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In the absence of roaches to chase, Simi has become obsessed with ridding the area immediately surrounding my desk of ANY AND ALL POST-IT NOTES. This is to be a Post-It Note free zone. Mostly because they flap up and down in the breeze from the air conditioner and make her all cracked out. But also because Post-It Notes are inherently evil and MUST BE STOPPED before they can demarcate any more printouts from the AEI website. The Post-It Note reign of terror is almost at an end.
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i've already posted my thoughts on everything is illuminated, so i'll talk about the other books i've read recently.

the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, by mark haddon. this book was good. it was a quick read, as i thought it would be, but was really quite engaging. a huge chunk of the second half of the book takes place on one day, where the main character is trying to get to london, and i got really caught up in the way the character was perceiving time and was just rooting for him intensely. the book also does wonderful things with emotion, and the way people with asperger's syndrome process feelings. i also identified with a number of the main character's reactions to external stimuli, as they're actually fairly similar to how i act when i'm having a mixed episode. just in general, the author fully inhabits this character and makes him more believable than any other character i've read in a long time.

animal farm, by george orwell. another quick read. i tried reading slaughterhouse 5 by kurt vonnegut first, but i hated it, so i threw that on the ground and picked up a different tiny old trade paperback of my dad's instead. the first thing that struck me as funny about animal house? is the fact that my copy of the book originally sold for 40ยข. and it just got better from there. i guess this book is a staple of, like, freshman english class, but i never read it in school. it is pretty damn simplistic, though -- the parallels with soviet russia are a bit hamhanded. heh. HAMhanded. see, if you've read the book, that's funny, because the leaders of the revolution are PIGS! i got pretty emotionally attached to the characters you're supposed to, which is always a sign of a good book. i would think that this book would really be good for a young adult just learning about soviet russia for the first time, read in concert with history texts. but man, some of the stuff in the book -- like when they dig up lenin's skull and put it in the courtyard for everyone to file by? and when trotsky gets exiled and thereafter blamed for everything bad that happens? it just all cracked me up because the metaphors are just RIGHT OUT THERE. anyway.

portnoy's complaint, by philip roth. i've decided i like philip roth, having previously enjoyed the human stain. i tried to read portnoy a few times before and just found it impossible to get into. i was always like "this goes on for almost 300 pages? just like this?" yup. it does. but for some reason, the third time's the charm, because i was able to become pretty engrossed pretty quickly. but i think i was reading it wrong. i think i was inferring the type of self-deprecation that most of my jewish friends exhibit into his character, when in reality, he's just absolutely self-loathing. i was reading biting, self-effacing humor into everything he says. but at the end, you realize that any humor he may be trying to exhibit is completely put on, and he's really just deadly serious and has no real sense of self-reflection. the way i was reading it made it a lot easier to read, however, because i liked the main character and found him funny. then at the end i'm like, "oh. wait. was i supposed to be hating him this whole time? because i hate him now."

i'm currently reading colors insulting to nature, by cintra wilson, a former columnist for it's just a fun comic novel. it's at a higher reading level than chick lit, but it's certainly not high-fallutin'. it's the story of a girl whose drunky showgirl mother has convinced her that she's going to be a big famous star, when really, she's socially inept and has no real talent. the characters are vividly drawn, and there are periodic episodes that are so well-written they make you laugh out loud (i hate hearing that phrase in reviews, but this time it's true--i was snickering under my breath last night so as not to wake segev) or gasp in recognition (the most recent chapter made me realize how much worse my high school experience could have been).

simi is eating my book of stamps. she's not even supposed to be on the desk, but i've really been letting her get away with anything lately.
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i should also post a blanket thank-you to everyone who's offered condolences. they are appreciated.
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R.I.P. Bumble BenZvi-Morris, August 18th 2003-July 31st 2004
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it appears to me that i have not been posting much in this lovely month of december. that's really because there's nothing to say. finals. cats getting fixed. cold and snowy. saw the final matrix -- i laughed all the way through it. blind? REALLY? hee hee hee. i'm out.
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i will now entertain you all with more pictures of bumble.

