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The Urban Outfitters on State Street has a neon shirt with Carlton's face silkscreened on the front. It is heinously ugly and absolutely hilarious. I may have to go back and buy it for myself; it's apparently not up on their website, but I found a completely un-Digged Digg story about it and found this picture. Seriously -- fabulous.
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The Gap just sent me an email titled "Like the Wide Leg? New Styles."

What?! I just started liking the straight leg! Never got quite all the way to skinny jeans, but...I'm not ready to have to go back to wide leg! Damn you, shifting tides of fashion!
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Late night thoughts:

I am not a shoe slut, but finding out that Christian Louboutins come up to a size 12 makes me wish I had $800 or so lying around so's I could buy some peep-toes with five-inch heels and red soles and pretend I'm Posh Spice.

The LOLCAT bible wiki is my favorite thing in the right now.

I hope iTunes doesn't take as long getting America's Next Top Model up this week as it took them to put up How I Met Your Mother. (I have grown oddly fond of HIMYM, by the way. It needed some time to percolate, but now the main couple doesn't irritate me so much, and all the rest is Jason-Segel-Neil-Patrick-Harris-Aly-Hannigan-flavored goodness.)

That is all.
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You're JUST NOT WEARING PANTS. I will brook no argument here, young lady. You are DEARTH PANTS. I am going to abstain from commenting on the absolute ridiculousness that is your hair, the fact that you only put in one of your frickin' FreshLooks, or how nast the insides of those boots must be by now. I am just asking you, please, as a favor to me (and to your ass), put on some pants. OK?
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So. I've realized something that was cut from the fifth movie that's going to backfire in the seventh.

Dungbombs...(spoilers) )

In other news, I have a t-shirt that's totally on its last legs. It's a Death t-shirt, circa "Time of Your Life", and it's way too big and basically crumbling. Not a flattering piece of clothing, but it's incredibly comfortable to just lounge around in, and I love the artwork on the front:

I've been thinking, though, that if I need to do another clothing purge before we move, I might have to chuck it. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Because today I went to the mailbox, and as I was bent over checking to make sure everything had been successfully deposited, I heard a quiet voice behind me say, "Nice Death shirt." It took me a second to realize the guy was talking to me, and as I stood up I said thank you, but he'd already walked on. And I was like, yes, it IS a nice Death shirt. And Death brings people together! (Like Moki, or Old Dirty Bastard.) So I'm keeping it, for now.
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Oh no. Anna made Go Fug Yourself. Look, I can personally vouch for her -- she usually dresses super cute! *sigh* Yeah, this look is not of the good.
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I'm kinda getting sick of Heather's posts over at Go Fug Yourself. She's really reaching. Her last three posts have been based on one girl being too tan, one girl standing funny, and one girl wearing a vaguely ill-fitting tank top. The site didn't seem too bitchy when they were making fun of genuinely ridiculous outfits, but this has turned into nitpicking, which isn't a particularly flattering persona for her. Come on -- there isn't ANYONE out there dressing seriously fugly that you can rag on? (Also, she's not particularly funny.)

Jessica is still awesome, though.
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Enjoy the new book about the single most important publication in teen girl history. Sassy changed their lives? It changed mine, too. I'm sure I've written about Sassy on here before at some point, so I won't babble for too long. But I was weird in middle school. Sassy taught me that it was cool to be weird. And even if that mentality has bubbled over to unfortunate effect into the totally overwrought hipster scene, it doesn't change the fact that some funky 20-something girls in New York once told me that it was OK to wear Docs or Birkenstocks and listen to Liz Phair and dye your hair with Kool-aid (although they didn't recommend the latter, just for the sticky-and-impractical factor). It's hard to overstate how revolutionary that was for a gawky, dorky 12-year-old girl at a private school in Buffalo. I know many of you can relate.
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stella mccartney is designing a shirt with an r. crumb cartoon on it. this might be better than those ones with the horse's head. certainly better than the pineapples.

p.s.: these "ist" blogs are going nuts! there's a "londonist" now?
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last night i was put in a very weird, totally chick-lit situation which majorly tripped me out. i don't want to go into it (there was knitting involved), but suffice to say chrissy and yashar are awesome and totally commiserated and calmed me down after the fact and they rule. this situation also involved me walking home from 92nd and west end on my bad back. it didn't really hurt for the first 12 blocks or so; actually it felt like it was stretching my muscles out and was helpful. but i was wearing my ankle boots, which are really comfortable but do have about 1.5 inch heels, and whenever i walk on heels for too far my back alignment goes out. so today i have a big shoulder-ache on top of my (feeling much better by comparison but not healed by any means) lower back. i've massaged it and iced it and heated it, a strategy i think made my lower back feel so better today, but it still hurts. lying flat on the ground helps. but it's also giving me weird pains in my left hand, cramps and kinda shooting pains through my thumb and forefinger. but of course, that might be partly from putting numbers in my cell phone yesterday.


