actually angling to get iTunes customers to pay MORE for shorter shows that are packed to the brim with sponsorship as it is. (No, Hiro Nakamura, I do NOT want to buy a Nissan Versa.)
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Exhibit Q in the case against the networks: Fox just outlawed Buffy musical episode sing-alongs. Yeah, fans of a show that doesn't air anymore who have already given Fox massive amounts of revenue! Quit watching it for free and enjoying yourselves! "UNSKIPPABLE COMMERCIALS MUST ALWAYS BE WATCHED AT ALL TIMES. IMBIBE OUR DIGITAL CONTENT IN THE FORMAT THAT WE MANDATE. oh, and VOTE REPUBLICAN. KTHXBI, kisses, Rupert."
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So, two new NBC shows are up on iTunes -- Journeyman and Chuck. Confused? Don't be -- neither of them are actually produced by NBC/Universal, so Fox and Warner Bros. still gets to put 'em up there. However, this doesn't bode well for House fans -- House is an NBC/Universal productions, even if it shows on Fox. Ergo, no House on iTunes. As far as I can tell, the returning shows that won't be on iTunes this fall due to the NBC/Universal fallout are House, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and Battlestar Galactica. Am I missing any? Apparently My Name is Earl isn't an NBC/Universal production, so we might see that premiere on iTunes come Friday morning. Unfortunately, I HATE My Name is Earl, despite my enduring love for Jason Lee. If I can overlook the Scientology thing, I think I can get past the fact that his show is horribly unfunny.

Please, NBC/Universal, I just want to give you money -- why won't you take it?
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Dan Rather is rather awesome. At this point, anything that calls out the backwards idiocy of the MSM conglomerates is OK by me. NewsCorp, Universal, Viacom, I really don't care -- I am willing to spread the hate around. They are all dinosaurs, using political avenues to cling to relevance in a digital age.
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Dude, Hank Jennings is the new Dillon Panthers head coach!

Now, if they could just get Eric DaRe on Heroes, NBC will have gone a long way towards winning my love back.
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The Harry Potter issue of Entertainment Weekly is cracking me up. Apparently whiny fandom wank has made it to the level of major weekly publication. There's a sidebar by a guy named Andrew Keen decrying the carpet book and bitching about how people on the internet are just big fat meanies.

Online spoilers need to be held much more accountable. Websites must be more aggressive in deterring antisocial action. Otherwise the jerks really will take over the internet. And the tears of Harry Potter fans will become all of our tears.

Really? REALLY?!? If this were an argument about copyright violation (which he makes a quick and very vague mention of earlier), then I might be willing to listen. But this is just...goofy. Keen isn't involved in that whole Bill O'Reilly "Daily Kos says 'fuck' in the comments and ALL OF SOCIETY IS GOING TO COLLAPSE" ridiculousness, is he? I've honestly never heard of him before. It looks from his wikipedia entry like he's a columnist for the Weekly Standard who thinks web 2.0 is some sort of Marxist conspiracy. I bet he and Bill Kristol have really fun cocktail parties.
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The MPAA: coming soon to a computer near you. I would strongly advise anyone reading this to avoid the website at all costs, unless you want Media Defender illegally poking around on your hard drive. Yikes.
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The new Surgeon General nominee founded a church that magically makes gay straight through the power of Jeebus H. Christ. That's who I want in charge of my health!

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is back on message -- Al Gore is boring! And we'll add a drop of Kerry in there -- he's elitist, too! You can't expect "Iowa hog farmers" to know who Abraham Lincoln is. Duh, Mr. Vice-Egghead.

Dennis Kucinich will debate my former boyfriend Joe Biden on Fox News. The entire universe yawns, rolls over, and goes back to sleep.

Lou Dobbs sucks.

That fucking sicko who raped and tortured a Columbia journalism student has pled not guilty. I have possibly never been quite so repulsed by a human being as I am by this man. Do not click this link if you are easily triggered.

