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Question of the Day: Why does the iTunes Genius feature insist on putting "Careless Whisper" by Wham on every single 80s-related playlist I ask it to generate? Starting with Whitesnake -- gives me Journey, Foreigner, Genesis, Def Leppard, Van Halen...and WHAM?
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Favorite Thing of the Day: Mattel LED Football for iPhone/iPod Touch! I'm in '80s Hand-Me-Down-Toy heaven! (Actually, I think the one my sister had was baseball, not football, but it's the same sort of interface and makes the same little satisfying bloops and bleeps.)
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Holy shit, who put DC FOLLIES on iTunes?? The Sid and Marty Kroft "Land of Confusion" Reagan puppet show? I half thought I dreamed that show. Seriously, until I was about 16, the entirety of my understanding of the Reagan administration was composed of nuggets I'd gleaned from Doonesbury, DC Follies, and my grandmother shouting at the TV screen at dinner. I'll be good and just download one least for now.
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The Urban Outfitters on State Street has a neon shirt with Carlton's face silkscreened on the front. It is heinously ugly and absolutely hilarious. I may have to go back and buy it for myself; it's apparently not up on their website, but I found a completely un-Digged Digg story about it and found this picture. Seriously -- fabulous.
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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have returned to the airwaves after nine weeks of strike-induced absence. Neither host wanted to go back on the air without their writers, but their contracts left them with little choice. I watched the first episodes back of both shows. As we were watching them, Segev said, "Do you support the writers strike?" When I answered decisively in the affirmative, he snapped, "Well, then why the hell did you download these?" I explained that the Daily Show was already paid for, the money already long gone from the iTunes monthly pass I had purchased but not completed before the strike. The auto-renewal has now been turned off, but I'm going to watch the remaining 5 episodes relatively guilt-free. And the Colbert Report...that somehow mysteriously appeared on my hard drive. Maybe the Viacom fairy put it there; I don't know... Suffice it to say that the writers may not have received any income from my viewing of Monday night's Colbert Report, but neither did Sumner Redstone or Les Moonves. (And, to be perfectly honest, I feel absolutely zero guilt about this. The studios are going to have a hell of a time trying to prosecute intellectual property cases on internet downloads of TV shows if they've proclaimed that viewing an entire episode online is a "promotional use" [even when there are unskippable ads embedded] and therefore shouldn't result in residual payments to the writers. If the internet episode has no monetary value, what are you suing me for? Not to mention Betamax time-shifting blah-di-blah...I'm over it. Get your act together, AMPTP.)

So, anyway, the results of the first episodes were mixed. Jon Stewart was widely criticized for being kinda cranky about the fact that the WGA wouldn't break him off the same deal that Worldwide Pants got. I personally think that the Worldwide Pants deal was a bad strategic call on the part of the WGA. They're saying that it's a totally different case because Worldwide Pants owns the rights to Letterman's show, where as Busboy Productions doesn't own The Daily Show or The Colbert Report (Viacom does). But, you know, where I'm standing, CBS is getting ad revenues from Letterman the same way that Comedy Central gets ad revenues from Colbert. The difference really seems to be that The Daily Show has more cachet as a bargaining tool than Letterman does -- higher profile, I guess, what with John Oliver traipsing around New York with picket signs, being all British and cute. Obviously Jon was a little upset, because he wants his show to go back to normal, but he's very sympathetic to labor, and he knows how much he depends on his writers for material. (Last night's episode had a great bit where Jon quoted Cocoon and it flew right over the college-aged audience's head -- he said, "You know, without my writers all my references are going to be from the '80s. I can get up to about Breakfast Club, and then nothin'.") He's conflicted. So Jon's first episode back was a little rough, especially compared to Colbert. Colbert has a huge advantage -- he comes from an improv background, a rich and storied Second City improv background, and is much more able to just wing it than stand-up Jon. Colbert really can just pull stuff out of his ass and be funny at a moment's notice. It's kinda brilliant. But, as I've said before, although I'm a huge fan of Colbert himself, I'm not super fond of the show. Colbert-the-persona is a little hard for me to take in full half-hour doses. If the episodes were Aqua-Teen-sized, then I'd be totally up for it. 11 minutes of Colbert-larity, in and out, boom. But I cant do the full half hour. Which is sad, because half-hour shows are really only 21 minutes long. I have no attention span left.

