Jan. 17th, 2008

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Fun fact that didn't make it into my thesis: Norman Podhoretz, neocon crank emeritus, didn't know what a Kurd was in 2003. Yay willful ignorance! Let's bomb places we don't know anything about! I hope he knows who they are now, considering they're the only ones over there who still kinda like us a little bit. (Just wait, once we totally screw them over under pressure from Turkey, they won't like us anymore either.)
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Sometimes, in my more brainfarty moments, I mix up Harold and Allan Bloom. This is unfortunate, since Allan Bloom was all Straussy, so I should really keep that straight if I'm going to be taken seriously when I blather about neocons. The best way to distinguish between the two? Harold Bloom tried to fuck Naomi Wolf when she was his student. Allan Bloom totally wouldn't have thought to do that.

In other conservative-scholars-and-their-relations-to-sexy-type-things news, I totally learned today that Jonah Goldberg is Lucianne Goldberg's son! As I have only recently become well-acquainted with Mr. Goldberg's work through the evil machinations of Mr. [livejournal.com profile] rationalpassion, I did not know that. He looks a lot like her, too -- I could really see it in that Daily Show interview, or what was left of it after the editors whittled it down to a nonsensical nub. Oh my god, do I ever want to see the directors cut of that interview. He may be cranky about it now, but his book sales are gonna go through the roof -- and that's obviously the only point of these book tours.


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