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The podcast that I mentioned earlier is now up and running, with the audio fixed and the domain working. Yay! There's now also space for comments, so if you like it, let me know! To listen on the web, click here. To subscribe, head to the main page. To see the playlist, refer to the earlier post. Boogie!
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Somehow I managed to isolate all my vocals in the left channel on my podcast. I'll fix it, but I can't get to my website until after MobileMe is up and running. So, in the event that any of you had downloaded it before the site went down, listen at your own risk -- it sounds shitty. Wait until tomorrow evening, when I will have had a chance to reupload, presuming the DotMac-MobileMe switch doesn't go horribly awry. In which case, I will have more pressing issues on my mind than the podcast.
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I will be posting a new link to the new episode of Radio Free Misanthropy as soon as the DotMac to MobileMe transition finishes tomorrow. Until then, here's a sneak peak at what you'll be listening to...

No Sex For Ben-The Rapture
Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Sam Fog vs. Carlos D. Mix)-Nine Inch Nails
Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) [Remix]-N*E*R*D f/Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T
No Pause-Girl Talk
Hounds of Love (Phones Wolves At The Door Remix)-The Futureheads
Mercury-Bloc Party
Bright Red Helmet-Styrofoam
When You Go Out-Sebastien Grainger
Element of Danger (MSTRKRFT Remix)-Services
Get Lucky (MSTRKRFT Remix)-New Young Pony Club
Epic Last Song (Lifelike Remix)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Hearts On Fire (NT89 Remix)-Cut Copy
That's Not My Name (Doctor Werewolf's Bmore Mix)-The Ting Tings
A Cause Des Garcons (VaVan Treaxy Remix)-Yelle
Konichiwa Bitches-Robyn
Break The Ice-Britney Spears
Heart Beat Rock (Benny Blanco Mix)-Kyle Minogue f/Spank Rock
A Milli (Remix)-Li'l Wayne f/R. Kelly
Snap Yo Fingers (Harrison Schaaf Remix)-Li'l Jon
Go Girl (Chu Fu Mix)-Pitbull f/Trina and Young Boss
Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix)-We Are Scientists
Golden Star (Alias Remix)-My Brightest Diamond
Running Up That Hill-Placebo
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Check it out -- Radio Free Misanthropy (The Podcast Generation) Episode Two! Now with space for comments! Be aware, this link will load the podcast as a very large Quick Time file that plays in your browser. To get it downloaded straight to iTunes, you can subscribe on the home page. So it looks like I'm doing these at a rate of about once a month, which gives me time to gather up good music and then vomit it all out, leaving me without anything new to share and starting the cycle over again. Thank you, Abby, XMU, and Hype Machine, because without you there would be no Radio Free Misanthropy. Also, my drives to work would be much less fun.


Mercy - IAMX
Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Usher
Give It To Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix) - Madonna
Get 'em High (Ratatat Remix) - Kanye West
That's a Lie - Something For Rockets
Devil and the Deep - Justin King & the Apologists
Typical - Mute Math
After Hours - We Are Scientists
Shaker - Tulsa
Blood - Sons & Daughters
Hotter - Alex Lee & the So So Crew
Cities in Dust - Junkie XL
100 Million - Fully Fitted
Electric Feel (Justice Remix) - MGMT
Great DJ - The Ting Tings
As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) - Klaxons
ights and Music - Cut Copy
Pull Me Out Alive - Kaki King
Inside a Boy - My Brightest Diamond
Life 2: The Unhappy Ending - Stars
I Will Possess Your Heart - Death Cab For Cutie
Make It Rain (Remix) - Fat Joe
My Drive Thru - N.E.R.D.
Mesmerizing - Liz Phair
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Cool thing I just did: Went back and put markers with chapter titles after each song on my podcast. Then, when I synced the podcast with my iPhone and put it in widescreen/Cover Flow mode, tapping the screen once brings up a track listing within the podcast -- just like an album despite the fact that it's a single file. Easy to navigate! Skip the last 4 minutes of "Goodbye Horses" because it's extremely repetitive! Skip the parts where I talk because you find my voice annoying! It's all up to you, the listener!

