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It's very hard for me to comment on the Obama "bitter" flap, because I consider myself to be something of an elitist, or at least to exist in an elite situation. I went to a private high school; I have degrees from two of the finest universities in the country, as does my husband (and mine are almost vanity degrees -- seriously, a Human Rights degree isn't actually necessary for a productive career); I live in a lovely apartment (that we can barely afford, but still); I have a gazillion shiny consumer devices; I am able to spend a ludicrous amount of time running my mouth on the internet; I am at this very moment drinking overpriced locally-produced cruelty-free organic milk; I am personally acquainted with famous people; I can't bowl for shit. Sure, economically we're nowhere near the elitist-of-the-elite, and it's not like I have dinner with Bono all the time -- but culturally, we fit the stereotype just as well as Obama does. Well, Obama pre-book deal; we're not gonna be bringing in a million dollars anytime soon. I don't drive a Volvo, and I don't drink lattes, but pretty much everything else, yeah, I'll fess up. So it probably does more harm than good for me to say that I get exactly what Obama was trying to say, and I agree with it wholeheartedly. I'm just another elitist, right?

What burns me up is this ridiculous attempt by Clinton and McCain to position themselves as anything but elite. YOU ARE UNITED STATES SENATORS. YOU ARE MULTI-MILLIONAIRES. YOU ATTENDED TOP-TIER ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS. (Sure, McCain graduated at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy -- but it's still on his resume.) Hillary, your daughter went to Stanford and Oxford and works at a hedge fund. John, your daughter went to Columbia and wears designer jeans and posts Muse songs on her personal blog. (Actually, I think I'd probably like Meghan McCain in real life. Probably more than Chelsea.) You've written best-selling autobiographies. You live in mansions and drive fancy cars and I'm guessing have had a Starbucks or two in your lives. So SHUT UP. You are the very DEFINITION of the political, cultural, and economic elite in this country, and it's absolutely disgusting to pretend to be anything but. Hillary the lifelong hunter? McCain the populist? Give me a goddamn break.

But, once again, the real issue at play is the media, and the fact that every tiny misstep in this campaign is just fodder for more roundtable pundit idiocy to sell ads. That Obama has once again not backed down in the face of this silliness (seriously, the fact that he wanted ORANGE JUICE makes him an ELITIST? WHY ARE YOU STILL TALKING, FOX AND FRIENDS??) and let his campaign be shrunken into yet another soundbyte-friendly homogenous politics-as-usual vomitfest is just one more point for him in my internal tally. Again, you can disagree all you want with me about how sincere he is about his desire to do things differently, or how effective he'll be. (Or, you know, [ profile] rationalpassion, about whether or not he will cripple this fine nation with his Marxist welfare statist Obama Youth personality cult and we'll all be speaking Farsi by 2012.) It's not like he's politics-free -- he's pandered to a certain extent on free-trade, on Israel, and with the bowling. (Personally, though, if I were stuck in rural Pennsylvania for a month and a half and someone suggested bowling might be a good photo op, I'd totally do it -- at least it was a fun way to spend an afternoon, even if he sucked. Hell, bowling's more fun when you suck! And there's rented shoes!) I just love that he won't play by the media's rules, and it is making their brains run out of their ears, and proving to the American public at large, more so every day, that our media isn't conservative or liberal, it is idiotic and lowest-common-denominator and entirely built around profit rather than any sort of journalistic responsibility to the citizenry. So that, at least, is helpful, if absolutely miserable to sit through.
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I am really, really ready to live in a city where a frozen pizza doesn't cost $5. Totally ready for that.

Also, RIP Norman Mailer, you crazy son of a bitch.
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Sasha Frere-Jones from the New Yorker needs $5K to retrieve photos off his crashed hard drive. I have a couple of thoughts about this.

1) I now feel much less guilty about asking for money when Fidget died, and I was very amused that someone in the comments mentions how setting up a fund for your sick cat is a much more efficient way of getting people to send you cash.