Last night's Daily Show, however, was leaps and bounds better, and featured a music cue that made me laugh hysterically -- as a response to Hillary's total non-cry heard around the world, they did a montage of presidents and other celebrities crying set to "It's Alright to Cry" from Free To Be You And Me, ending with the classic shot of the Indian crying about pollution. Jon's cultural references really did top off somewhere in the mid-70s. I think Cocoon is actually pushing it, timeline-wise. But that montage totally made me want to download Free To Be You And Me and sing about how William Has A Doll and Parents Are People, People With Children, and listen to Marlo Thomas and Mel Brooks riff about gender roles. Awesome. (Speaking of Betamax...I HAD THAT on betamax! It was part of the Children's Video Library, which had an animated logo with balloons and a jaunty whistled tune. They also put out Benji movies on videotape. I miss my childhood so.) It looks like Hillary has learned the lesson Rosey Grier made clear all those years ago: It's alright to cry. Crying gets the sad out of you.
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David Cross defends his choice to star in Alvin and the Chipmunks:

I was too young to enjoy the original "Alvin and the Chipmunks" because I wasn't born yet. And I was too old to enjoy the later incarnation in the 80's, so it holds no precious memories for me to defile. If someone decided to re-make "Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang", (a movie I fucking LOVED when I was a kid) with the cast of "High School Musical" and Raven Symone giving voice to a now sassy CGI car with tits that sang about race relations I think that I would not care about that either. It's a waste of time and energy. I choose to care about other things that I believe are worth the investment of that kind of outrage, disappointment, and sense of urgency.
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I'm reading an article in an old Spin magazine about this kid who shot his parents while playing a Silverchair song. The story is vaguely interesting, but the piece mostly stems from the fact that the guy was a Cobain fan from Aberdeen, and the author really REALLY wanted to use the phrase, "He's the one who likes all the pretty songs, and he likes to shoot his gun, but he don't know what it means" in the article. I really shouldn't laugh when reading about such a gruesome crime, but I got nostalgic for the somewhat ludicrous Kurt-worship of the mid-'90s. It was a lovely time, when journalists wished that Kurt Cobain would experience a "Leonard Cohen afterworld" in pretty much every obituary with total straight faces. Teenagers don't listen to Nirvana anymore, do they? The only false note I observed during the last season of Friday Night Lights was when the paralyzed quarterback throws a hissy-fit because his mom moved his Nirvana CD. And I was like, Really? Nirvana? High school jocks in Texas listen to Nirvana in 2006? I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Jack Shephard listens to Nirvana, while wearing Ray-Bans and driving his Jeep Wrangler and simultaneously experiencing post-traumatic stress syndrome and a serious mid-life crisis. But not Jason Street.
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Aw, Safire's such a cute old man. Does this remind anyone else of that old "grungespeak" article in the Times? (I still think that anyone who can come up with "swingin' on the flippety-flop" off the top of their head is a genius.)
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Lord, give me strength. Britney decided that she wanted to be a brunette again, so she'd just dye her existing crappy extensions herself. But couldn't she have let someone else do the back?

Seriously, she looks like someone clipped a whole bunch of Lady Lovelylocks extensions to her head. (Remember those? With, like, chipmunks on 'em and stuff?) Also, these pictures were taken outside the ladies room at a Quiznos in Westwood. Stay classy, Brit. *sigh* Why won't someone take care of this woman?
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When I was little, my sister made a videotape (a Betamax cassette, to be precise) that contained within it many gems of early '80s Days of Our Lives goodness. This tape, along with the many, many issues of Soap Opera Digest Mimi left behind when she went to college, spurred on my obsessive love of the show. The very first thing on the tape? Was Roman Brady being killed by Stefano. And YouTube, god bless it, has the whole beautiful, overacted thing.

Prisms! Yachts! Joe Mascolo's jumpsuit and Wayne Northrup's perm and Peter Reckell doing high kicks in cut-off shorts and stripey soccer socks! And that shot of Bo and Hope on the raft is the BEST use of green screen of ALL time.

Watch Bo's mullet glisten sadly in the's a thing of beauty. (Plus the "sad Roman" theme music that they brought back to such great effect throughout the makes me all teary.)
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I am listening to the Spice Girls, and you can't stop me. It's so sad that I can identify each of their individual voices. Posh pretty much sucks. But she's super-rad, so I forgive her total lack of talent. Who else can pull off going to a highbrow public event in a mini-cape and some kind of support garment and nothing else? NO ONE, that's who. Once upon a time, she was my least favorite Spice. Then I saw the movie, and she was so hardcore. The rest of them all annoyed me, but Posh cracked my shit up. So, yes, the woman has some issues with food. But the awesomeness just overrides it all.
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We watched Dreamgirls tonight. I'm going to have t-shirts made up for Dawnn Lewis and John Krasinski that say "I had a walk-on role in Dreamgirls and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." I mean, seriously, why even bother to put Jaleesa Vincent in your movie if she's not going to get any lines? (At least she got higher billing than Urkel.)

"Hi, I'm Denise, you must be 26!"
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...speaking of Heroes, I just realized that HRG is Jake Kositchek, the frickin' Salem Strangler! That was just a tad before my time, but I remember his brother, Chris, well. Especially when he came back and was Roman Brady for a couple of years. That's pretty much when I stopped watching -- I'm perfectly fine with recasting, within reason, but you can't bring someone who already PLAYED another major character (for a long time!) in as a replacement. Still mad about that.
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I enjoy listening to obscure Weird Al songs from the 80s.
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Cosby Show Quote of the Day:

"Sondra, you owe us 79,648 dollars and 22 cents. And I want my money NOW!"

