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My negligible Irish ancestry (hi, McNulty!) still gives me the right to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! My also relatively meager Swedish ancestry implores you to watch the Swedish Chef sing "Danny Boy"!

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Patrick Swayze is reportedly dying of pancreatic cancer. Now, given, the source is the National Enquirer, but if it's true this is really, really sad. He's only 55. (We have the same birthday...28 years apart, but whatever.) And pancreatic cancer is really not a fun way to go.

I'm not a crazy Dirty Dancing fan like a lot of girls my age, but, you know...everybody loves this scene.

I'm wishing him good health.

ETA: Confirmed by Swayze's publicist. :(
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So Chris Matthews finally did something vaguely journalistic and actually pro-Clinton last night after the elections. He had a Clinton supporter/"surrogate" (US Rep from Ohio Stephanie Tubbs-Jones) and an Obama supporter/"surrogate" (Texas State Senator Kirk Watson) on his show last night, and asked Kirk Watson to name just one of Obama's legislative accomplishments. Watson froze like a monkey on Xanax and looked like a damn fool.

I was personally amused that Olbermann ribbed Matthews (and the Senate itself) and asked if HE could name even one accomplishment of the whole Senate in the last seven years. That cracked up the whole newsroom. But yes, that was super pathetic. And of course, now it's coming up in Hillary's speeches.

Now, I'm not denying that Watson screwed up. He did, and Barack should pull him off the press trail tout de suite. But Clinton is now making it seem like just because Watson is a moron, that means Obama doesn't actually HAVE any legislative accomplishments. Not the case. There's the Lugar-Obama bill, which expanded on the Nunn-Lugar bill to help secure weapons of mass destruction. He also was the primary sponsor of a Congo relief bill. He's worked on campaign finance reform and tried to add an amendment to SCHIP that would help the families of disabled soldiers. He has been a great advocate for veterans in general. In Illinois he was a leader on ethics reform and death penalty reform. He also managed to get homicide interrogations taped and addressed the "driving while black" issue -- which, if you've ever lived in Chicago, you know is a big problem. (The Chicago police are kinda infamous for having a bit of a race...thing.)

If you look at the two candidates during the time they've been in the Senate together, saying that Clinton has accomplished things while Obama hasn't would be a serious stretch. And Clinton's first term? She voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War. Hrm. I wouldn't personally be touting those particular accomplishments, but that's just me. And anyway, past presidential history has not borne out the idea that being a Senator makes you a good executive. Among the remaining candidates, only Huckabee has executive experience. Vote President Huckabee 2008! (Yikes.) Honestly, if the Democrats honestly wanted someone who had the appropriate experience for the job, they wouldn't have ignored Richardson so completely. (But then we wouldn't have gotten to see his post-election beard, which I personally think looks REALLY GOOD.)

Hillary -- serving on Wal-Mart boards, fucking up health care plans, destroying your civil liberties, authorizing pointless wars, and mismanaging campaigns for 35 years!

viral video

Feb. 1st, 2008 11:41 pm
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Yes, I know it's been everywhere today, and I know a lot of people hate Sarah Silverman (and Jimmy Kimmel...and Matt Damon, for that matter) -- but the more I watch this, the funnier it gets.

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Things that make today a good day already:

Joss is making a new show. Starring Faithy-Schmaithy. This is the part where Siobhan gets very excited.

Someone more talented than I am carved a pumpkin to look like Death.

And one of my favorite Sesame Street clips is finally up on You Tube. I promise you, if you watch this all the way through "I-klahoma", you will smile.

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I've been watching old videos of Britney performing at the VMAs, and I'm sad.  I'm so sad that this girl, who was once so vital, energetic, athletic, was basically chewed up and spit back out.  No one ever prepared her for adulthood -- not that that's an excuse, but she just never had a chance.  We kinda wanted her to fail, because she represented so much of what is wrong with the American music industry.  I was always ranting about how Britney got to be a famous singer even though she (empirically) couldn't sing any better than about 90% of the girls at any given karaoke bar.  But she did have talent -- not that she was such an amazing dancer, either, because she wasn't.  But she could command a stage, better than any other performer of her generation.  She wasn't the prettiest girl, and she wasn't the most talented girl.  But she had some sort of indefinable star quality.  I don't know if that charisma is worth the gazillion dollars that got thrown at her.  Probably not.  But it was obvious about 5 years ago that this was where the girl was going to end up, and we all watched, and we waited.  Britney's entire life was a car crash in slow motion, and we rubbernecked for the better part of a decade.

