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Just wrote a whole post about the health status of various Kennedy siblings, scornful of a reporter's reference to two existing Kennedy sisters, only to realize I was completely wrong and Jean Kennedy Smith is still alive and kicking. This is embarrassing given that my mom and I were literally talking about this four days ago. My brain is apparently disintegrating. Also, I should have gone to bed at 2 a.m. and it is now 3 a.m. I am apparently far too hyped up about the primary and the revelatory powers of Facebook. *thud*
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Apparently a friend of my sister-in-law was killed in Afghanistan within the last couple of days. However, when I googled "soldier killed Afghanistan", I got so many recent results that I can't even tell which attack it was. Did you know 101 US soldiers have died in Afghanistan this year? Doesn't get much press anymore, does it?
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Aw, Madeleine L'Engle died. I was never as big a fan of hers as my sister was, but I loved Wrinkle in Time and got a kick out of the fact that she went to St. John the Divine, down the street from me. R.I.P.
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My sister's Weetabix ad! (It only aired in England, so we were never able to see it.)

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A new review of Kris's restaurant, Blue Velvet:

Not only a fantastic movie, but a phenomenal restaurant? Could it be?

Nestled in a developing part of downtown, this chic restaurant is below The Flat, a new loft community. The restaurant just opened 2 weeks ago and now replaces my previous "favorite downtown restaurant/lounge" spot. Being relatively close to the area, we walked over from 8th and Flower. I was a little unsure as we turned down Garland being in a "not to familiar" area, but was pleasantly greeted by the concierge inside the building who directed us back outside to the restaurant entrance. The hostess sat us straight away and let us pick our preferred seats. She also asked if it was our first time at the space and offered us a tour from the restaurant manager. I was instantly impressed with the hip decor and beautiful view of the pool.

Our waitress was at our table quicker than I could decide on a beverage.... and continued in this vain all night. She was warm and gave wonderful recommendations on cocktails and wine. I tried the house wine which is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. It was fantastic. The list of "by the bottle" selections was impressive and eclectic. Perfect for the connoisseur. We ordered two appetizers, Hamachi and the Corn Agnolotti. To our surprise they delivered a new starter that we didn't even order. It seemed peculiar, perhaps a mini piece of fish and came in a small dish with dark beads and cream. I realized it was a scallop in an almond cream sauce with Israeli couscous. I'm not partial to scallops but I could eat this dish all day long! (Must have been some secret ingredient).

Before our other starters came we were pleasantly greeted by Sam Valle, the man that runs the joint. He was anxious to know how we heard of the place and sat to chat for a while. He instantly detailed what we had already ordered so that we were aware of the process that they cook their food. They have a specific way of cooking some of their meats where it is "shrink wrapped" in a plastic pack with marinades and spice. This process completely cooks the meat throughout at a low temperature and keeps the proteins moist. No dry meat here! Sam then offered us some complimentary champagne and a post dinner tour of the space. I could not believe his hospitality!

I ordered the Striped Bass, which I was a bit concerned about being a "fishy" sort of dish. The waitress assured me that I would enjoy it. Low and behold it was the best cooked fish i have EVER had. It lay on a plate of grapes and various mushrooms. Superb!

Upon stuffing myself beyond capacity, Sam came back to our table to ask how pleased we were with our entre. He already knew by the look on our face... We proceeded to take a grande tour of the space. The bar and dining area are separated which keeps the noise level down. Mind you the music selection is perfect for the lounge enthusiasts; Funkstrung, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp. The lu is unisex and plans for an avant garde moss sculpture are in effect to add to the hand washing experience along with mirrors throughout. The back of the space has an exclusive chefs table for those that want the official experience. Even beyond that area is a private party lounge complete with bar and Audio Visual components. This area is catered to corporations or firms with presentations to show that still want the chic atmosphere. It can completely close off from the rest of the restaurant and has its own bathroom. How creative!

Lastly, Sam took us on a quick visit to the kitchen where we were warmly greeted by chef Kris Morningstar. He was delighted to hear that our meal was magnificent and very grateful that we came to dine. I have NEVER had such a full service dining experience!

To complete our evening, I ordered the White Chocolate Bombe. This was a mousse with candied pistachios and lime custard. I don't need to tell you how good this was... Although, I could only eat half I was so full! We asked for our check and I could not believe what our bill detailed. To my surprise the whole meal was ONLY $101!