Apple is oh-so-sneaky -- You may be getting those songs DRM free, but your name is embedded in every track you download. I've gotten pretty fed up with the Orwell references on LJ this week, but I enjoy the irony of this particular piece of pseudo-big-brotherhood juxtaposed with the memory of Apple's iconic "1984" ad.

Everybody's favorite bipolar brother/creepy Jesus/asshole Beverly Hills high school student is going to be on Law & Order next season. This would be more exciting if I ever watched Law & Order. Doesn't he seem like more of a perp than a cop? Maybe I'm just biased because I saw Hideaway in the theater.

They're still pulling this "Just because I'm a pharmacist doesn't mean I actually have to dispense pharmaceuticals as prescribed by a medical professional" crap. Like I said a NUMBER of years ago now, if you're Amish, don't work for the electric company. If you're a practicing Muslim, maybe "Bacon-taste-tester" might not be the appropriate line of work for you. If you have a philosophical problem with the inherent duties of your job, try finding another one.

U.N.K.L.E. + Josh Homme = Luvvvv
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Dear people I know:

I am looking for an mp3 of "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" by Whale. If any of you have such a file, or could tell me where to find such a file, I will give you many virtual kisses.


-Person who is trying not to use Gnutella
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One BEEELLION dollars!

This was pretty inevitable. But it will be interesting to watch, for sure. Did I mention already that a bunch of Sesame Street videos got taken down off of You Tube by Viacom because they'd been taped off of Noggin and had the Noggin logo on the corner? And hence were somehow owned by Viacom, even though Sesame Workshop obviously has no intent to get stuff taken down? Viacom loses at the intarwebz.
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iPhone is teh pretty. The Beatles are coming to iTunes. Apple stock just went up $5.50 in two hours. If my day at work weren't so crappy, and if my butt didn't hurt so much, this would be an amazing day.

It's a shame I have no reason to buy an iPhone -- I have a video iPod, I bought a RAZR not 4 months ago, and I don't really use my phone for internet shit (though I MIGHT, if the iPhone really makes it as easy as Jobs made it seem). Segev has a Cingular upgrade he's sitting on, though. Maybe we could get a rebate through that? And then just switch our chips, and Segev can have the RAZR and i can party with the iPhone? Or *sigh* he could use the iPhone and I could wistfully pet it every now and then? MUST HAVE GADGET! THAT I DON'T NEED IN ANY WAY! BECAUSE I AM AN ACQUISITIVE YUPPIE AND I WANT IT!
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Gross, gross, gross. And the RIAA wonders why people illegally download music? Why not, when none of the money from buying it actually goes to the people who create it? Let's sue 6-year-olds and lower royalty rates! Damn you, technology!
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heh. i'm going through all of my backup CDs of mp3s to put them on mimi's computer, and i just found a great one.

title: end of the core as we know it
artist: story, mike

i love provost geoffrey stooonnne, i love dean john booooyyyyyer...

somebody told me the other day that there's a new U of C shirt that says something to the effect of "the university of chicago: where the only thing going down on you is your GPA." i may need to buy that shirt.
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ok, i got a $25 gift certificate to itunes for christmas, so i'm browsing some year-end best-of lists to find stuff to download. and i have to say, the indie music press is really repetitive. can we all shut up about the arcade fire? the album sucks. no, really. it's annoying. there's one good song, and i'm already sick of it.

and the animal collective sounds like junkie whales mating, and not in a good way.
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color me impressed by itunes: they have sonic youth's "ciccone youth" album, which i couldn't find on limewire.

color me not impressed: the song won't download at the moment.
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i just started my free trial of emusic, which is a new pay service for music from independent labels. so far? i do NOT recommend it. it just started, so there's barely any music on it, really. the choices are severely limited. i think i may just cancel my trial. if you do want to check it out, i'd wait for a while, see if it picks up in a couple of months or so.


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