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OK, can we please discuss the ridiculous hotness of Demian Bichir, the guy who plays Nancy Botwin's drug lord boyfriend on Weeds?

Dear Jesus lord. So now, since the season is over and I can't watch him on my TV screen anymore, I've totally got to go watch that like seven-hour-long Che Guevara movie that Steven Soderbergh made. Cuz Bichir plays Castro. Dude. Castro WISHES. Bichir is so hot, just looking at him in costume made both of Castro's ex-wives spontaneously conceive children. And they're in their 70s!

My favorite fact from Demian Bichir's Wikipedia page?

Both of his parents, Alejandro Bichir and Maricruz Nájera, and brothers Odiseo and Bruno Bichir are also actors. The MTV Movie Awards-México created a special category "Mejor Bichir en una Película" ("Best Bichir in a movie") because of the many films the Bichir siblings act in every year.

For the record? His brothers are nowhere near as smoking-hot, and as such, Demian should win EVERY YEAR. They should also nominate him for the award "Mejor Bichir en mi Pantalones".
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FISA: Give me a friggin' break, Barack. If this is meant to be a political pander, it's a dumb one, like when liberals waffle on abortion rights even when the majority of Americans believe abortion should be safe and legal with few caveats. The independents you're trying to pick off in the general either don't know enough about the FISA situation to give a shit, or they're libertarians who are rightly horrified by expanded Executive branch power in the abstract and spying in particular. And then you manage to piss off your base. Trying to paint this bill as some kind of "compromise" is ludicrous, even beyond your token opposition to the retroactive immunity part. The few tiny impediments to rampant invasion of privacy stuck in there are so easily overcomes as to be practically made of, like, filo dough or balsa wood or fucking feathers. Basically, what your endorsement of the bill is basically saying is, "Well, if I'm president, you'll be able to trust me not to abuse this power." Which I PERSONALLY do trust you to stick to, but the principle you're running on here is deeply offensive to a country that's been watching our president run our liberty into the ground. Trust your judgment over the principles of the constitution? Pass. I expected much more from a damn Con Law professor. OK, I'm done yelling now. Let's move on to the Supreme Court.

2nd Amendment Decision: I actually don't see his stance here as much of a flip flop, because he hasn't subscribed to the originalist/"militia" stance in the past like many lefties (including myself, to a certain degree) do. And Scalia did end up having to grudgingly acknowledge that gun control programs are not themselves inherently unconstitutional, just that the DC ban in particular is. So, I'm OK with Obama's approval here, even if I personally come down more on the John Paul Stevens (god bless that man)/bobbies with night sticks side.

Child Rapist Death Penalty: Obama siding with the minority on this one doesn't surprise me, even from someone who has been so passionate in Illinois about protesting the inequities of our death penalty system. Again, like with gun control, Obama has consistently taken a more pragmatic stance, saying that the way the death penalty is currently implemented is egregiously unfair but not actually coming out against the act itself. And I understand where he, and others, are coming from. Dammit, if I were going to give the death penalty to any one group of people, it would certainly be child rapists above and beyond probably all others. (I mean, have you heard the particulars of this case? Oh my lord, it is so heinous. I may have been more horrified reading about that rape than reading the story of the Czech kid who was ritually cannibalized.) But I am 100% against the death penalty, legally and morally. The government has zero right and should have zero power to make decisions of life and death, even beyond the structural inequalities and inefficiencies of the policy itself as currently implemented. But Obama is consistent here, and I certainly emotionally get where he's coming from.