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i hate having to lock my kittens in the bathroom. i hate even more that the room, since it's so small and the litter box plays such a predominant part in its decor with only some ventilation, now smells like cat piss. i hate the smell of cat piss. it reminds me of whistle and fidget dying. but i hate more the pitiful mews that bumble is making from inside the bathroom. having simi in there quiets him down a lot, and simi doesn't really seem to mind being in there that much. (i think i'll let her out at night, though, to give her a break. after all, she didn't do anything wrong.) the guy from kitty kind says i have to be strong and not relent. but i can't do a whole week of this! of keeping him in a bathroom? that's so sad!

i finished my midterm. unfortunately, the answer that's supposed to be the longest is the shortest. i think i'm missing some major point, but i can't see what it is. the republic of cyprus is the de jure state on the island. it's recognized as such by everybody and his brother. it has a stable constitutional democracy and openly welcomes the turkish cypriots back to the country and has no apparent pretentions to enosis with greece. why the fuck shouldn't it be in the EU? because turkey isn't? but that's a whole other issue. whatever. it's short but it's all i've got. the exam's supposed to be under 3000 words and mine is 2700. that'll do, pig. that'll do.
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this morning at about 6, simi got up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen and knocked down the top of the litter box from where i had stored it after bumble's accident the other day. i figured this was as good a time as any to try putting the lid back on the box, since bumble had apparently been going fine with the lid off. so i put the lid on. and about an hour later, i go back into the kitchen and see that bumble has peed on the floor again. actually, he peed on the part of the plastic litter pan liner that was hanging out from under the lid, and it spread onto the floor. oops. off comes the lid again.

hopefully, this is just a question of access -- that it's too hard for him to climb up through the hole in the lid, so he does it on the floor. then it will be better when he gets oldder and we can put the lid back on. but i'm a little concerned about general incontinence, because twice now we've noticed that when he gets too excited, he pees a leeeeeeeetle itty bit. i'm thinking that may just be a male kitten thing and therefore we've never had to deal with it before, but i hope it's not something worse. i know that manx cats tend toward incontinence because of their short tails. bumble's tail isn't manx-short, but it is short. could there maybe be something wrong with his spinal cord? eesh. back to the vet i go.

other than the pee thing, he's a wonderful cat, and the pee thing really isn't that big a deal. considering our toilet gets stopped up every time i take a shit, we know how to deal with the apartment smelling like pee. (TMI! TMI!) he's really super sweet, very vocal in a really cute way, loves to play with simi (is brave enough to actually chase HER around sometimes) and doesn't bother us while we're sleeping. he eats fine and seems to most of the time use the litter box. he also just had his first claw trimming. the first paw was a very squirmy time, but he sat pretty still for the second one. i'm afraid he won't be able to climb up onto the bed or the couch as easily now, but he was starting to use his claws to jump onto and cling onto me from long distances, and i'm scratched and i HURT. it was time for simi's claws to get trimmed, so i figured why not do both of them.

he's basically just the most congenial little fuzzball you'll ever meet. just -- pees. a little. occasionally.
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all cat things are good. the kittens have been playing and last night they slept next to each other inside the box spring. bumble has just figured out how much fun it is to fight with my bathrobe. simi is eating, which we were worried about for a little bit last night -- that the stress of the new kitten had made her stop eating3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee11111111ff122m2 22 2 22222222222222222222222222222
that was a message from bumble.

