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I officially have no idea what's happening on Lost anymore, but I honestly kinda love it that way.

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Earlier this year, I was doing a really good job at posting regularly about two topics near and dear to my heart -- politics and Lost. Since I became gainfully employed, this regularity dropped off. And now I feel like I should post about both of those subjects, but I don't know if I can. If I don't post about Lost immediately after viewing it, I kinda lose the intensity of my reactions. (Although my reaction this week can pretty much be summed up as "Ick, you two suck. DON'T CARE.") And the election has broken my brain. Everyone knows my feelings about the national news media at this point. But the blogs, though certainly not as bad as the MSM, have been falling into some unfortunate patterns that I'm not enjoying. Namely, the INCESSANT emphasis on polls. I swear to god, every day I have about 15 posts in my RSS reader about various different presidential polls. And they ALL SAY DIFFERENT THINGS and NONE OF THEM ARE RELIABLE OR MEAN ANYTHING, and yet EVERY DAY, it's all "oh, Obama's been affected by the Wright scandal" and then 12 hours later "Hey, Rasmussen says he's bounced back from the Wright scandal!" and I'm seriously like, WHO CARES?? Jesus, people, I understood it before Pennsylvania because there was a 6 week break and they needed to fill time, but this week has honestly been the worst week yet. You can't wait a damn week and just SEE HOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTE? Polls of white people, polls of black people, polls of old people, polls of young people, polls of people with syphilis, polls of people with pet iguanas...and every polling outfit says something different from the rest, and the numbers change wildly from day to day. This reflects nothing. It's useless, and annoying, and I'm seriously about to track down the guy who writes for TPM Election Café and beat him about the head with my shoe.

Also, Hillary keeps saying things that absolutely infuriate me, and I don't actually enjoy being infuriated anymore. I used to, actually, a little bit -- something fun about righteous indignation. But now that this has dragged on for SO LONG, I'm exhausted by it. Like, there was a little brouhaha last week about Hillary on Bill O'Reilly saying, "Rich people...God bless us!" That was the quote that was everywhere. (And of course Wolfson put out a statement saying, "No, no, she said 'God BLESSED us' which A) no she didn't and B) how is that really any better?) I didn't really care too much about that part of the quote, but what actually got me pissed was what she said AFTER that, which was something along the lines of, "We deserve every penny of it." REALLY? You really think that all rich people deserve EVERY PENNY of that money? The guys who ran Bear Sterns into the ground -- they deserved their insane Christmas bonuses and immediately subsequent severance packages? You think Paris Hilton deserves every penny of the money she'll inherit because her grandfather built some hotels, or every penny of the surely exorbitant amount she earned for that Carl's Jr commercial where she writhed on a car sloppily eating a burger in wet lingerie that NEVER EVEN AIRED? And honestly, you think Bill O'Reilly deserves every penny of the millions he brings in every year spouting the same predictable bullshit day after day? All of these people surely deserve compensation for the work that they do. But I would contest the EVERY PENNY concept. I mean, seriously, Isaiah Thomas does NOT deserve the amount of money the Knicks have thrown his way over the past few years.

She also had that fun quote about how people need to decide if they are "are they with us or against us in standing up to the oil companies" with regards to that idiotic gas tax holiday. I rambled about that a little bit over at [ profile] mtbandit's journal, and I'm gonna copypasta that over here real quick:

Honestly, I doubt this proposed tax holiday would leave consumers with any extra money in their pocket at all. As many people have pointed out, gas prices are pretty inelastic, because we're so dependent on oil that we're pretty much willing to pay any price. The gas companies know this. They'd pocket the money and not drop the wholesale price at all. We wouldn't even get our $40, and, like you said, the prices would then rise dramatically after labor day. Blech.

There's an article on Salon today that's all "But Obama voted for a gas tax holiday in Illinois!" that really pissed me off. The gas tax in Illinois was COMPLETELY different. The tax that they suspended was essentially a sales tax, tacked on at the consumer end, hence an actual difference in price at the pump. The tax Clinton/McCain are talking about is an excise tax at the production end on the oil companies. Not the same thing, especially given that I doubt the windfall tax she's talking about enacting to cover the difference would even get past Congress. So it's just a break for the oil companies. This is why her line about, "Are you with those of us who stand against the oil companies, or against us?" totally enraged me. She's driving me crazy.

