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In the last few months, since I began actually typing my thesis and cover letters, it has become an increasingly conscious decision of mine to write my journal in all-lowercase letters. I somehow managed to balance the web/non-web spheres of my typing universe while I was in high school, but lately my brain just can't handle the incongruence. So as I barrel around the curve to my birthday on my unavoidable careen towards my late 20s, I have decided to begin using proper capitalization rules in all my journal communications.

This is something I have considered for some time, and I do not take the decision lightly. In the last year, I have struggled with this every day, not wanting to leave Abby alone in the world of uncapitalized proper nouns that we have co-existed in for 10 years or more. I do this not as a rebuke to Abby and my other lower-case friends. I do it because if I have to go back and change the words "Wolfowitz" and "Iraq" to begin with capital letters one more time, I'm going to go insane.

For now, my email .sig will remain the lower case "-mags", because the idea of parting with this aspect of my uncapitalized personality causes me to let loose with big heaping sobs of loss and shame. One step at a time.


Of course, this entry is totally taking the piss. But yeah, I'm going to use capital letters now.
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so petty. so, so petty.
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i just found a post from may of '95 where a newbie thanks AIMEE for being so nice to her after JAY was rude! my head is spinning. thanks, google groups!
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i just sent a message to michael showalter on friendster. hey, his profile says he wants to meet everybody...I'M everybody! i've never used friendster to actually talk to total strangers before, much less semi-celebrities.

20 bucks says he will never, ever write me back.

i just think it's really funny that through abby, hayley, and alissa, i'm connected to, like, the entirety of the state. they're so my starfucker friends.
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he gave me the free drink even though i said mingus instead of coltrane.

either siobhan or damian is whistling in their sleep.

kill bill was fantastic.
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yesterday siobhan, segev, my cousin sam and i went to a taping of the daily show. it was fun except for the long standing-around portions of the afternoon. but sam bought me gummy bears for the wait in line, so that was good. only 2 people behind us in line got in, so it's a good thing sam got there before us to stake out a spot.

jon stewart is so cute! he really is as little as everyone says! for some reason i thought they were exaggerating, but no. i think he's shorter than segev. he just has an enormous head, so that makes him look bigger on tv. and one of the guests they filmed was charlie sheen, who is also a little man. taller than jon stewart, though. but that didn't surprise me since i saw emilio estevez once when i was in LA and he is shetland pony-sized. jon stewart was so adorable during the commercial breaks -- he kept drumming and lip-syncing along with the music they were playing in the studio, and doodling on his little sheet of paper, and periodically throwing his hands in the air and collapsing back in his chair. siobhan and i were giggling like schoolgirls.

and then afterwards i managed to somehow trick sam, who is a pickier eater than i am if you can imagine, into eating thai food. i think my uncle mat should provide me with some type of payment for that. i don't have any idea how i did it.

today i have my TA session, then i have to go down to 96th street and pick up my remaindered drugs, then look into getting a new cell phone and maybe get my eyebrows waxed. oh, and i have to go to the post office and buy stamps, and i need to put in a work order for a new bathroom sink because simi knocked my glass moisturizer bottle into it and cracked it and there's a big ol' hole and the sink is now non-functional.
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I just received a lovely bereavement gift of the most recent Throwing Muses CD from Angela. *hug* Thank you so much.

And thanks to all of you who've expressed your sympathies. Those of you who met Whistle know she was just the perfect cat in every way -- loving, funny, attentive, disciplined, mellow and devoted. Those of you who didn't have the pleasure of making her acquaintance, you really missed out. Whistle was an angel. And I hope that wherever she is now, she and Fidget are together -- and he's pissing her off just as much as he used to. :) Pissed off with love.
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it turns out rich's present wasn't complete. i just got the dvd of ferris bueller's day off to finish up the gift. thanks, rich, for once again brightening an utterly crappy day. your timing is impeccable.
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i just arrived home to an amazon box. assuming it was another shipment of textbooks, i opened it blithely. but what's this? a giant onion book? and a counting crows cd? why, it's a surprise present from the nymblin compund!

