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Oh noes, not my Scrabulous!!! (I actually heard about this a couple of days ago, but...but...why has it not yet been resolved??!!?? Must keep kicking Siobhan's ass in ultimate test of superior literacy!!!)
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In the last few months, since I began actually typing my thesis and cover letters, it has become an increasingly conscious decision of mine to write my journal in all-lowercase letters. I somehow managed to balance the web/non-web spheres of my typing universe while I was in high school, but lately my brain just can't handle the incongruence. So as I barrel around the curve to my birthday on my unavoidable careen towards my late 20s, I have decided to begin using proper capitalization rules in all my journal communications.

This is something I have considered for some time, and I do not take the decision lightly. In the last year, I have struggled with this every day, not wanting to leave Abby alone in the world of uncapitalized proper nouns that we have co-existed in for 10 years or more. I do this not as a rebuke to Abby and my other lower-case friends. I do it because if I have to go back and change the words "Wolfowitz" and "Iraq" to begin with capital letters one more time, I'm going to go insane.

For now, my email .sig will remain the lower case "-mags", because the idea of parting with this aspect of my uncapitalized personality causes me to let loose with big heaping sobs of loss and shame. One step at a time.


Of course, this entry is totally taking the piss. But yeah, I'm going to use capital letters now.
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i will probably never use this user picture, but it totally cracked me up when i saw it so i had to gank it.

yeah, bastian, you little pussy, say it!

when siobhan and i went to see the twilight singers at irving plaza, they were playing the neverending story on a big movie screen before the concert started. we were simultaneously horrified to realize that atreyu is, like, the hottest 15 year old boy that ever existed.

artax, nooooooo!
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my sassy magazine collection is almost complete. i have every issue from january '92 through november '94 (after which it sold out) except for 4. march '92, november '92 (the one with mayim bialik dressed in the american flag -- i really want this), may '94 and june '94.

i also managed to amass some extra copies, as they were often sold on ebay in lots, so there was overlap. abby is going to be thanked for her hospitality in letting me stay at her place next week with a big honkin' stack of old sassys. i think she's going to be stoked.


Apr. 11th, 2006 08:25 pm
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i guess the corollary to last year's "keane fans" comment will be "james blunt fans".

ah, another weekend of me and abby making inside jokes that we will try in vain to remember why they were so funny the next day. it's coming right up, and i'm getting very excited.

lessons learned in years past:

-don't put water bottles in your bag unless you are SURE they are closed all the way. cell phones do not like moisture. neither do $100 suede bags.

-people in their mid-twenties are apparently not ALL too cool to dance like maniacs to "block rockin' beats". just me.

-tell people ahead of time to meet at hot dog on a stick. cuz it's in the same place every year, and nobody is getting cellular reception any time soon.

-M.I.A. is really not very good. keep this in mind before getting too psyched for lady sov.

-before you profess to have really liked the bravery's performance, admit that you didn't really watch it, only listened from outside the tent. because then you'll have an excuse when told that their backing track stopped halfway through and sam endcott had to pull a foul-mouthed ashlee simpson impression. long live skabba the hut!

-when you see a girl with long blond hair and very highwaisted shorts, simply assume it's chloe sevigny. you know she's gonna be there.

-no artwork will ever live up to the example set by the giant baby head.

-just because someone walks in a giant plastic ball doesn't mean their music is any good.

-no matter what veronica says, brett from spoon was definitely hit by the ugly stick during his formative years.

-wake up early enough to hang out with bloc party at the hotel pool.

-don't expect to get home any time soon. either you'll be parked far from the exit and forced to fall asleep listening to tortoise in the car, or you'll be right by the exit but directed in totally the wrong direction and have to drive around the block. keep in mind that you're in the middle of the desert, so the block is about 25 square miles.

-pumpkin bread from the farmer's market starbucks is the best food you can possibly have in the car with you. a giant loaf of french bread is pretty good too. corollary: the farmers market is amazing.

-chato will ask you about any visible scars you have. come up with an excuse ahead of time that will make him feel like a doofus.