I dine quite regularly at various restaurants around LA and almost always our bill comes close to $150. This became the standard for us. I could not believe I had such a phenomenal meal for $100! For those that are aware of the mechanics of gourmet dining... You will revel in this atmosphere... For those that have a desire to learn... know first that the portions are smaller than what most "Americans" are used to and the presentation/flavor is the true artistic element here.

What a culinary masterpiece!

Bon Appetit!
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It's not actually open yet, but those of you near LA should head to my bro-in-law's new restaurant in about two weeks: Blue Velvet. Listening to Kris talk about searing a filet mignon in butter just makes my brain ache, I know it will be SO GOOD.
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Here's some really early Sesame Street, before Carroll Spinney really got the hang of moving in the suit and working the beak at the same time. Not to mention the weirdness of Big Bird's voice.

My mom used to sing this song to me all the time. "Everyone makes mistakes, so why can't yooooouuuuuu?" It's nice that I had a mom with that sort of attitude.
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here's the current rumored coachella lineup for this year. i think it's complete horseshit, because there's no way that in the year 2006 you're gonna get portishead AND massive attack on the same bill. but whatever. i'm going no matter what. i gotta converse with miss abby and see if she's planning to go -- i sure fucking hope so, cuz i don't want to drive out to the desert by myself. and jesus, i owe her so much money at this point from the last TWO years, it's not even funny. neither of us could remember if i ever paid her back for the hotel from the first year, but i'm pretty positive she never told me how much i owed her from last year, either, and i totally forgot about it until just recently. yikes. but the plan is, go to LA on friday the, uh, 28th or 29th or whatever, go to coachella saturday and sunday (the rumored sunday bill isn't as good, but if my boyfriend josh homme is there with eagles of death metal, i'm not missing it; but HAPPY MONDAYS? what year are we in anyway?), then stay for the week with my sister and help her with all the crazy wedding stuff -- then her wedding is the next sunday. there's my vacation for the year. (except when i get married and take my honeymoon -- i'm just going to take a leave of absence from work at that point or something, like when michael left to go on tour.)

ANYWAY, here's the rumor:

April 29: Depeche Mode, The Strokes, Portishead, Franz Ferdinand, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Infected Mushroom, Royksopp, Kings of Leon, Doves, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Atmosphere, Blackalicious, Super Furry Animals, The Buzzcocks, Primal Scream, Supergrass, Ladytron, DJ Peretz, The Shins, Dieselboy, Tortoise, Sleater Kinney, Richard Hawley, Grooverider, Death From Above 1979, Yesterdays New Quintet, The Walkmen, Son Volt, Will Oldham, The Clientele, Lightning Bolt, Cage, The Crimea, OK Go, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, John Kelly

April 30: The White Stripes, Roxy Music (featuring Brian Eno), The Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Boards of Canada, Underworld, Ween, Death Cab for Cutie, Armin Van Buuren, Built to Spill, De La Soul, Big Star, Iron & Wine, Uberzone, Happy Mondays, Dinosaur Jr, TV on the Radio, Elbow, Eagles of Death Metal, The Tears, Esthero, T. Rauschmiere, Cat Power, The New Pornographers, Carl Cox, Grandaddy, Calexico, Explosions in the Sky, The Wedding Present, Andy C, Fatlip, DJ Icey, The Notwist and Themselves preforming as 13 & God, Devendra Banhart, The Coral, Stateless, 65 Days of Static
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i don't think i've ever actually been excited for a baseball game before! i'm a childhood red sox fan and a girl of great sentiment, so around town i have to usually keep quiet about who i'm rooting for. last year, april and i went into this bar at the end of the last sox/yankees game and april (who's from boston) was shouting at the top of her lungs about how the yankees fucking suck. i thought we were going to get killed. lucky for us we're hot chicks (though i wasn't exactly at my hottest around that time last year).

i don't know if i should watch or not. i don't know if i'm good or bad luck. watching the bills, growing up, wherever we were in the house when the bills first scored, we all had to stay there for the rest of the game. so my dad would sometimes be watching in the attic, me in the living room, and my mom in the bedroom. and then every time the other team scored, we were free to move around again. i may play by the same rules tonight

poor segev -- if it goes to 14 innings again, there's no way he'll be able to make himself stay up that late. but this! this could be historic! this is a bigger deal than actually winning the world series. i have a feeling that if boston wins tonight, they'll totally go on to blow the world series because all they really cared about was beating the yankees and getting to the game in the first place. :) fuck you, babe ruth!
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we just got back from t.g.i. fridays. when we were all seated, our waiter swooped over and sat down in the extra chair and started telling us how pooped he was. my dad asked what he was having, and they started having this whole conversation, but the entire time he was looking at me. hee. when he took our orders and left, my dad looked at my mom and said "we don't get sit-downs when maggie's not here." hee hee hee. he flirted with me the whole time. it was really amusing.
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"You're in dire straits if you want that album." -- in response to my wanting to take his Dire Straits greatest hits album off his hands.