2) Sasha Frere-Jones doesn't make enough money to pony up five grand? It's not like he's a freelancer. If he cares about the pictures that much (enough to beg perfect strangers to give him money), he can opt out of the New York social scene for a year or so and save the damn money himself. Jesus, what's he spending his paycheck on, anyway? What I wouldn't give for a job that would comp you all of your CDs and concert tickets!

3) How on earth would you have to pay $5K for data retrieval? Is the hard drive actually located on a deserted island, with angry natives and rogue polar bears and smoke monsters and a shadowy pirate with telekinetic powers tied to a chair? Because then it might warrant the hazard pay. Otherwise, go to frickin' TekServe and pay a couple hundred bucks.

4) Sometimes, you lose stuff that is of great sentimental value. I have, and it totally sucks. You have to be somewhat zen about it, or it will drive you crazy.

5) Sasha Frere-Jones is a pretty crap writer. I've heard him speak in person, too, and he seems like a dickwad. This situation pretty much confirms my initial character analysis.
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Cosby Show Quote of the Day:

"Sondra, you owe us 79,648 dollars and 22 cents. And I want my money NOW!"

Wow, Princeton cost less than 20 grand in 1988. Good times, good times.
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iPhone is teh pretty. The Beatles are coming to iTunes. Apple stock just went up $5.50 in two hours. If my day at work weren't so crappy, and if my butt didn't hurt so much, this would be an amazing day.

It's a shame I have no reason to buy an iPhone -- I have a video iPod, I bought a RAZR not 4 months ago, and I don't really use my phone for internet shit (though I MIGHT, if the iPhone really makes it as easy as Jobs made it seem). Segev has a Cingular upgrade he's sitting on, though. Maybe we could get a rebate through that? And then just switch our chips, and Segev can have the RAZR and i can party with the iPhone? Or *sigh* he could use the iPhone and I could wistfully pet it every now and then? MUST HAVE GADGET! THAT I DON'T NEED IN ANY WAY! BECAUSE I AM AN ACQUISITIVE YUPPIE AND I WANT IT!
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Ha ha ha haaaa! The Complete Goofy DVD sold for $71! I just made $50 without doing a damn thing! Thank you, Kim's video buyers, for being dumb as rocks!

I finally went to see Borat last night after work. It was hilarious, but not as earth-shatteringly amazing as some reviews (*coughjuddapatowcough*) made it out to be. I WAS amused that they showed a preview for the new Mel Gibson movie before a movie that's largely about people's hidden prejudices coming out when their guard is down.

spoilers...high five! )
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I stayed up all night watching Bridezillas. Whee!

Apparently the first season is very different from the second and third seasons, so for someone who's used to what they show now, I guess these brides are extremely tame. But that's part of the humor of it -- these women totally got scammed. They were told they were going to be part of a series on powerful New York women planning high-end weddings, and it was all going to be super classy. And then it gets repackaged as BRIDEZILLAS! The most insufferable bride of all of them apparently sued. Which I guess isn't surprising. What IS surprising is that she sued for an utterly ludicrous $130 million. HA HA HA HA. This lady is hysterical. People who get the wrong leg amputated don't get $130 million. Well, given that she works at the Clinique counter at Macy's but spent $50K on a wedding (that still looked tacky as hell), I guess her concept of money is a little skewed.

Yeah, she was the source of my one real want-to-punch-her-in-the-mouth moment of the whole series. It's the week before the wedding, she's totally blown her budget, and they still haven't bought the wedding rings. So her husband-to-be suggests that they use some of the checks they've gotten as wedding gifts to pay for the rings. But this woman gets all incredulous that he would want to use "her" gifts to finance the wedding (aren't wedding gifts supposed to be for both of you, you dumb hag?), and that he should "do the right thing" and put the rings on his credit card. Does she not realize that credit cards aren't magical pieces of plastic and that the money she's so zealously hoarding now is going to end up paying just for the INTEREST on the fucking $2200 wedding rings she's insisting on buying? Yeah, that's the other thing, after the credit card thing, she starts ranting about how you're damn RIGHT the rings have to be platinum, and you best BELIEVE she wants stones that are flawless. *facepalm* Her husband looked like he was being led to the gallows through the entire wedding. But even he looked happier to be getting married than a bride from an earlier episode, who had given up any pretense of not being in it for the green card by the time the wedding day at ugly-ass Tavern on the Green rolled around -- she wouldn't let the groom TOUCH her, let alone kiss her. Like, she was literally recoiling and slapping his hand and scolding him. It was bizarre. The poor groom was so clueless.