Oh, and Barack, stop stomping on all of Scarlett Johansson's hopes and dreams, or we may have to send you over to Jezebel's "Crap Email from a Dude" territory.
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Am I a terrible person because I'm not paralytically crushed by the untimely demise of Tim Russert? I mean, I'm sad in the sense that it's horrible he died so young, and he seemed like a good person, and it's sad for his family and friends and everything. But I certainly don't think he was OMGZ TEH BESTEST JOURNALIST EVAR! Do I think he was seriously holding people's feet to the fire when he would find one contradictory thing they'd said once and then the rest of the interview let them repeat their talking points uncontested? No, I don't. Do I give two shits that Buffalo lost one of its supposed strongest advocates or whatever? No, I don't. I thought Meet the Press was a good show back in the late '90s, but it had sorta tapered off over time as the show became more about Tim Russert and his Tim Russertness. That new focus probably had to do with his success as an author and the increasingly accepted idea that he was singularly qualified to hand out folksy homegrown advice because he came from South Buffalo and his father was a gruff but wise Irish war veteran. Honestly, I feel like every commentary of his that I saw or read in the last ten years or so amounted to "Blah blah political process Buffalo Irish bootstraps Bills blah di blah Big Russ." It really wasn't as insightful or "man of the people"-y as everyone is suddenly making it out to be. And I'm not sure what exactly he did for Buffalo that was so great other than constantly repeat silly stereotypes. Did he come back to the city and contribute anything to keep it from falling into its current ruined state? No, he sat in DC and used Buffalo's failings as a prop for his personal mythology.

From my understanding, Tim Russert was a good man who loved his family and was extremely committed to his job and a variety of sports teams. His death is sad, as most all deaths are sad, and sadder for the fact that it came at a relatively young age. But the idea that he's suddenly St. Russert, or that he was somehow an "advocate" for Buffalo just because he perpetuated this idealized notion of its plucky industrial underdoggedness, is kinda silly and kinda annoying.
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This is a placeholder for the eventual post to come about how ridiculous it is to write a book that depends entirely on a convincing definition of "fascism" that ENTIRELY SKIPS OVER THE YEARS 1922-1943 IN ITALY UNDER MUSSOLINI. I mean, that's just STAGGERING. "Let's write a book about fascism but not mention what actually HAPPENED UNDER FASCIST RULE!" That's pretty much the most intellectually dishonest move I've ever seen in a piece of historical writing -- and I've read the whole neocon canon, so that's saying something!

I would like to rant about this further, but I must go to sleep. So I will try to post a longer rant tomorrow that will also discuss Jonah Goldberg's complete lack of irony and possibly a comparison of Sorel's "myth" with Plato's "noble lie" and Leo Strauss and Abram Shulsky and OSP/intelligence gathering/nous blah blah blah. Possibly. But probably not, because I haven't actually read any Sorel and that would make me as intellectually bankrupt and disingenuous as Mr. Goldberg -- probably I'll just post more rants about my cat's effect on my sinuses, or a deconstruction of the recent South Park parody of Heavy Metal, wherein I try to decipher how much of the boob-scenery was actually in the original movie. (I really should have watched more Bakshi while I was at Kim's.)

Also, Weeds is a good show. Romany Malco is hot -- but I think he might be kinda crazy in real life. That's the impression I got from the 40-Year-Old Virgin commentary track -- and obviously I should base all my judgments of human beings on how they come off when being peppered with vulgarisms by Seth Rogan.
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Patrick Swayze is reportedly dying of pancreatic cancer. Now, given, the source is the National Enquirer, but if it's true this is really, really sad. He's only 55. (We have the same birthday...28 years apart, but whatever.) And pancreatic cancer is really not a fun way to go.

I'm not a crazy Dirty Dancing fan like a lot of girls my age, but, you know...everybody loves this scene.

I'm wishing him good health.

