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...also, if anyone wants a pair of Cain and Abel bookends, name your price.
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Lord, give me strength. Britney decided that she wanted to be a brunette again, so she'd just dye her existing crappy extensions herself. But couldn't she have let someone else do the back?

Seriously, she looks like someone clipped a whole bunch of Lady Lovelylocks extensions to her head. (Remember those? With, like, chipmunks on 'em and stuff?) Also, these pictures were taken outside the ladies room at a Quiznos in Westwood. Stay classy, Brit. *sigh* Why won't someone take care of this woman?
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yes, this is a real product. mr. potato head feels the power of the dark side.
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happy muppet news for me! the jim henson action figure pictured in my icon is finally actually going to be released! and word on the street is, fraggle rock season 1 box set next fall! i know this is interesting to no one but me. shove it.
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man. they just had to go and make a morpheus companion to the death manga statue, didn't they?
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it's like the deer hunter, only japanese. and without christopher walken. and, um, plastic. and frightening.
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oh, this is in such poor taste.
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the war in iraq has now spawned action figures. you can even get a talking, dual headed uday, that pleads for mercy and then gets eaten by maggots. good times.
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well, THAT'S a ray of sunshine! i was just pleasantly surprised by another present -- two action figures from rich mielke! he got me lew zealand, the fish-throwing guy from the muppet show, and gil, the ne'er-do-well from the simpsons. that perks my day right up. thanks rich!


Jul. 19th, 2003 06:34 pm
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comes out december 3rd...just in time for christmas...
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just organized my sandman trading cards, with some from thevertigo pack included. i like some of the art on the vertigo cards for series' i never read, so i may make a collage of some kind with them. i also ate a half-frozen flavorice. mmm, smooshy goodness.

the stupid new ipod software make my desktop not recognize it as being there. ghh!
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other things i got in the mail today:

beaker and muppet labs playset

sandman sandglobe
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hey! they sculpted despair so's her arms are crossed and you can't see her busomses. what a gyp.

but delirium has the borghal rantipole! la la la la la!
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little endless statues! here! now! yip yip yip yip!
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-a mix cd from christy, the tracks of which i will list in a separate post
-the zoot muppet action figure. man is this cool. hi saxophone comes apart so you can put it in a traveling case. he's fully articulated and wearing the nattiest beige tunic (i wish i had one) and bellbottoms and berks. his hat is magnetic. so now i've got zoot and animal and floyd. i'm waiting on doctor teeth, and janice should come out in september or therabouts. i'm building the whole electric mayhem!
-five pairs of hipster underpants and two shirts from victoria's secret. one is a plack poplin button-sown. the material is really crisp and thick with a little stretch in it. it fits well but'll look better once it's not so shipping-creased. ditto goes for the other shirt, which is a cream-colored squareneck hippie-type shirt with green and beige embroidery and short slit sleeves. say that five times fast!
-the six feet under and angel season one box sets. angel's set looks just like all the buffy ones. it comes with a card saying season 2 will be out in september (woot!) and another one saying how we can catch all new episodes on sundays on the wb. uh. don't you mean wednesdays, wb? way to quality check before shipment. apparently, the actor bio for glenn quinn also says he lives in california when,a ctually, he's dead. oops. the six feet under set is made of a beautiful sheeny cardboard, and it's designed to work almost like a little coffin. really sweet design.


Feb. 6th, 2003 01:44 pm
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i just went into the mailroom, plaintively asking lewis if i got a package. he just laughed at me. but then i rifled through the mail bins and lo and behold, there's an ulta box that looks like just the right size to hold cds. is it? could it be? IT IS! so i maniacally laughed and said "i DID get a package, lewis, so HA!" lewis continues to think i'm crazy.

i'm off to play with my mix cds now, finally. i hope the aclu doesn't expect to bank any money today, because i sure as hell ain't doin' it. new toys!
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i made christy very happy today by giving her two mixes, one mellow, one upbeat and happy in an attempt to cheer her up. she's such a good friend and a sweetheart, and i think sometimes she doesn't realize that she's allowed to not always be the life of the party. that's certainly been hard for me to deal with, too. so i wanted to show her that people, like me, appreciate her in all her moods. i liked that i was able to cheer her up just a little. she rules. she deserves it.

i got the animal/electric mayhem playset from toys r us today. it RULES. it's the whole stage for the drum kit. it has everything. it rules. that is all.
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i want this.

his t-shirt says bi-mon-sci-fi-con.


Nov. 5th, 2002 02:38 pm
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i've been playing with my delirium figure for a while now and now my hand smells like christmas morning. that somehow sounds wrong. i'll explain. christmas morning when i was a kid, i would get all these new toys and i would unwrap them and fondle them and play with them. they always eminated this really satisfying fresh plastic smell. that's the smell on my hands right now. it smells like nerfulls. it smells like jem. it smells like care bears. it doesn't smell like strawberry shortcake, but it smells like the smell that lingered under the synthetic fruit scent. i love it. it makes me want to go work at toys r us and smell things.
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my fish is the borghal rantipole who i made look like a fishie because i am so clever and i can do things like that if i want la la laaaa.

i got my delirium action figure. it is purty. and it has a borghal rantipole on a string.

and now it is inconspicuous too as well....


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