Good thing I just learned: iPhoto has always been the bane of my existence, with the twenty different levels of file storage and duplicates and pictures totally disappearing on me because I moved the file around or something, whatever, I don't know. Well, iPhoto '08 has the iPhoto library in your Pictures folder as a single package. This makes it seem like you can't access those pictures, which might be extremely annoying. But really what it does is keep them out of sight so it's harder for you to mess with where they're stored in the hierarchy rather than change the organization within iPhoto. That way they don't disappear on you. But you CAN access the library hierarchy by right clicking and selecting "Show Package Contents" -- and, as someone over on TUAW suggested, you can create an alias of those contents to put in your pictures folder or on your desktop, so that you can access the files if you need to attach them to an email or otherwise upload them somewhere, but you wouldn't actually be fiddling with the data itself. And now, when I rearrange my pictures in iPhoto, it just rearranges them in that library package behind the scenes, so I won't have multiple copies in multiple locations and won't accidentally delete the one that actually IS still linked in iPhoto leaving a giant annoying "missing picture" graphic in its wake. I look forward to playing with this more. A lot of people find it counterintuitive to make it HARDER to access those pictures from the finder, but it honestly makes a lot more sense than the way iPhoto data was saved before.

Awesome thing I plan to do now: Sleep.
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the show is on! today's theme is love. say "awwwwww".
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Radio Free Misanthropy is on WBAR as we speak. Post any comments here about today's "love" themed show.


get down make love-nine inch nails
whole lotta love-led zeppelin
dead in love-desert sessions
send his love to me-pj harvey

hounds of love-kate bush
love is a battlefield-pat benatar
love removal machine-the cult
fools in love-joe jackson

bizarre love triangle-new order
love will tear us apart-joy division
bleed to love her-fleetwood mac
what about love-til tuesday
i believe in a thing called love-the darkness

the love you save-the jackson five
i wanna be your lover-prince
justify my love-madonna
crazy in love-beyonce
tainted love-marilyn manson

love is like an itchin' in my heart-the supremes
la la love you-the pixies
now that we found love-heavy d
modern love-david bowie
the look of love-ABC

standing in the shadows of love-the four tops
love song-the cure
what i did for love-a chorus line

lover, you should have come over (live/acoustic)-jeff buckley
the book of love-the magnetic fields
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you know what's a fun word to say?


it's the generic name for one of my skin cremes.

it sounds like when homer goes "trambampoline!" which is also fun to say.

i'm on the guestlist for msshapes, and i guess i could go soon, but even though i have nothing to do here i really don't want to go downtown all by myself right now. i could if it was trash, because it seems more loosened up there. but misshapes is a lot more serious. still fun, but i dunno. i should just look for a way to pass the time here. don't want to stay out late becaus ei actually have something to do tomorrow afternoon -- i'm dj-ing a mini-set at the WBAR 4th of july barbecue. it's for the kids in the summer program here. i'm really looking forward to it. here's my planned little setlist:

•deceptacon-le tigre
•glamorous life-the fever
•desperate guys-the faint
•i need you tonight-INXS
•the death of american radio-radio 4
•fearless-the bravery
•i would die 4 U-prince

mostly stuff i've played on my show, a couple i haven't.

segev's reading the 3rd harry potter. this makes me happy.
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late start for the radio show. playing right now. listen at WBAR. post comments here. IM me at wbarrequest.

mad dog god damn-elastica
50 foot queenie-PJ harvey
i need you tonight-INXS
working day and night-michael jackson
barbarism begins at home-the smiths
let the music play-shannon
new resolution-azure ray
you're forever and hour glass-benzos
breathe on me-britney spears
pusherman-curtis mayfield
sick-sneaker pimps
desperate guys-the faint
stripes booty-basement jaxx
twist my arm-the pointer sisters
auf achse-franz ferdinand
cover me (remix)-bjork
wot u on-dizzee rascal
cloud nine-the temptations
this life (wagon christ remix)-mandalay
thinking about you-vacuumpull (my high school "band")
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listen here. IM at wbarrequest. call at 212 854 9944. enjoy.