This is my favorite fan video of the day.

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My sister's Weetabix ad! (It only aired in England, so we were never able to see it.)

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I am totally, TOTALLY tripping out about the fact that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself yesterday. Like I said to Segev, I knew that he enjoyed heroin (can't find the blind item, dammit -- it was something really obvious like "screenwriter/actor/one of famous brothers is addicted to H") and analingus, but that's certainly no reason to slit your wrists! (The fact that your ex-girlfriend was in the tabloids making out with some guy from Punk'd probably is, though.)

And all I could think of was this, and it made me sad...

(Yes, I know that's Luke, but Owen wrote the screenplay...)

I remember the first time I saw him, in Armageddon, and I was like, "Yeah, that's guy's gonna be famous." So sad it ended up this way.
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More cringeworthy than Kucinich singing "16 tons"? I'm so torn...
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In happier news --- EEEEEEEEE!

I may not be an active member of any fandom, but I know how to get my squee on.
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I learned from this article that Karl Rove's official title was Deputy Chief of Staff. I did not know that -- I always thought he had some amorphous and sinister position, like Grand High Chamberlain or Douchebag-in-Chief. Regardless, we'll miss you, Karl, and your hippin' and your hoppin' and your bippin' and your boppin'.

Enjoy your retirement, asshole.
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What the hell does Alex P. Keaton have to do with anything??
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In honor of the new Corey Haim/Corey Feldman reality show (which I'm sure was AWESOME), I managed to track down the infamous clip of Corey Haim being too junked up to speak intelligibly when interviewed for the E! True Hollywood Story.

I've told people about this clip for years, so I was happy to actually find it. Apparently he's clean now, so good on you, Corey Haim. Keep those teeth in your mouth and off of Ebay.
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When I was little, my sister made a videotape (a Betamax cassette, to be precise) that contained within it many gems of early '80s Days of Our Lives goodness. This tape, along with the many, many issues of Soap Opera Digest Mimi left behind when she went to college, spurred on my obsessive love of the show. The very first thing on the tape? Was Roman Brady being killed by Stefano. And YouTube, god bless it, has the whole beautiful, overacted thing.

Prisms! Yachts! Joe Mascolo's jumpsuit and Wayne Northrup's perm and Peter Reckell doing high kicks in cut-off shorts and stripey soccer socks! And that shot of Bo and Hope on the raft is the BEST use of green screen of ALL time.

Watch Bo's mullet glisten sadly in the's a thing of beauty. (Plus the "sad Roman" theme music that they brought back to such great effect throughout the makes me all teary.)
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What??? What?!?!

I can't believe I haven't seen this until now. It's like the gay version of "Not Gonna Spread for no Roses." And I always thought "Not Gonna Spread for no Roses" WAS the gay version of "Not Gonna Spread for no Roses."

If someone could do a mashup of "What What" and "Boogie in your Butt", I would be a happy, happy lady.
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Don Ho died today. I would be much sadder, but I'm comforted knowing that his superior genetic material lives on in his daughter, Hoku.

Godspeed, Don. Anyone who sang "Tiny Bubbles" on The Brady Bunch can't be all bad.
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One BEEELLION dollars!

This was pretty inevitable. But it will be interesting to watch, for sure. Did I mention already that a bunch of Sesame Street videos got taken down off of You Tube by Viacom because they'd been taped off of Noggin and had the Noggin logo on the corner? And hence were somehow owned by Viacom, even though Sesame Workshop obviously has no intent to get stuff taken down? Viacom loses at the intarwebz.
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I recently watched the whole second season of Robot Chicken. Other than a brief "You suck, Scott Norwood!" joke (which made me bust out laughing), this was the best thing in it:


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