-chato's friends will invite other people over who like keane. avoid them at all costs.
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so petty. so, so petty.
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here's the current rumored coachella lineup for this year. i think it's complete horseshit, because there's no way that in the year 2006 you're gonna get portishead AND massive attack on the same bill. but whatever. i'm going no matter what. i gotta converse with miss abby and see if she's planning to go -- i sure fucking hope so, cuz i don't want to drive out to the desert by myself. and jesus, i owe her so much money at this point from the last TWO years, it's not even funny. neither of us could remember if i ever paid her back for the hotel from the first year, but i'm pretty positive she never told me how much i owed her from last year, either, and i totally forgot about it until just recently. yikes. but the plan is, go to LA on friday the, uh, 28th or 29th or whatever, go to coachella saturday and sunday (the rumored sunday bill isn't as good, but if my boyfriend josh homme is there with eagles of death metal, i'm not missing it; but HAPPY MONDAYS? what year are we in anyway?), then stay for the week with my sister and help her with all the crazy wedding stuff -- then her wedding is the next sunday. there's my vacation for the year. (except when i get married and take my honeymoon -- i'm just going to take a leave of absence from work at that point or something, like when michael left to go on tour.)

ANYWAY, here's the rumor:

April 29: Depeche Mode, The Strokes, Portishead, Franz Ferdinand, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Infected Mushroom, Royksopp, Kings of Leon, Doves, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Atmosphere, Blackalicious, Super Furry Animals, The Buzzcocks, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Ladytron, DJ Peretz, The Shins, Dieselboy, Tortoise, Sleater Kinney, Richard Hawley, Grooverider, Death From Above 1979, Yesterdays New Quintet, The Walkmen, Son Volt, Will Oldham, The Clientele, Lightning Bolt, Cage, The Crimea, OK Go, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, John Kelly

April 30: The White Stripes, Roxy Music (featuring Brian Eno), The Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Boards of Canada, Underworld, Ween, Death Cab for Cutie, Armin Van Buuren, Built to Spill, De La Soul, Big Star, Iron & Wine, Uberzone, Happy Mondays, Dinosaur Jr, TV on the Radio, Elbow, Eagles of Death Metal, The Tears, Esthero, T. Rauschmiere, Cat Power, The New Pornographers, Carl Cox, Grandaddy, Calexico, Explosions in the Sky, The Wedding Present, Andy C, Fatlip, DJ Icey, The Notwist and Themselves preforming as 13 & God, Devendra Banhart, The Coral, Stateless, 65 Days of Static
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so karen's doing this audioscrobbler thing. i just set up my account and it doesn't seem to be updating the webpage yet, but i'll give it a little while longer.

anyway, it's like friendster for music nerds. you download a plug-in that keeps track of all the songs you listen to and posts it to this webpage, where you can link to friends and see what they're listening to. it also keeps statistics of your most listened-to artists. looks like fun. come join me so karen isn't my only friend. she listens to an awful lot of dandy warhols, by the way...
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aw, hell. i just realized i forgot to buy my stuff at work. crap. i'll get it tomorrow. i don't really need to obsessively watch season 5 of the simpsons. i'll find another way to amuse myself. like maybe obsessively watching old episodes of newsradio. until segev comes home and makes me stop, of course.

i got a lovely card from [ profile] fastrada yesterday. it was very nice of you to include segev's name on the card.

my ipod played happy music on the way home. "bullet the blue sky", spoon, elastica, and cathy dennis. it made me think about how great bono's voice was back around joshua tree, and how much he's been coasting ever since. i know, i know, boo hiss, everyone loves bono, he's saving the world one jesse helms at a time. but...their last two albums have been just so...polished. no real emotion. even POP had more emotion. heh. i love pop. U2's always been more about the melody than the lyrics for me, but...i dunno, the lyrics are just getting cheesier and cheesier now. vertigo...i didn't know...slip your hand in my glove of love, whatever. and in 1987, he had eyeballs. now, who knows? i've said it before and i'll say it again. take off the sunglasses, bono. no. really. now. take them off. and get a haircut. he still looks like his "fly" character, but now it looks like a fly that got smashed on the windshield of a mack. and just for equal opportunity bashing, i will say that my old boyfriend larry mullen jr has a stupid haircut, too, and is looking pretty tatty. who would have guessed that adam clayton would age the best of all of them? (the edge still looks good. the edge is cool.)
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just what kind of juice do you suppose snoop prefers to sip on with his gin?

i was somewhat shocked by the revelation that siobhan and i pretty much know every word to that song, and to "baby got back." and we discovered the uniting power of old dirty bastard (or big baby jesus, as i prefer to use). we also did a spoken word rendition of "my sister" by juliana hatfield.
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i have found my new favorite blog: go fug yourself. abby, really, prepare yourself for how happy this site will make you.
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i just found a post from may of '95 where a newbie thanks AIMEE for being so nice to her after JAY was rude! my head is spinning. thanks, google groups!
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a big thank you to my darling doppelganger for the jim derogatis book. i've started it, and it's a fun read. you're a sweetheart! happy birthday to me!
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belated happy birthdays to fastrada and maggie. *confetti*
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looking at the cure's website, it seems that the curiosa tour is NOT cancelled and is underway. why do blogs lie to me?