ETA: Confirmed by Swayze's publicist. :(
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Basically, I will sum up the episode in two words: Naked Sayid. Niiiice. You know, it's weird...I am very conflicted by Naveen Andrews. Obviously I think Sayid is awesome and hot -- that's kinda beyond dispute at this point. But Naveen Andrews himself I am simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by. I think he's hot but at the same time I think he's gross. I think this has something to do with the fact that he's fucking Barbara Hershey in real life, and she's had such terrible plastic surgery that it kinda hurts to look at her, so I'm kinda mushing them up in my brain. Also, Naveen Andrews's real-life accent is the least pleasant British accent I think I've ever just doesn't sound right coming from him, and it messes up my brain. On top of that, he has a tendency to just go around impregnating women at somewhat inopportune times...he had a kid with his high school math teacher, and managed to knock up some woman during the, like, six months he and Hershey broke up in 2005. Maybe he's just got super sperm. And then there's the heroin addiction. There's a lot about him that turns me off -- but, you know...the hotness!

Anyway, enough about hot Sayid. Back to the show.

Ich Bin Ein Spoilerwhore... )
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So I signed up online to volunteer for the Obama campaign this weekend, and they told me to come to a "training" tonight at their headquarters. This wasn't so much a training as a little mini-rally, mostly aimed at college kids who needed to get fired up/ready to go/whatever about pestering people down the hall in their dorms. Unbeknownst to me (and to the other people at the "training" over the age of 22, of which there were about 10 out of a crowd of 60 or so), the big draw for the night was that actors Kal Penn and Brandon Routh were going to come talk about why they support Barack Obama. I manged to pick up through some mumbling who the special guests were. A man in his early 40s asked me if I knew who was coming, who we were waiting for, and I said, "Superman and Kumar." This cracked up the little pod of middle-aged folks around me, one of whom started bemoaning the fact that she first worked on a campaign in '72 and she felt really old. I can only imagine how she felt, since I was already feeling pretty decrepit.

So the main organizers spoke, and basically told us to sign up if we hadn't already and they'd call us tomorrow to tell us when to come in and do our GOTV shift. And then Superman and Kumar came in. It's always funny to see celebrities in person, because they totally look like normal people, just slightly SHINIER normal people, and you feel like you know them but you totally don't. Brandon Routh is pretty tall -- about 6'3", I'd say. Nice broad shoulders. Pretty face, pretty hair. Up close I could see that his skin had a tiny bit of acne-scarring, which made me like him more. He was wearing a blue ringer t-shirt with Obama's face stenciled onto it. Good looking man. Kal Penn is also very cute. Shorter, about 5'10". Looks 100% exactly like he does on screen. Sounds 100% exactly like he does on screen. And he's a REALLY good Obama advocate, because he's obviously passionate, he's funny, he's very well-spoken, and he had some fantastic anecdotes to tell. (His grandparents marched with Gandhi, and he talked about growing up hearing those stories and how Obama is the first person to inspire him in that way since his grandparents. That's a good one.) Routh was less eloquent, more shambly every-man, but he made a great point about how campaigning for Barack Obama is not, for him, about being in the public eye and making a difference that way -- it just that, simply, he recognizes that you shouldn't be completely cynical about politics because politics touches you and everyone you love, and he felt the need to work against that cynicism for the betterment of himself and the people around him. Or something like that. GoBama!