thanks guys!
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well, THAT'S a ray of sunshine! i was just pleasantly surprised by another present -- two action figures from rich mielke! he got me lew zealand, the fish-throwing guy from the muppet show, and gil, the ne'er-do-well from the simpsons. that perks my day right up. thanks rich!
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oh and in other news, i'm very excited to hear tell of how abby's club came off. yay, club-promotin'-abby!
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a couple presents just came my way. my lovely doppelganger sent me "buffy the vampire slayer and philosophy: fear and trembling in sunndale," which i think will be just the thing to help me segue back into academia from a life of endless pop culture. thank you so much! and i hope you enjoy "wolves in the walls." i haven't bought it, but i heard him read it live as the opening act for the magnetic fields a couple years ago and loved it.

and my mom made me a purse with a pill box inside it. she's terribly inventive, that mother o' mine...
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hey fastrada, if i've TOTALLY guessed what my present is from you am i allowed to open it now?
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i met two very lovely bois named chris yesterday. they are very different, but i liked them both.

got accosted by a jerk at the fetish club night we went to last night and was told to "smile, you're having fun." what kind of retard goes up to someone at a fetish club and tells them to smile? i wanted to punch him in the face and then say "sorry, my fetish is dominating total jackasses."

chado talked about neuromancer and obscure vinyl. a lot. aaron looked like a cross between andrew travelli (but i'm always the baron!) and my cousin sam. i don't think kevin said one word to me the whole time i was there. the d.j. looked EXACTLY like peter krause, and his girlfriend looked like carol kane. i ate the last slice of pizza and veronica was sad.

i think that sums up the evening.

the afternoon was lovely. my sister's new boi is like an abercrombie and fitch model with a brain and a goofy sense of humor. we sat on these rocks on an overhang in malibu and discussed strip yahtzee.

i think i'm going to rest for a minute now.
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Elusis very kindly suggested that I set up a paypal account where people can donate a little money to help offset Fidget's medical costs, which may total over $3000. i certainly don't want any of you to feel obligated. However, if you would like to donate to the Fidget memorial fund, follow the link below.

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i got siobhan settled in earlier, and then she went into a coma so i came home. she was a real trooper -- did really well. i think for a minute there she was really prepared to drive home when i kept stalling out. then we discovered i just hadn't taken off the emergency break. whoops. after that i made it back to her place stalling only once. but the i stalled twice after having to come to a complete stop to make the turn into her driveway. we finally made it though. siobhan was a little unsteady on her feet, especially going up the stairs, but she got into bed ok and i put on drop dead gorgeous. i ace-bandaged two ice packs to her head, but she sneezed them off and got jell-o all over them. hee.

i fell asleep for a while but of course didn't stay asleep. now i'm watching the best of phil hartman on saturday night live and eating flavorice. rock. in theory i should meet brooks tomorrow for the siren festival, but i really doubt that's going to happen. i think i'm just going to rest all day and then go to hayley's party at night. then sunday i might have lunch with nick amigone. we'll see.
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charlie's angels 2 ruled. drew barrymore is the hottest hottie that ever hottied, and justin theroux had a faux-hawk!

siobhan just gave me my first lesson in driving stick. it was rough going at first, but i then managed to go from neutral to first 2 times in a row without stalling! yay me! now i just have to be able to drive two long blocks, with other cars on the road, at 3:45 tomorrow afternoon. um...yeah.
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i am currently burning cds for andrea. i had done a bunch of them, but i ran out of cds and had to get more blank ones. i'm sending her more or less my entire mp3 collection. lucky girl. say thank you, andrea! :) hopefully i'll have a chance to send them out from work sometime this week -- the plan is to send the burned cds to andrea and then send a whole bunch o cds to karen that i promised her months agao and just have kept putting off taking to the office.

we saw gangs of new york, which we both liked a whole lot. except for the dumb bitch behind us who felt like reiterating all the action or developments as they happened. like "oh, that's his father!" or "oooh, they gonna fight now." SHUT UP! her boyfriend also didn't turn his cell phone off. it rang but he decided the best thing to do would be to ignore it. so it rang about 10 times until he finally bothered to turn the damn thing off. harrumph.

i bought the interpol cd and the reissue of pavement's "slanted and enchanted" with all the bonus stuff. i didn't feel like a schmuck for buying a reissue because it's one of those cds i never got around to buying in the first place. so now look who's smart!


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