i have not received my midterm facts from my TAs yet. heinous.
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here's bumble:

we think he's part maine coon, cuz of some of his coloring and the texture of his fur.
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oooops. the kitten peed in front of the litter box last night. there was a whole bunch of litter scattered in front and i guess he thought it would be easier to just pee there instead of climbing up into the box. i think i'm gonna leave the lid off the box for a couple of days for him to get used to it.
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they're playing! they're playing! simi's chasing the kitten around the apartment and they're rolling around and wrestling! simi's a little overstimulated -- she was panting a little bit. and the kitten has been hissing a little bit. but simi's pretty much stopped hissing and now i think they're just having fun. they've been touching noses, too.
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we have a new new kitten! he is about 8 weeks old, semi-longhaired, mostly grey with some white tiger markings. he also has eyes the color of mercury that are really stunning. he's very compact, with a stuppy tail. when he runs he looks like a caterpillar. no name yet.

ironically, considering we got him to keep simi company, she is thoroughly unhappy about this new introduction. but i see hope for friendship. you can't expect them to get along in the first 10 minutes. i just hope she doesn't, you know, eat him or anything. she seems more scared of him than anything else.
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this cat. is ALWAYS. underfoot.

in one sense, it's cute. she just loves me so much, she always wants to be around me and follows me everywhere. when i've picked her up off something and go to put her down, she cries because she wants me to keep holding her. all very sweet. but JESUS, cat, git away!
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yesterday we received two very nice letters. the first was a card from whistle's doctor at the hospital, dr. martin. it was a very sweet note sending her sympathies for our loss and telling us what a "sweet little girl" whistle was. very touching. the second was a letter from the cornell college of veterinary medicine, informing us that the animal medical center had sent them a donation in fidget's memory. how nice! i'm certain they don't do that every time they lose a cat at the hospital. it's nice to know that fidget and whistle's illness really meant something to the people who cared for them.
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i have finally uploaded simi pictures! here's one to whet your appetite, and the rest are under the cut. without further ado, i present to you...simi wrapped in string!

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there is a very silly kitten here who is trying to eat my tattoo off my wrist. it's not like i don't feed her or anything! what's her damage? she so cute.
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yesterday siobhan, segev, my cousin sam and i went to a taping of the daily show. it was fun except for the long standing-around portions of the afternoon. but sam bought me gummy bears for the wait in line, so that was good. only 2 people behind us in line got in, so it's a good thing sam got there before us to stake out a spot.

jon stewart is so cute! he really is as little as everyone says! for some reason i thought they were exaggerating, but no. i think he's shorter than segev. he just has an enormous head, so that makes him look bigger on tv. and one of the guests they filmed was charlie sheen, who is also a little man. taller than jon stewart, though. but that didn't surprise me since i saw emilio estevez once when i was in LA and he is shetland pony-sized. jon stewart was so adorable during the commercial breaks -- he kept drumming and lip-syncing along with the music they were playing in the studio, and doodling on his little sheet of paper, and periodically throwing his hands in the air and collapsing back in his chair. siobhan and i were giggling like schoolgirls.

and then afterwards i managed to somehow trick sam, who is a pickier eater than i am if you can imagine, into eating thai food. i think my uncle mat should provide me with some type of payment for that. i don't have any idea how i did it.

today i have my TA session, then i have to go down to 96th street and pick up my remaindered drugs, then look into getting a new cell phone and maybe get my eyebrows waxed. oh, and i have to go to the post office and buy stamps, and i need to put in a work order for a new bathroom sink because simi knocked my glass moisturizer bottle into it and cracked it and there's a big ol' hole and the sink is now non-functional.
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I just received a lovely bereavement gift of the most recent Throwing Muses CD from Angela. *hug* Thank you so much.

And thanks to all of you who've expressed your sympathies. Those of you who met Whistle know she was just the perfect cat in every way -- loving, funny, attentive, disciplined, mellow and devoted. Those of you who didn't have the pleasure of making her acquaintance, you really missed out. Whistle was an angel. And I hope that wherever she is now, she and Fidget are together -- and he's pissing her off just as much as he used to. :) Pissed off with love.
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R.I.P. Whistle Morris-BenZvi, 10/01-9/03


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