When Penn and Routh got there and started talking, some TV cameras got turned on. This random guy (wearing a leather jacket and a shirt with Bush's face with an x through it) managed to position himself right next to Superman, and as soon as the cameras went on, he pulls out a giant cardboard sign with Obama's quote about being willing to go after Bin Laden in Pakistan plastered across the front, along with the URL (I didn't know whether he was an International ANSWER/Lyndon LaRouche guy or a Paultard at the time...from looking at the site, it looks like Paultard.) You could see that the organizers realized there was a disgruntled nerd trying to make a scene, and didn't quite know what to do...they were smart enough to immediately pick up (as did I) that he totally WANTED them to kick him out so he could shout about free speech shit, so they just ignored him. Brandon Routh was talking, and Kal Penn sorta looked over at the sign and started reading it and raised his eyebrows in a little "are you serious?" kind of face. It made me giggle. So the guy is ticked off that no one is paying any attention to his dumb sloganeering (you know, some of us have more nuanced ideas about foreign policy than just "bomb everyone" or "shiny happy people" and aren't particularly cheesed off about a leader saying that he is willing to use our armed forces for a mission -- when it's the right damn mission), so he suddenly starts shouting "Don't bomb Iran! Don't bomb Pakistan! Don't bomb Iran! don't bomb Pakistan!" A couple people look kind of confused, a couple of people hesitantly clap, like, "Yeah, I don't wanna do that. Are we bombing them? What's happening?" The vast majority of us just sorta stare at him like, "OK, yeah? Dude? Your point?" And he starts sorta mealy-mouthing something about how Obama is willing to bomb Pakistan. And we all continue to look at him like, yeah, duh, we're all politically aware adults, we heard that quote -- who didn't hear that quote? He starts walking towards the side-door of the laundromat (this is all happening in a laundromat which is also a bar which is also the Obama Madison headquarters), and a couple of people from the campaign are standing sorta near him and basically nudge him towards the door, and then he starts frantically shouting about "Free Speech" and says something about "Kumar", and Kal Penn laughs and says "That's not actually my name." So the guy basically just walks out the door of his own accord, because he has absolutely nothing of any substance to say and everyone's just sorta staring at him sadly, but I'm sure he'll be blogging tonight about how Obama goons manhandled him out of the laundromat. They didn't. It was entirely pathetic and spastic. WE'RE HERE! WE'RE QUEER! WE DON'T WANT ANY MORE BEARS!

That was my fun for the evening. I then drove around town trying (in vain) to find an open DQ to get an Arctic Rush, while simultaneously talking to Siobhan on the phone. Multitasking!
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Britney makes me so, so, SO sad. That girl is really sick, and no one is taking care of her. No one has taken care of her for years, or maybe ever -- because she's just a gravy train. A very mentally ill gravy train.
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Miscaviage vs. Denton. Ugh, I don't know who I'm supposed to root for in this -- they're both such horrible human beings. But, as usual, I'm on the fair use side of things, so...Denton. I feel dirty. To counteract that, I'm going to post links to the Gawker media posts I've found most heinous since Denton went on his 2008 page-views binge. (To clarify, starting January 1st, all the editors of Nick Denton's blogs get paid by the page view, so they've basically started trolling. It's pretty gross.)

Hey everyone! Let's make fun of some girl because her dad is a publisher! [Gawker]

Madams are inherently wise because they're sex-positive, even if we don't really know anything about how they treat their employees. Go Team Vagina! [Jezebel]

Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder are totally made up by hysterical women. Shut the fuck up about your incurable pain, tools of the pharmaceutical industry! [Jezebel]

OK, to be fair, Moe's been posting obnoxiously inflammatory shit since before January.

Misquoting Katherine Heigl. [Defamer] Yeah, that one's totally minor, but it's still shoddy journalism.

Of course, when the atmosphere in a workplace drives an editor to quit after ONE DAY, what can you really expect? I know it's kinda cliché at this point to pile on Gawker, but whatever. Nick Denton is a jerk who gives his writers incentives to be assholes. Also, I'm pissed that he's forcing me to side with Vanessa Grigoriadis on something, which I don't like AT ALL .
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In the terribly-sad-but-not-wholly-unexpected department: Brad Renfro, dead at 25. *sigh* Over/under on heroin overdose? (Probably a sucker's bet.)
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What could be better than Sarkozy/Bruni? Try Chavez/Campbell. Someone needs to hook Tyra up with Angela Merkel right the fuck now. FIERCE. How about Kate Moss and Fidel Castro? He can't possibly be any more decrepit than Pete Doherty.
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David Cross defends his choice to star in Alvin and the Chipmunks:

I was too young to enjoy the original "Alvin and the Chipmunks" because I wasn't born yet. And I was too old to enjoy the later incarnation in the 80's, so it holds no precious memories for me to defile. If someone decided to re-make "Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang", (a movie I fucking LOVED when I was a kid) with the cast of "High School Musical" and Raven Symone giving voice to a now sassy CGI car with tits that sang about race relations I think that I would not care about that either. It's a waste of time and energy. I choose to care about other things that I believe are worth the investment of that kind of outrage, disappointment, and sense of urgency.

