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i've finally gotten the itunes music store working again, and audioscrobbler, too, to a certain degree. audioscrobbler's really fun when it's working. i highly recommend it to abby, if only because it's a cool way to find out what music [ profile] alicetiara and [ profile] sadgirlseven are listening to. i actually spent a good amount of time this afternoon downloading alice-approved stuff. i trusted her opinion that the whole death from above 1979 album is good, and it is. i've also discovered frou frou and visqueen.

also, check out [ profile] sadgirlseven's blog to hear her and her pretty pretty voice singing "black boys on mopeds". it's my favorite thing i've heard since nina gordon's cover of "straight out of compton".
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oh my shizznit! big baby jesus dropped dead!

i'm pouring a 40 on the corner.

siobhan and i were just talking about how dirty brought people together. could this be a natural fallout from the irrevocable split caused by this election? cosmic, dude.
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geoff: great. so now i'm not only 29, but i'm deaf.
me: but def with an "f".
geoff: deff with two "f"s. deff geoff.
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last night i was put in a very weird, totally chick-lit situation which majorly tripped me out. i don't want to go into it (there was knitting involved), but suffice to say chrissy and yashar are awesome and totally commiserated and calmed me down after the fact and they rule. this situation also involved me walking home from 92nd and west end on my bad back. it didn't really hurt for the first 12 blocks or so; actually it felt like it was stretching my muscles out and was helpful. but i was wearing my ankle boots, which are really comfortable but do have about 1.5 inch heels, and whenever i walk on heels for too far my back alignment goes out. so today i have a big shoulder-ache on top of my (feeling much better by comparison but not healed by any means) lower back. i've massaged it and iced it and heated it, a strategy i think made my lower back feel so better today, but it still hurts. lying flat on the ground helps. but it's also giving me weird pains in my left hand, cramps and kinda shooting pains through my thumb and forefinger. but of course, that might be partly from putting numbers in my cell phone yesterday.
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i just bought two tickets to see interpol on thursday nov. 11th at the hammerstein ballroom. first choice goes to dom, but if he doesn't want to, the second ticket will be up for grabs. i will keep you all updated on this situation.
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i have an extra ticket to see le tigre on halloween. i was going to go with siobhan but she has a horse show. if anyone wants it, the ticket is $26.15 (that's face value with ticketmaster fees). any of you jersey folk enjoy the le tigre? abby, karen, either of you feel like a visit?
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the village voice has put out a list of everyone who was arrested as a protester during the RNC. my friend erik is on there. they spelled his name wrong.
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i should also post a blanket thank-you to everyone who's offered condolences. they are appreciated.
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last night i met brooks and his friend laurie at empire skating in crown heights for "hip hop rollerskating" that laurie had read about in the village voice. it's a pretty shady neighborhood, but the place itself is apparently where "roller disco" was "invented". and the music was very disco-y. and everyone was AMAZING! apparently there's a rollerskating scene. these people were dancing. on. skates. it was unbelievable. and then i realized i hadn't been on 4-wheelers since i was 12 years old. i felt very conspicuous. but fun was had. i got better as time went on.

i just finished watching season 6 of buffy, and although i have big problems with some of the plotlines, i found myself liking it a lot more than i remembered. the shoddy production values only bothered me in 2 episodes. i still hated the riley episode. the willow plotline was still horribly handled, but there were some good moments. dawn was annoying but in some ways sympathetic. and xander and anya were so much more fun than i remembered! emma caulfield is hysterical.
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"oh! it's flag day! it's my birthday!"
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when i go out on the lower east side, to places like pianos...when i'm surrounded by hipsters...i feel like i'm standing in a room full of people all shouting, "yes, we are all individuals!" and i'm one little voice going, "i'm not."

i met a girl the other night. she was really nice, but when we met, she said, "i think i've seen you around; you look really familiar." there's no way she's "seen me around". i hardly ever leave the house! i just wanted to say, "of course i look familiar! i'm wearing emo glasses and an army jacket!" in the words of my close, personal friend courtney love: "we look the same, we talk the same, we even fuck the same."

i'm waiting for joaner to move here so i could have a partner in conforming to non-conformity. it'd be like high school again! uh...hurrooh?
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i added that girl zoe trope to my friends list. some of you may have heard of her; she started writing self-published chapbooks in high school and ended up having a book published by harper when she was like 16, called "don't eat the freshman" -- sort of a biography/collection of essays sort of thing. she reminds me of joan yin -- that's the only reason why she doesn't just make me rabidly jealous and think she's pretentious.

and yes, i know i'm still not sleeping.
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i just sent a message to michael showalter on friendster. hey, his profile says he wants to meet everybody...I'M everybody! i've never used friendster to actually talk to total strangers before, much less semi-celebrities.

20 bucks says he will never, ever write me back.

i just think it's really funny that through abby, hayley, and alissa, i'm connected to, like, the entirety of the state. they're so my starfucker friends.
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he gave me the free drink even though i said mingus instead of coltrane.

either siobhan or damian is whistling in their sleep.

kill bill was fantastic.
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goddammit! i've been looking forward all week to having dinner with michelle tonight, and what happens? the guys who fixed my sink this afternoon BROKE MY DOOR. and now i am trapped in the apartment. see, the doorknob has actually been broken for a long time now. the super said on monday that he'd come back with replacement screws for it the next day, but he didn't. and now, someone who doesn't know how to handle the doorknob turned it the wrong way or something and totally screwed it up so the latch won't open. feck.
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yesterday siobhan, segev, my cousin sam and i went to a taping of the daily show. it was fun except for the long standing-around portions of the afternoon. but sam bought me gummy bears for the wait in line, so that was good. only 2 people behind us in line got in, so it's a good thing sam got there before us to stake out a spot.

jon stewart is so cute! he really is as little as everyone says! for some reason i thought they were exaggerating, but no. i think he's shorter than segev. he just has an enormous head, so that makes him look bigger on tv. and one of the guests they filmed was charlie sheen, who is also a little man. taller than jon stewart, though. but that didn't surprise me since i saw emilio estevez once when i was in LA and he is shetland pony-sized. jon stewart was so adorable during the commercial breaks -- he kept drumming and lip-syncing along with the music they were playing in the studio, and doodling on his little sheet of paper, and periodically throwing his hands in the air and collapsing back in his chair. siobhan and i were giggling like schoolgirls.

and then afterwards i managed to somehow trick sam, who is a pickier eater than i am if you can imagine, into eating thai food. i think my uncle mat should provide me with some type of payment for that. i don't have any idea how i did it.

today i have my TA session, then i have to go down to 96th street and pick up my remaindered drugs, then look into getting a new cell phone and maybe get my eyebrows waxed. oh, and i have to go to the post office and buy stamps, and i need to put in a work order for a new bathroom sink because simi knocked my glass moisturizer bottle into it and cracked it and there's a big ol' hole and the sink is now non-functional.
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I just received a lovely bereavement gift of the most recent Throwing Muses CD from Angela. *hug* Thank you so much.

And thanks to all of you who've expressed your sympathies. Those of you who met Whistle know she was just the perfect cat in every way -- loving, funny, attentive, disciplined, mellow and devoted. Those of you who didn't have the pleasure of making her acquaintance, you really missed out. Whistle was an angel. And I hope that wherever she is now, she and Fidget are together -- and he's pissing her off just as much as he used to. :) Pissed off with love.
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it turns out rich's present wasn't complete. i just got the dvd of ferris bueller's day off to finish up the gift. thanks, rich, for once again brightening an utterly crappy day. your timing is impeccable.


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