The second season, though, was apparently a train wreck. The producers weren't happy with how well-behaved their first season brides had really been, all things considered, so they started actively fucking with stuff to try and get the brides to flip out -- sending people to spill drinks on their dresses and whatnot. Yeesh.

There was one bride who actually reminded me a little bit, both looks and personality-wise, of [ profile] bigeyedem. [ profile] bigeyedem has much nicer hair and boobs, and is just generally cooler. But it was still kinda bizarre.

And speaking of brides and grooms and whatnot, I think Segev and I are going to pick up our (NOT $2200!) wedding bands today. And I found out that a friend of mine who I didn't think was going to be able to come to the wedding actually IS coming now, so WOO!
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time magazine's helpful hints on cutting down your credit card debt:

"do you really need that third car?...perhaps this summer you could vacation at home instead of spending $2000 for a week at the beach, or trade two weeks for a seven-day getaway."

yeah, thanks. that's good to keep in mind. i didn't realize my magazine subscription changed over to fucking forbes or something while i wasn't looking. any tips on how to pay for $750 of medication a month plus groceries, rent, student loans and the occasional bit of fun when you bring in $250 a week gross? get back to me on that. kthxbi.
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does anyone know of a somewhat socially responsible bank? ok, maybe there's no such thing, but i feel like i shouldn't have my money in citibank, because they're the devil. my loans are through citibank, so there's nothing i can do about that. but my checking/savings could probably find a better home. how bad is chase manhattan in comparison? anyone hear good things about washington mutual?
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i want! i want! oh, fart. i have to start buying lottery tickets, i think.
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is it normal to get charged for INCOMING calls to your cell phone?!? we just got this enormous bill, and i think they're charging us for calls we've received. is this actually what normally happens?
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i saw this in the window of the burberry store in soho when i was down there with mimi a couple of weeks ago:

i have an abiding love for ponchos. remember that episode of buffy where willow and buffy are walking through the graveyard and willow's wearing that poncho that's so tight it severely retarded her range of movement? i coveted that poncho. everyone else loathed it. i wish i could have a burberry poncho. you know, it's a good thing i'm unemployed, because if i still had my job i would have concocted some way to rationalize buying it off ebay, like i did with all my sandman stuff and my kate spade organizer and wallet. i can't rationalize it now.
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well, well, well. in my absence, simi has learned how to climb up onto the kitchen counter and into the sink. this will be problematic when segev gets home. i'm pretty easygoing about it, but it'll piss him off to no end. he's been spoiled by whistle and fidget being so well-behaved. simi has also learned how to use her claws to climb all the way up your jeans. this could also pose a problem.

i was treated to the pan-flute, muzak version of salisbury hill in the airport. yikes.

the good news for the evening is that i got the bill from the animal hospital and my balance is only 900-and-some dollars. that's in addition to the $1667 i put down when i dropped fidget off, but still considerably less than it could have been. and thanks to all the donations, including recent ones from lydia, joan yin, and my cousin katie, most of that $900+ is covered by the fidget memorial fund. thank you, all of you. even those of you who couldn't afford to give money, you've just so totally been there for me, everyone. thanks.

i have to go to the post office tomorrow and pick up fidget's ashes. i wonder if that will make it any more real.

i took a lot of crap-assed, hurried polaroids for suzanne today. i hope at least a couple of them are agent-presentable.

oh, how i wish i had kool-aid.