Wow, Princeton cost less than 20 grand in 1988. Good times, good times.
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The actress who plays Alice Horton on Days of Our Lives has dementia and won't be on the show anymore. And I am sad. I hope that, in the end, they give her a nice funeral like they did when Macdonald Carey died.

That show was great up until Marlena got possessed by the devil. The sight of Deirdre Hall snarling at Stefano while he quivers in fear, shouting "Begone, demon! I denounce you!" was pretty much the end for me. Not because of the cheesy special effects, or even the terrible acting. But because the Stefano diMero I grew up with doesn't cower before anyone. He's the muthafuckin' Phoenix, man! They blew him up and set him on fire like five times and gave him about 10 brain tumors and he still came back to life. A Mayan pyramid collapsed on him! That time they couldn't get the actor to come back so they just had a disembodied voice in the was lame, but the rest of the arc was pretty awesome, so I forgave it.

I think this description of Stefano from Wikipedia is pretty hilarious:

Stefano, who at times seemed to have grown to Bond-villain proportions, has dabbled in such various enterprises as drug trafficking, art theft, forgery, political corruption, assassinations, kidnapping and false imprisonment, faking various people's deaths, brainwashing and mind control, infiltrating legitimate businesses and government agencies, building elaborate compounds on various uncharted Caribbean islands, raising private mercenary armies, and orchestrating guerilla wars in Third World countries.

The bit about "various uncharted Caribbean islands" cracks me up. Let's see, there was the island with the quicksand pit where Andre, Tony's evil twin cousin, died and Roman got pushed off the cliff and died. (Or did he? Yeah, no, he didn't. Nice detective work there, Shane Donovan.) There's the island where a comatose Marlena was hidden behind a whole bunch of mosquito netting and was a "mystery woman" even though everyone with a subscription to Soap Opera Digest knew who she was. What other islands were there? Did he own Maison Blanche? That plotline was TERRIBLE.

There were some other villains. Isabella Toscano's dad was pretty useless and basically just did some disappearing trick on a boat and took Hope with him. Lawrence Alamain was all dashing and sexy until Carly basically pussy-whipped him and he got all depressed about John actually being his brother. And Victor Kiriakis was pretty awesome while Stefano was gone in the late '80s/early '90s but became a total waste of space (didn't he have a stroke at one point, and Vivian Alamain was doing crazy shit to him?) once Stefano came back and the show became much more mustache-twirly and over-the-top. Yes, I KNOW in the '80s people got electrocuted in hot tubs and there were evil twin cousins and cross-dressers at weddings and and brainwashing and knife fights/drug deals on boats with Genesis playing in the background. That's pretty over the top. But around 1996, that show went totally off the deep end and never came back.

Plus, Marlena and Hope both now have like 4 children who are all either 6 months old or 30, and none of it makes any sense. And they're all named after dead people, like, WE KNOW, you loved Isabella. WE GET IT, you named the kid Shawn Douglas to make the point that no matter what Victor Kiriakis says Shawn is STILL your father and always will be, and Hope loves her daddy, too. (Even though Doug started out as a total con-artist and was retconned into dad-with-a-heart-of-gold -- not nearly as much of a retcon as Jack Deveraux rapist-turned-quirky-comic-relief/stud thing, though...)

Anyway, this is all just to say that I hope Francis Reid is being well taken care of, and the show is worse for losing her. But it's been pretty bad for a while.

ETA: I just looked on Wikipedia and found out that the guy who plays Bo is about to turn 52. A lot of things make me feel old these days. This has just joined the list. He's also married to a chick that was in the '80s pop group Exposé, but only joined Exposé after they'd already recorded such great hits as "Point of No Return" and "Seasons Change". I owned an Exposé album on vinyl. It's one of the first records I ever bought, along with Pool It by the Monkees and whichever Fat Boys album had "Wipeout" on it.
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Did I miss the memo on the hip-hop remix of "She's Like the Wind" from Dirty Dancing? Are we really letting our crap-rap starlets remake Patrick Swayze songs now? That's just taking '80s nostalgia WAY too far. (It's bad enough that they let Patrick Swayze sing in the first damn place...)
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The contestants on American Idol are singing "Sowing the Seeds of Love" by Tears for Fears. I am confused. Also, they suck.
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The title of the most recent Galactica episode is making me want to watch Cheers. "Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot! Wouldn't you like to get awaaaaaay..."
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Hells YEAH I would pay $250 for a bill with Expose, Snow, and Paula Abdul f/MC Scat Cat!

(I also really like "The Three Tenors...IN THE TENT")


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