bone machine-the pixies (live at coachella)
house of jealous lovers-the rapture
popular thug-the neptunes featuring kelis and fabolous
elephant walk-har mar superstar
glamorous life-the fever
the big picture-y kant tori read
talk to me, dance with me-hot hot heat
she don't use jelly-flaming lips
c'mon c'mon-the von bondies
jenny was a friend of mine-the killers
rexall-dave navarro
anything, anything-dramarama
just once more-dressy bessy
oh my god (remix)-a tribe called quest
art star-the yeah yeah yeahs
into the groove-ciconne youth
sweet child o mine-luna
cold heart of stone-frank black and the catholics
hey, that's no way to say goodbye-leonard cohen
meet me at the dollar bin-les savy fav
ms. jackson-outkast
the perfect kiss-new order
irish blood, english heart-morrissey
possibly other stuff that i pulled out of my ass, but i don't know
how we do-mount sims
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radio free misanthropy! on WBAR! right now! go!
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wednesday: the killers at mercury lounge, houston street at avenue a, $10, doors open at 7:30 pm. the killers are a band that's just over its peak of trendyness in the uber-elite hipster circles. still, it will be a huge line since tickets are only available at the door. i plan to get there at 6 to wait.

thursday: listen to radio free misanthropy on WBAR, barnard college radio! this week, expect songs by james, the fever, dressy bessy, david bowie, and jj fad, among many others. tune in from noon to 2.

also thursday: the onion's "slacker and loser comics that we like" show, at the new york improv, $7 on internet, $15 at door, 9 pm. features some of my new favorites that i've mentioned on here before, like dimitri martin and eugene mirman.

friday: ted leo and the pharmacists at the south street seaport. never listened to him, but i know he's indie and it's free, so if it's a nice day out, why not go?

also friday: les savy fav at volume, 99 N. 13th Street at wythe in williamsburg, $16, doors at 10 pm. with q and not u and el guapo. i'll be taking my first-ever ride on the G train afterwards to april's party.

also friday: trash, at rififi, 11th st. between 1st and 2nd aves, free, 10 pm. went last week, hope to go again this week after the les savy fav show.

saturday: fahrenheit 911. might be going with brooks. i have my problems with michael moore, especially when he steps on camera to be the empathetic ear of his man-on-the-street-type interviews, which i find really disingenuous. but i am part of the choir and wish to be preached to. after all, it is shabbat.

also saturday: misshapes at luke and leroys. also went last week, and it seems to get going late, but it's a pretty cool space and it's an open bar, for anyone that's interested. rsvp to

sunday: the whitest kids u know at pianos, free at 8 pm. yeah, still haven't gone. but if amanda's still here, maybe we'll go.
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a reminder: my radio show starts at noon. you can comment over on my blog. that's also where the playlist will end up.
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my show, radio free misanthropy, starts at noon. i'll be posting the playlist here. this is also meant to be an open comment thread for anyone who wants to post as the show goes on.

edited to add: that was a bit of a rocky start. next time i'll start straight from my ipod, not dick around with a cd. and i'll remember to turn everything else off. :/

edited to add: no one has a show after me, apparently, so i'm just chilling here with my ipod on shuffle until i get bored. where was everybody? bandit is my only friend.