So, now I feel much better that I've gotten a little bit of rant out of my system. I can end my lunch break with the knowledge that I've tossed my two cents into the vast well of the interslice, shouting into the void as so many of us do.
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I just woke up from a nap. I dreamed that tonight's Lost would be particularly pivotal -- someone important (don't know who) dying, Hurley getting laid, and all of LJ crashing as a result. Instead, I'm pretty sure it's actually a Jin-centric episode that will reveal nothing and shock no one. So I will continue about my business as usual.
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Last night I watched both the new episode of Lost and a leaked copy of the series finale of The Wire. I was generally underwhelmed with both, though they had their moments. I know I usually post about Lost, but I don't think anything so monumental happened that I really have much to talk about.

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Basically, I will sum up the episode in two words: Naked Sayid. Niiiice. You know, it's weird...I am very conflicted by Naveen Andrews. Obviously I think Sayid is awesome and hot -- that's kinda beyond dispute at this point. But Naveen Andrews himself I am simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by. I think he's hot but at the same time I think he's gross. I think this has something to do with the fact that he's fucking Barbara Hershey in real life, and she's had such terrible plastic surgery that it kinda hurts to look at her, so I'm kinda mushing them up in my brain. Also, Naveen Andrews's real-life accent is the least pleasant British accent I think I've ever just doesn't sound right coming from him, and it messes up my brain. On top of that, he has a tendency to just go around impregnating women at somewhat inopportune times...he had a kid with his high school math teacher, and managed to knock up some woman during the, like, six months he and Hershey broke up in 2005. Maybe he's just got super sperm. And then there's the heroin addiction. There's a lot about him that turns me off -- but, you know...the hotness!

Anyway, enough about hot Sayid. Back to the show.

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Oh, also, yet again the posting boards on TWoP blow my minds. I swear, some of these people HAVE NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW BEFORE. My current favorite?

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So, quick thoughts on Lost:

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I've been meaning to write about this for a little while now, and I'm just going to come right out and say it -- I have a bone to pick with the Emmy nominations committee. I could sit here and blab on and on about Friday Night Lights and bore you all to tears, so I'll make this part short -- Connie Britton not getting nominated for Best Actress in a drama is a TRAVESTY. And I'm kinda cranky on behalf of Adrianne Palicki, whose performance in the last third of the season was a masterstroke, taking a mostly-unsympathetic one-note character and turning her into the character I'm most interested in. But I always knew she was a long-shot, and that Zach GIlford was for Best Supporting Actor, too. Connie, I thought she had it in the bag. I am thoroughly disappointed. Inevitably they HAD to nominate Sally Field, because she's frickin' Sally Field, even though that show looks about as interesting as a bag of leaves. And Edie Falco is a no brainer, and everyone loves Mariska Hargitay. She so pretty. But Patricia Arquette and Kyra Sedgwick? Boring, boring, boring. And Minnie Driver, too -- they basically just nominated the two old standbys (Hargitay and Falco) and then everyone else who is better thought of as a film actress for stooping to bring their warm glowing warming glow to the small screen. Gimme a break -- Connie Britton deserves a nomination of Arquette, Sedgwick, and Driver in a heartbeat.

Then you get to best drama, and I start to laugh like a crazy person. Come ON. You're trying to tell me that Boston Legal is a better show than Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, AND Lost? You're on crack. The Sopranos was a gimme -- even if I grew bored with it after Ade died, it was the last season, so there was no way it was going out without a nod. House is a very well made show, if not completely to my tastes, so I bow to that. Heroes took Lost's slot. I'm kinda OK with that, because I like Heroes a lot, and I think they see it as the new, hip, fun show to nominate. I just happen to think that Lost does crazy sci-fi serial much better. And Grey's Anatomy being nominated for best anything is just fucking ridiculous. That show is a train wreck. It's a consistently entertaining train wreck, but they haven't really been able to pull their shit together this whole season. I knew there was no way in hell that BSG would make it onto the list, but even with an on-and-off season like the one they just had, they're still better than Boston Legal and Grey's in a cakewalk.