so, siobhan? july 31st on randall's island? the cure? the rapture? interpol? any interest?
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lollapalooza is cancelled. i am sad -- the concert was going to be right near me, so easy to get to, and the tickets actually sold well in new york. i need my PJ (harvey, that is, not vedder) fix, and i'll never be able to get tickets to see her at a smaller venue cuz they'll sell so fast. it also means probably no abby this summer. all bad things.
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siobhan was talking about these funny t-shirts and i found some of 'em here. favorite ones? the pong one, the banana one, and the one that says "my robot heart cannot love". i'd like them better if they each came in a variety of colors, especially the bowie one. a cute design, but on such a boring grey shirt!


May. 27th, 2004 03:58 pm
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siobhan can't go clubbing with me, so i'm going to try and go it alone. here's the places i'll be hitting, with the TONY descriptions.

broadcast, bar 13, 35 E. 13th street btwn broadway and university, 10 pm, free. motherfucker's alluring michael t., dj jess from trash!, and guests (tonight, ultragrrrl) transmit the sounds of rock, new wave, postpunk and '80s pop from the turntables directly to your tympana at this little dance club. upstairs, dan selzer and mike simonetti do the damage with punk and old-school material. this edition, amazingly, marks a full five years of broadcast freak-out fun. open bar from 10 to midnight, smoking patio on roof.

distortions, rififi, 332 e. 11th street btwn first and second aves, 11 pm, free. matt pinfield (yes, the erstwhile MTV dude...) returns to the decks tonight at east village bar rififi for an indie-rock/shoegazer/brit-beat bonanza. he'll be joined on the wheels of steel by dj hill.

before i go out, though, i'm going to be watching frontline on PBS to see "the way the music died," an expose on the modern recording industry. even those outside of new york can watch this on their local PBS affiliate.


May. 5th, 2004 11:57 pm
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abby and i left LA at about 9:30 saturday morning and drove to palm springs. our hotel was really nice. we dropped our stuff and met up with chato (chado? i don't know.) and his friends kristy and matt, who were very nice. then we headed to the festival.

abby and i got a little punch drunk sitting in the giant line for parking. but we amused ourselves by inventing names for new adobe housing developments (bridgerock? stonestream? bridgestreamstone?). abby surprised me -- she had purchased me a new property, the kincaid residence (because my name really SHOULD be kincaid) where my horsies could enjoy fencie time. i would buy said horsies at the horse emporium. parking then involved walking and sweating and suddenly having to pee. so the first thing i did at the concert was use a porta pottie, which was surprisingly clean.

abby and i sat at the back of the outdoor stage and listened to the end of the stills set, which was good. abby didn't really know them before, but she liked them. we then ate some food and chilled in a shade tent. then she went off to explore and i stayed in the shade tent and listened to ...and you will know us by the trail of dead playing on the outdoor stage. i pretty much stayed at the outdoor stage all day. trail of dead were good, but they didn't play any of the songs i really liked, so i was kinda bummed. after trail of dead i actually went up to the stage and sat pretty close for death cab for cutie, who were good but pretty much sounded exactly like they do on the album, so not very exciting. but they actually DID play my two favorite songs, so YAY. after death cab i managed to meet up with amanda and steve by hot dog on a stick. it was virtually impossible to try and find people because the cell phone system was completely overwhelmed. but a text message got through to amanda and we got to see each other briefly. i was hoping to see them again at the pixies, but the crowd was just too huge to find them. abby also met us at hot dog on a stick and informed me that chato was puking at a nearby fence. brilliant idea, rolling in 107 degree weather and then eating a corn dog. so we sat at the edge of the fence with chato and kristy. they took off, though i know not where, and abby and i watched desert sessions on the outdoor stage. AMAZING. it was just such a great, mellow, fun, jammin' show, and the sun was going down, and everything was just so beautiful. abby and i both had this feeling of elation. that continued when, about halfway through desert sessions, we went to see the pixies. we got, mmm, ok seats, but it really didn't matter that we were mostly watching them on video screens because it was THE FUCKING PIXIES. they played just an amazing set. abby got goosebumps. frank black did this amazing feedback solo, where he set up all the guitars on stage by the amps and tuned them exactly right and played the pedals and strummed a guitar with a drumstick and just created this melodic swoop of feedback. it was a virtuoso performance of noise. the only thing that ruined it a little bit were the hoochie chicks standing in front of us. i came to think of them as tank top, halter top, and tube top. they had obviously never heard of the pixies before and had, like, come with their boyfriends or something, and they were dancing like they were at webster hall. me, abby, and the girls next to us just kept staring at them.