Oct. 14th, 2004 10:47 pm
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oh, god. i'm a little late on this, but check out britney's latest piece of classywear.
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i have found my new favorite blog: go fug yourself. abby, really, prepare yourself for how happy this site will make you.
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last night, i found my favorite pair of pajama pants. i thought they'd been left behind somewhere while i was travelling, but they'd only slipped into a crack behind a dresser drawer. i was so thrilled. i love these pants. i've had them since i was a junior in high school. they're long enough, and they're all soft and warm and comfy and worn-in. just the best pajama pants in the world.

about 30 seconds ago, i jumped up in a really strange position, and the pants ripped, right across the buttcheek. completely unsalvageable.

i guess that's the downside to completely worn-in pants. the same thing happened to my most comfortable jeans. when you wear the same thing for 7 years, they're just bound to go eventually.

so i sit and mourn my navy and green mini-plaid old navy men's pajama pants. the gap snowman pants are no substitute, and the old navy scrubs are on their last legs too. no pajama pants will ever be softer. i'm so glad i got these last 24 supremely comfortable hours with you. it's like when cordelia came back for a day on angel! my pants gave me one last kiss, and then they were gone. so i got closure.

farewell, pants. you will be sorely missed.
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siobhan was talking about these funny t-shirts and i found some of 'em here. favorite ones? the pong one, the banana one, and the one that says "my robot heart cannot love". i'd like them better if they each came in a variety of colors, especially the bowie one. a cute design, but on such a boring grey shirt!
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unfortunately there only seems to be a male version of hipster bingo. i want a bingo that has tiered miniskirts, sideswept bangs, tacky white stilletto ankle boots with silver charms on them, too-tight members-only jackets, and pointy flats. at least, that's what i always see on chicks on the lower east side. oh, and pabst is passé. everyone drinks frickin' rheingold now.
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when i go out on the lower east side, to places like pianos...when i'm surrounded by hipsters...i feel like i'm standing in a room full of people all shouting, "yes, we are all individuals!" and i'm one little voice going, "i'm not."

i met a girl the other night. she was really nice, but when we met, she said, "i think i've seen you around; you look really familiar." there's no way she's "seen me around". i hardly ever leave the house! i just wanted to say, "of course i look familiar! i'm wearing emo glasses and an army jacket!" in the words of my close, personal friend courtney love: "we look the same, we talk the same, we even fuck the same."

i'm waiting for joaner to move here so i could have a partner in conforming to non-conformity. it'd be like high school again! uh...hurrooh?
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we went to a stand-up show tonight at the bowery ballroom. we were in a crowd of self-important humorless hipster pricks who all came because they heard david cross was the "surprise guest." ok, that's kinda why we went too. BUT we're cool. they weren't. they got all pissy during patrice o'neal's set. patrice o'neal is not politically correct, by any means. but, you know, a comedian says the word rape and every woman in the room gets a bug up her butt. i really enjoyed patrice's set. because he made fun of lower east side hipsters and i lost my shit. maybe that's why everyone was grumpy, too -- the mocking. but mostly it was women upset that he made pussy jokes. if you go to see standup, let something be funny. don't make it so every joke has to cater directly to your sensibilities. loosen up! you went there to have fun! there was this woman next to me who kept going. "that's not funny. that's not funny." well, if it's not funny, don't laugh; don't ruin my good time grumping about it. as patrice would say, stupid fucking ludlow street bitches.

and so, right after patrice's set, when have the audience was disgruntled, the "special guests" came out. it was david cross and two guys from conan stripping to "believe" in masks. and everyone just stood there and stared. dude! have you NEVER watched mr. show? the point of david cross is that he does random, absurd things! you just want him to do standup and bitch about bush? go listen to his cds. i'm sorry, but david cross dancing around in an american flag thong (nice package, by the way) and a pirate hat? is funny. THEN they did a mocking imitation of self-important leftist protests and mimed ass-fucking while chanting "no blood for oil". and everyone just stood there. so david cross slammed down the mic and stomped offstage.

as we left, i heard this girl snottily saying, "i can't believe that's all david cross did." dude, you payed $15 dollars for the show and david cross wasn't even on the bill. suck it up.

i had a good-ass time. the rest of you can go home and cry into your von dutch trucker hats.
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last week, siobhan scored a great pair of pink and black mesh adidas. but i have outdone her. though i did not actually purchase them, i found, in a store window, pink and black roos! remember roos? i loved roos! i wore velcro roos as a kid cuz i couldn't tie shoelaces.
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-why does everyone in chelsea want to live there when it's such a crap neighborhood? there's so little to do except over in the warehouses where horrible house music parties go on really late at night.

-why do women have to be naked in ads for watches? and why are there so many goddamn stores that sell watches, anyway?

-why don't any of the cheapo stores sell necklaces with crosses on them? is it blasphemous to wear crosses at easter-time? i wouldn't think so. this is basically because the easter motherfucker party is easter-themed, so i thought i would try to at least wear a big gaudy cross. oh well. i can just put big red sharpie dots on my hands and say it's stigmata.

-why did some dork put a stellastarr* sticker up on the plastic divider in the cab i was in? that's someone else's cab! people in this city are so disrespectful. which reminds me -- i saw an awful lot of dog shit in the course of my travels.

-why is madison square garden up on 34th and 8th when madison park is on (duh) madison and 23rd?

also -- i outed a friend of mine last night. uh. oops?

i feel so dumb.


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