Cat on the Wall-PJ Harvey
Road Leads Where It's Led-Secret Machines
Bad Timing-The Blood Arm
Play for Today-The Cure
B Line-Lamb
Fearless-The Bravery
All Day Long I Dream About Sex-JC Chasez
How We Know-The Thermals
Assessment-The Beta Band
A Good Idea-Sugar
Long Time Coming-Delays
Bam Thwok-Pixies
Walking Wounded (Omni Trio Remix)-Everything But the Girl
Dyke March 2001 (Reid's Aphro-Dykey Mix)-Le Tigre
Unfinished Sympathy-Massive Attack
Portland Oregon-Loretta Lynn
Paradise City-Guns N Roses
Strange Powers-Magnetic Fields
Butter of 69-Butter08
Lightning is my Girl-Auf der Maur
Still In Love Song-The Stills
Does Compute-Division of Laura Lee
My Lover's Box-Garbage
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tonight: lizzy's make out mondays at lit, 2nd avenue between 5th and 6th streets, 10 pm, free. fischerspooner's one-of-a-kind song-and-dance gal lizzy yoder and her pals rock the ones and twos downstairs at this diverting east village dive, striking another blow for musical anarchy. pucker up!

wednesday: bloomsday on broadway at symphony space, broadway at 95th street, noon to midnight, $18 (students $16). this annual marathon celebration of james joyce's ulysses features a cast of more than 100 actors performing and reading passages from the great novel. i figure i'll go for a little while and see if i understand the book better when someone reads it TO me.

also wednesday: invite them up at rififi, 11th avenue between 1st and 2nd streets, 8 pm, $5. eugene mirman and bobby tisdale host stand-up, sketches, films and readings. i saw eugene mirman at that last comedy show i went to. he's really funny and makes pretty funny short films.

thursday: the emerging comics of new york awards at the laugh lounge, essex between rivington and stanton, 8pm, $10 and 2 drink minimum. discover which up-and-coming comedians are about to bust through the roof of alternative clubs at this second annual awards show dedicated solely to emerging talent.

also thursday: radio free misanthropy, WBAR barnard college radio, noon to 2pm. yay, my first show of the summer! Look forward to songs by the bravery, le tigre, guns 'n' roses, and division of laura lee, among many others.

friday: rock and rollerskate at office ops, knickerbocker and thames in east williamsberg (morgan street L stop), 9 pm, $5. skate circles around these bands! they don't care, they're in a cage. live music by man in gray, the atomic missiles, and morning theft. in between band sets league radio deejays will knock your socks off. in the bunny skate room DJ dreemy is wheels a' steeling your heart. skates are limited, so come early, or you're welcome to bring your own.

saturday: the bravery with benzos, dirty on purpose, and sons of sound, at mercury lounge, houston street at essex, 8:30 pm (bravery goes on at 11:30), $8. i'm obsessed with seeing the bravery, because i really like the mp3s i got off their website.
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the most blissful moment of the whole trip to pittsburgh? picture: driving home after the rowing trip, pitch black out, segev driving really aggressively and sneezing like crazy, me clutching my seat, terrible music playing on every radio station the whole way. suddenly, a radio station we'd never picked up before appears on the dial, playing "she's lost control". both of us just go, "oh, YEAH!" we listen to the whole song, totally psyched. segev's driving calms and his sneezing recedes. ian curtis is soothing us. after the song, the station goes to commercial, so i flip stations. on the next go-round of the dial, the station is gone as mysteriously as it came. no more signal, no more joy division, no nothing. it's as if the gods of manchester knew we needed a little relief just at that moment and smiled on us.
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i'll be dj-ing on the barnard college radio station this summer, playing upbeat indie, rap and pop. the show will be on thursdays from noon to two. i believe it will start next week, not this week. so listen! i'll be posting reminders and set lists here.
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i just got an email that said i've gotten a dj slot again for this summer. i'm going to be on thursdays noon to two, playing all upbeat-type music. i don't think i'll be on this thursday, because i'll probably have to train again before i go on. but i'll give updates on my blog as to whether or not shows will be going on and what the setlists were. you will be able to listen at wbar's website. so enjoy!
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air america, the new liberal talk radio station, has blogs for two of its shows, the majority report (janeane garofalo) and the o'franken factor (al franken). the majority report is the better show, but the o'franken blog is better by leaps and bounds. but now, there's a blog for the whole station. um. but it's not run by the station. it's called, uh, bore america. which, indeed, is often fitting.


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