Lady L

Dec. 24th, 2007 05:37 pm
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Linda Cardellini does Maxim. She looks skanky, as expected for the forum, and also too skinny. Which is ironic, considering she apparently dumped Jason Segel for getting too fat. Conclusion: Linda Cardellini is skinny AND dumb, because Jason Segel is a big cuddly ball of AWESOME. (I am glad to see that she's not a blonde anymore. I don't know what the deal is with the ER hair people, but they're obsessed with making people blonde who totally shouldn't be. I stopped watching when they bleached Maura Tierney's hair. That's just wrong. And then Carter went to Africa or something...whatever, it sucked, and she was too blonde. End of story.)
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Yesterday I was on 86th and Lex on my way to a doctor's appointment, and I made eye contact with someone who looked EXACTLY like Abe Vigoda. But I thought, "Isn't Abe Vigoda dead?" But no -- according to Wikipedia, Abe Vigoda is alive and well and living on the Upper East Side. I SAW ABE VIGODA! That's a good New York celeb siting to go out on.
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So, two new NBC shows are up on iTunes -- Journeyman and Chuck. Confused? Don't be -- neither of them are actually produced by NBC/Universal, so Fox and Warner Bros. still gets to put 'em up there. However, this doesn't bode well for House fans -- House is an NBC/Universal productions, even if it shows on Fox. Ergo, no House on iTunes. As far as I can tell, the returning shows that won't be on iTunes this fall due to the NBC/Universal fallout are House, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and Battlestar Galactica. Am I missing any? Apparently My Name is Earl isn't an NBC/Universal production, so we might see that premiere on iTunes come Friday morning. Unfortunately, I HATE My Name is Earl, despite my enduring love for Jason Lee. If I can overlook the Scientology thing, I think I can get past the fact that his show is horribly unfunny.

Please, NBC/Universal, I just want to give you money -- why won't you take it?
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Lord, give me strength. Britney decided that she wanted to be a brunette again, so she'd just dye her existing crappy extensions herself. But couldn't she have let someone else do the back?

Seriously, she looks like someone clipped a whole bunch of Lady Lovelylocks extensions to her head. (Remember those? With, like, chipmunks on 'em and stuff?) Also, these pictures were taken outside the ladies room at a Quiznos in Westwood. Stay classy, Brit. *sigh* Why won't someone take care of this woman?
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Holy crap, when did Michael Imperioli turn 70?

...Holy crap, when did CONAN turn 90?

...Also, it might not be a great idea to make a joke about Jeremy Piven hitting on Hayden Panettiere when she's sitting next to Milo, who she is OBVIOUSLY schtupping.

I'm going to stop now, but if Ryan Seacrest actually bothers to COME OUT rather than making coy little jokes about his fashion sense and how he used Teri Hatcher as his beard, I'll post again.
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I've been watching old videos of Britney performing at the VMAs, and I'm sad.  I'm so sad that this girl, who was once so vital, energetic, athletic, was basically chewed up and spit back out.  No one ever prepared her for adulthood -- not that that's an excuse, but she just never had a chance.  We kinda wanted her to fail, because she represented so much of what is wrong with the American music industry.  I was always ranting about how Britney got to be a famous singer even though she (empirically) couldn't sing any better than about 90% of the girls at any given karaoke bar.  But she did have talent -- not that she was such an amazing dancer, either, because she wasn't.  But she could command a stage, better than any other performer of her generation.  She wasn't the prettiest girl, and she wasn't the most talented girl.  But she had some sort of indefinable star quality.  I don't know if that charisma is worth the gazillion dollars that got thrown at her.  Probably not.  But it was obvious about 5 years ago that this was where the girl was going to end up, and we all watched, and we waited.  Britney's entire life was a car crash in slow motion, and we rubbernecked for the better part of a decade.