we were disappointed by radiohead. actually, i almost cried, i was so disappointed. they were just so...clean. it was obvious that we were watching the biggest rock band in the world, and that's not the radiohead i love. i don't love the radiohead that an entire crowd of fratboys jump up and down to. i wanted to see radiohead circa about '96, but it just doesn't exist anymore. i was happy to hear ed o'brien singing harmony at one point. but their new drummer is just so...poppy. and the loud beats from other stages kept drowning them out -- thom made the fantastic decision of playing a couple quiet acoustic songs and they sounded like disco remix radiohead. also, their lights and visuals were just so cheesy. they were obviously trying to be modern and edgy, but they just came off like a 2000s version of a journey light show. they also played a ton of stuff from their newest album, which i don't like very much and abby doesn't know at all. so, sadly, we left.

we were feeling very goofy by this point, so we kinda wandered. we saw a little bit of living legends, a rap group, at the outdoor stage, but they weren't very good. so we walked past mindless self indulgence and bought a hot pretzel (me) and a churro (abby), which we proceeded to scarf down faster than anything should really be eaten. we explored various light shows and art installations, and walked by da lata, heard some beats from the sahara tent, and then walked back the other way. abby started comparing coachella to burning man, and ruing the fact that there wasn't the same sense of community at this festival, no one just randomly walking up to people and having discussions about whatever they happened to be thinking about. we sat outside the mojave tent waiting for electric six. this one chubbyish asian kid with floppy hair and a totally shredded green t-shirt that was practically falling off of him (the overall look was very unattractive) came over and asked abby for a cigarette. he started raving about how awesome radiohead was, to which we just sort of nodded passively, and then started inquiring very loudly when kraftwerk started. we realized we had nothing to talk about with this kid. then, this other fratboyish guy came over and asked abby for a smoke. so abby decides to try and pull a burning man and says "only if you tell me something interesting." the guy just sort of looks at her blankly. she repeats herself with no response. so she sighs and asks "what was the most amazing thing you've experienced today." and the guy's immediate reaction is "radiohead," to which abby actually responded "wrong answer!" and pulled the cigarette away. but the guy was already correcting himself and said the pixies, so abby gave it to him. and then they proceeded to talk about something. i couldn't hear a word of it because electric six had started, so i just kept smiling blankly at the guy. the asian kid was still ranting about kraftwerk. we got away by going inside to dance to danger! high voltage. after that, i got a funnel cake and abby got a giant, suspect chicken kebob, and we sat in the shade tent then listened to kool keith at the outdoor stage. we grew bored quickly and decided to leave.

unfortunately, we left right when radiohead was getting out, so there was a huge exodus. first we couldn't find the car. there were two guys sitting on the back of their truck drinking beers who said to us and a couple other wandering people "good luck finding your cars. we'll be right here on ours." to which we sadly laughed. by willing around and aimlessly clicking the unlock button on her keys (which everyone else was doing too -- thousand of keys flailing through the air), abby finally found the car, to which we shrieked and jumped up and down and sorta sang with excitement. but then, of course, we got into the car, and pulled out into line, and proceeded to sit there. not moving. from the same spot. for an hour. we tried to amuse ourselves with whatever toys were in her car. i played with her jesus action figure and spun a disco ball in the light while singing "come sail away" by styx. so, after a very depressing conversation with chato where he said "yeah, we had no problem getting out, we're halfway back to the hotel," we gave up. abby and i put on a tortoise cd, pulled back into a parking spot, chilled for a couple minutes, then fell asleep in the car. i woke up when i heard a siren at 3 in the moring and the place was desolate. there was dust flying everywhere. we started driving, and it was like the earth had lost all parameters of time and space. as i said the next day "it was like infinity-o-clock." the tortoise playing on the stereo didn't help. but we did make it back to the hotel, where i ate pretzels and tried to get information about the headline "justice souter attacked" but was never enlightened. (i found out on monday morning that it wasn't politically motivated or anything.) and then, we went to sleep, around 5 a.m., to get ready for the next day of the festival.

to be continued. DUN DUN DUHHHNNNN!
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i will write a whole long coachella post when i get home, but i just wanted to express for the record that josh homme is my husband. not abby's. and not mandy moore's.


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