I started thinking about what episode of each of my favorite left-out shows should have been submitted, which would catch the high points of the seasons. That's the thing that hurts serialized shows like the ones I tend to like -- the Emmys make you submit a single episode to represent your season, which doesn't really help to win votes from people who've never watched your show before. Grey's Anatomy and The Sopranos are both serials, but they are IMMENSELY POPULAR serials, and people know the characters and what's going on just from the press surrounding the show, so sitting down to watch a single episode doesn't hurt their chances. Heroes is also a serial, but it's got so much hype around it right now that it was going to get nominated no matter what. (For the record, I would have submitted "Company Man" for Heroes -- even though it's a fairly unusual episode for lack of the standard ensemble thrust of the show, it's still impeccably crafted and a great look inside the heretofore-most-inscrutible character, Cheerdaddy Bennett, who I am madly in love with.) For Lost, it's hard -- the stand-out episodes that first sprang to mind were, first, the finale, which was great, and then the Ben flashback episode, and then "The Man From Tallahassee", where Locke gets thrown out a motherfuckin' window. I think I would have to go with "Man From Tallahassee" for my submission, because I don't think I have ever screamed "WHHAAAATT??" at the screen as much as I did when Locke went flailing off the side of that building. For BSG, there's pretty much no doubt in my mind that it has to be "Exodus Pt. 2" because, holy crapweasel, that episode was nonstop excitement. For Friday Night Lights, I know that they submitted the pilot. And while I PERSONALLY thought the pilot was great, I generally don't think that pilots capture what a show turns into over a season-long run. I would go with "Mud Bowl". "Mud Bowl" does everything that show does right, and it does it great. It's intense and emotional and fun at the same time. (On a side-note, I don't think that Adrianne Palicki should have submitted "Mud Bowl" for her episode. It seems like a no-brainer -- that's her big dramatic attempted rape scene. But it's the next episode, "Best Laid Plans" that shows what an amazing and subtle actress she really is as she comes to terms with being attacked.)

And I'm going to go on, just for fun, and make a claim for a Hottest Actor on a Dramatic Series category. We've got Milo Ventimiglia and Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes, Henry Ian Cusick and Josh Holloway from Lost (sorry Sayid, you may be my favorite PERSON on the island, but you come in third in my lust sweepstakes...actually, fourth, after crazy eyeliner-wearing immortal Cuban pirate Richard Alpert, but I'm leaving him out because he's not actually in the cast), Kyle Chandler on Friday Night Lights, and Michael Trucco from BSG. Please let me know if I have committed any major oversight here. (No, I will not hear from Matthew Fox and Patrick Dempsey. Both pretty. Both playing DUMB ASS CHARACTERS that totally cancel out any and all physical attractiveness they might possess. I will also listen to petitioners on behalf of Adrian Pasdar and Christopher Meloni, both of whom skeeve me a little bit but whom I will respectfully admit are, in their own creepy ways, hot. Anyone who wants to claim that Apollo is hot is not allowed to read my journal anymore. If James McAvoy were still on Shameless, he'd be all over this category, damn the fact that it's a British show. But his character apparently got shuttled off to France over a drug deal or something, leaving him free to play upstanding working-class gents in period pieces, and human-fawn hybrids in children's movies. The kid who plays Lip on that show is pretty damn cute himself, though...) I would list Hot Principal here, too, but I heard he got killed off of 24. That's a damn shame. I might have actually watched that show if they made it the Mary Lynn Raskjub and Hot Principal Variety Hour.

In other, completely unrelated news, I have finally faced up to the fact that I have a crush on Michael Cera, and I did even when he was 16 on Arrested Development. I am old and gross. The LJ pedophile police will be here to take away my birthday any second now, I am sure.
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New Favorite Wiki: Wookiepedia

Old Favorite Wiki: Lostpedia

All-time Favorite WIki: Muppet Wiki

I am a dork.
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OK, I've watched Lost now. I don't have nearly as much to say this year as I did last year, but that may just be because I was so thoroughly spoiled for this episode that I've sorta already thought through everything. But it was totally kick-ass, and I'm bummed to have to wait until next January? February? Whatever it see what happens.

The one thing I do have to say, though, is... )
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All of the Lost spoilers were apparently accurate. Which is good, because SPOILERS AHOY )
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So, while I'm talking about the Lost boards, I guess I should also talk about the episode. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I know two things.

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