This is my favorite fan video of the day.

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New Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi, as pointed out by [ profile] talamasca. Contains my new favorite Matt Taibbi quote:

George W. Bush's war in the Mesopotamian desert was an experiment of sorts, a crude first take at his vision of a fully privatized American government. In Iraq the lines between essential government services and for-profit enterprises have been blurred to the point of absurdity -- to the point where wounded soldiers have to pay retail prices for fresh underwear, where modern-day chattel are imported from the Third World at slave wages to peel the potatoes we once assigned to grunts in KP, where private companies are guaranteed huge profits no matter how badly they fuck things up. And just maybe, reviewing this appalling history of invoicing orgies and million-dollar boondoggles, it's not so far-fetched to think that this is the way someone up there would like things run all over -- not just in Iraq but in Iowa, too, with the state police working for Corrections Corporation of America, and DHL with the contract to deliver every Christmas card. And why not? What the Bush administration has created in Iraq is a sort of paradise of perverted capitalism, where revenues are forcibly extracted from the customer by the state, and obscene profits are handed out not by the market but by an unaccountable government bureaucracy. This is the triumphant culmination of two centuries of flawed white-people thinking, a preposterous mix of authoritarian socialism and laissez-faire profiteering, with all the worst aspects of both ideologies rolled up into one pointless, supremely idiotic military adventure -- American men and women dying by the thousands, so that Karl Marx and Adam Smith can blow each other in a Middle Eastern glory hole.

to replace my old favorite Matt Taibbi quote:

With very few exceptions almost everyone who jumped onto the Don Imus pigpile was a shameless opportunist whose mind was made up years before this incident even happened, and used the occasion of a radio jock stepping in shit to robotically jerk off his constituency for a cheap buck. First of all, let's just get this out of the way: the idea that anyone in the media world gives a shit about the dignity of women, black or white, is a ridiculous joke. America's TV networks have spent the last forty years falling over each other trying to find better and more efficient ways to sell tits to the 18-to-35 demographic. They make hour-long prime-time reality dramas these days about shopping-obsessed sluts hitting each other with pocketbooks, for Christ's sake. Paris Hilton, a dumb, rich slut with a cock in her mouth, gets her own primetime show. MTV, the teenie mags, the pop music industry, they're basically all an endless parade of skinny, half-naked brainless whores selling makeup and jeans to neurotic, self-hating, weight-obsessed little girls. The idea that NBC -- the company that proudly produced 241 episodes of Baywatch, a show whose two main characters for nearly a decade were Pamela Anderson's tits -- the idea that that network was "offended" by the use of the word "ho" is beyond preposterous. Until this incident, I would have wagered very good money that "Ho" would be in the title of at least one NBC-produced reality pilot within the next ten years. You can't see that? Trivia-battling sluts in Ho-llywod Squares? An irony-for-irony's-sake callgirl-improvement show called Pimp My Ho? Would you bet real money that the Paris-and-Nicole vehicle The Simple Life wasn't originally called Whore Acres at some stage of the pre-production process? I sure as hell wouldn't. Programming decisions of the The Bachelor ilk aren't spontaneous mid-show farts by an aging drug-battered brain like the Imus deal -- they're wide-awake decisions, forged in the crucible of number-crunching corporate reflection, to use reactionary images of cheap brainless skanks to sell Fritos and pickup trucks.

The man may be vulgar, but he's a damn entertaining writer. He knows these issues inside and out, and he sees through all the crap. Now, how much of that is genuine bile, and how much is him realizing that this persona is his meal ticket, I can't say. His dad is a correspondent for Dateline NBC, so it's not as if his blood lines are pure of douchebaggery. All I know is, when I read him I am simultaneously full of righteous indignation and laughing my ass off. That's pretty much my sweet spot.


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