"Mimi, come quick! Farina's stuck in the train tracks again!" -- watching a box set of Little Rascals laser discs.
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yesterday siobhan, segev, my cousin sam and i went to a taping of the daily show. it was fun except for the long standing-around portions of the afternoon. but sam bought me gummy bears for the wait in line, so that was good. only 2 people behind us in line got in, so it's a good thing sam got there before us to stake out a spot.

jon stewart is so cute! he really is as little as everyone says! for some reason i thought they were exaggerating, but no. i think he's shorter than segev. he just has an enormous head, so that makes him look bigger on tv. and one of the guests they filmed was charlie sheen, who is also a little man. taller than jon stewart, though. but that didn't surprise me since i saw emilio estevez once when i was in LA and he is shetland pony-sized. jon stewart was so adorable during the commercial breaks -- he kept drumming and lip-syncing along with the music they were playing in the studio, and doodling on his little sheet of paper, and periodically throwing his hands in the air and collapsing back in his chair. siobhan and i were giggling like schoolgirls.

and then afterwards i managed to somehow trick sam, who is a pickier eater than i am if you can imagine, into eating thai food. i think my uncle mat should provide me with some type of payment for that. i don't have any idea how i did it.

today i have my TA session, then i have to go down to 96th street and pick up my remaindered drugs, then look into getting a new cell phone and maybe get my eyebrows waxed. oh, and i have to go to the post office and buy stamps, and i need to put in a work order for a new bathroom sink because simi knocked my glass moisturizer bottle into it and cracked it and there's a big ol' hole and the sink is now non-functional.
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got to see sam today. he seems well at home at NYU. it was great to see him. he has a picture of a prairie dog's enormous scrotum on his wall. ah, 18-year-old boys.

simi's been sleeping with whistle a lot. i don't think whistle likes it all too much.
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my observations about the video music awards so far are all drug-related: they keep cutting to snoop dogg laughing stonedly in the audience, and justin timberlake's romance with cameron diaz has certainly fuelled his coke habit.

my sister is coming tomorrow, and dave's surprise birthday party looks to be a bust. no more news.
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a couple presents just came my way. my lovely doppelganger sent me "buffy the vampire slayer and philosophy: fear and trembling in sunndale," which i think will be just the thing to help me segue back into academia from a life of endless pop culture. thank you so much! and i hope you enjoy "wolves in the walls." i haven't bought it, but i heard him read it live as the opening act for the magnetic fields a couple years ago and loved it.

and my mom made me a purse with a pill box inside it. she's terribly inventive, that mother o' mine...
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i met two very lovely bois named chris yesterday. they are very different, but i liked them both.

got accosted by a jerk at the fetish club night we went to last night and was told to "smile, you're having fun." what kind of retard goes up to someone at a fetish club and tells them to smile? i wanted to punch him in the face and then say "sorry, my fetish is dominating total jackasses."

chado talked about neuromancer and obscure vinyl. a lot. aaron looked like a cross between andrew travelli (but i'm always the baron!) and my cousin sam. i don't think kevin said one word to me the whole time i was there. the d.j. looked EXACTLY like peter krause, and his girlfriend looked like carol kane. i ate the last slice of pizza and veronica was sad.

i think that sums up the evening.

the afternoon was lovely. my sister's new boi is like an abercrombie and fitch model with a brain and a goofy sense of humor. we sat on these rocks on an overhang in malibu and discussed strip yahtzee.

i think i'm going to rest for a minute now.
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went out with abby tonight. *bounce* *bounce*

tomorrow i'm dependent on mimi's car needs and amanda's availability. part of me just wants to say fuck it and sleep all day like i did today. but that's a waste of the money mom and dad payed to get me here. awwwww.

i keep talking about the fucking cat. shut up, maggie.
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segev has spent the entire day debating the efficiency of government use of tax-money with his washington-times-reading libertarian uncle. i am going. to. BED.
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the show went very smoothly today. i threw a few shout-outs out there, including one to my parents (who i don't think actually managed to listen). i played "cream" for kareem, but of course he missed it cuz he went to the bathroom. and dale complimented my ass. i think that pretty much sums everything up.


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