simi keeps trying to type. :)
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segev has very astutely noted that whistle is turning into fidget -- very skittish and twitchy. she follows the new kitten with her eyes everywhere it goes. if it gets too close, she makes this growl that sounds like a sound coming out of a synthesizer, or she hisses and puffs herself up a little. but the kitten is unfazed. the kitten is a tad too playful. i've got some unfortunate scratches, especially one by my eye, and she nibbles on your fingers in affection. and on your mouth. but she just taught herself how to climb to the top of the scratching post. she's teeny but athletic. in her playfulness (and her mouth sucking) she reminds me of moki.

we're tentatively naming her "simian", to be called either "simi' or "monkey" as the opportunity presents itself.

big ups to yesterday's donors -- abby, nadyne, nichole, scott and jay. thanks to you, and everyone else, the fund has collected a grand total of $620 dollars! i still haven't gotten the bill, but this will be sure to take a big bite out of it, no matter how much it turns out to be. segev's so cynical. he just said "you know, if i got sick no one would give us shit, but because it's a cute little kitty..." hee.

anyway, the point being, fidget's memory is well served by the generosity and thoughtfulness of you folks. thank you.
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there has been such a great outpouring of support, i don't even know where to start. first i'll mention that my cousin katie tried to donate but it didn't go through, so obviously paypal has some sort of unreasonable prejudice against people named katie. :) i also received two donations from people i don't even know but read about me in elusis's journal. so thank you, margaret and catherine. i got a donation from laura, who is my friend jessica napora's roommate from college who i've been meaning to hang out with for some time, so that was sweet. and then i got generous donations from maggie, fastrada, and cheryl. you guys take my breath away.

it's kinda gross, but i'm gong to keep posting the button, since it's worked so well so far.

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i also wanted to thank hyoun and dances, who also made generous contributions. and katie, who wanted to send $8 (for the number of lives fidge has left) but paypal wouldn't accept her credit card number. if any of you have similar problems with paypal but would still like to contribute something, you can always send me a check. just drop me a line and i'll happily give you my address. and feel free to deduct the postage from the donation amount -- it'd probably be equivalent to what paypal would take out anyway. :)

you guys are the greatest. really. the button's been up for what, 8 hours? and we've already got 10% of the estimate covered. that is an amazing show of love and friendship. you all both rock and rule.
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our newest donors are angela and elusis. thanks, you guys. at this point, i'll probably make enough money to cover the cost of adopting a new kitten, which is goal enough at this point. whistle is so pitifully lonely. just mewing a lot and always wanting to sit on my lap. i'm interested in seeing how she'll take to a new member of the family.

it's hard for me to deal with whistle right now, because i have no way of making her understand where fidget has gone and that he's not coming back. i've always thought that cats have no concept of death. they comprehend pain, and fear it, but i don't think they have the consciousness necessary to understand that things will come to an end. actually, i don't think i even really comprehend it. it is very hard to let go of that wish for fidget to just be there when i open the door, that he could magically come back. it's hard. just so hard.

anyway, if you missed the link the first time, feel free to contribute to the fidget memorial fund:

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thanks so much to janet and ann for being the first to donate! you're so sweet, both of you.

unfortunately, this paypal stuff is more complicated than i though. i had to upgrade to a premiere account to receive credit card payments, which means they take a cut off the top (bleh), and i had to verify a bank account to deposit the money in, and that can't be verified until tomorrow when the test amounts paypal deposited show up on my bank activity. so, i hope it's not a big problem for you guys that your donations won't be accepted until tomorrow.

once again i am reminded of what a wonderful community of friends i have. Y'ALL ARE GONNA MAKE ME CRY AGAIN! stop that.
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Elusis very kindly suggested that I set up a paypal account where people can donate a little money to help offset Fidget's medical costs, which may total over $3000. i certainly don't want any of you to feel obligated. However, if you would like to donate to the Fidget memorial fund, follow the link below.

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well, i managed to sell about half the books i wanted, and then just let him keep the rest because i just wanted them gone. grand total? $17. someone remind me that library books are my friend more often, ok?


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