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another defamer gem. i was sure the answer was going to be malibu, but it's even more banal.
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the headline on this story made me laugh out loud. i don'tlike "raw" as much as "delirious", at least partially because of his ridiculously misogynistic rant that contains that very quote. but delirious is tied for my favorite stand-up movie ever, alongside eddie izzard's "dress to kill". delirious is still not out on DVD. this is a crime.

the icon on this entry was chosen in honor of eddie murphy's deep-seated homophobia. and, you know, his dalliance with a transexual hooker. he was only giving him a ride home, people! and he doesn't have any intention of letting johnny gill rub him the right way, oh no!
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after the platinum success of his single "frodo the paranoid gnome," matthew brock turned his attentions towards sculpture.
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ok, so i think judith miller is a crappy reporter, but why the hell is she going to jail while bob novak struts around free like the douchebag of liberty that he is? and weren't we supposed to find out definitively that karl rove was the source sometime this week? what the HELL is going on here?
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the writers guild of america is suing a number of production companies on behalf of writers on reality shows, who, regardless of what you may think about the actual amount of writing ability needed to work on such shows, probably deserve to be making more than the bubkes i make at kim's. yikes.
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woo hoo! david cross is opening a bar on orchard street. yeah, fuck you, pianos! and a tinkle DVD? so many ways to waste money!
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we finally know who deep throat was. wait, you mean it wasn't jimmy james?
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yes, i'm too lazy to do anything but post pictures. yes, i mock people for being both too skinny and too fat. yes, i'm mean and indecisive.
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oh my god, i can't believe how offensive and wrong this is. rosie is heartwarmingly retarded.
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cnn ran this graph about terri schiavo back in march. see if you can tell what's wrong with it:

niiiice. big ups to the liberal media.
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the kaiser chiefs just played a tiny show at the spin offices, and they have a lot of buzz around them. i don't love the first single off the album, "i predict a riot", but the album was on in the store the other day and it wasn't half bad.

hot hot heat comes out with a new album on tuesday. i didn't like "goodnight goodnight", the first song i heard, but i kinda like "island of the honest man".

the new spoon album is finally up for pre-order at amazon. i found a song from it today, "i turn my camera on", and i likey.

two new acts i found online: tom vek ("i ain't saying my goodbyes") and aberdeen city ("flames").
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watch out, parents! there's a totally new trend in town. it's called "cutting"!

there is even a new genre of music -- "emo" -- associated with promoting the cutting culture.

also, your children collect pogs and read teh intarwebs.

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bloc party is one of those bands that i think really lives up to its hype. i have a feeling that their album will blow away the bravery's. here's a song they've released that's not on their album called tulips, on yousendit.
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a fun game that 'drew pointed out -- march madness for comedies. i ended up with a final four of big lebowski, office space, tommy boy, and monty python and the holy grail. i still haven't decided who wins between big lebowski and office space. maybe i could just have them put down the ball and embrace at midcourt as the buzzer rings, like in the ice hockey episode of the simpsons. and then there'd be an awesome riot.
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i can never get my shit together to go to events at SIPA. usually i'll go into SIPA and see a flyer for something that looks interesting, only to find it happened earlier that day, or that it happens around 12:30 on a tuesday or wednesday, work. but this, i should be able to go to. it says a lot about me, i think, that i don't go to actual human rights events, but a jschool panel about mp3 blogs and hipsterism? i'm totally going to be there.
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SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!! pilots! UK scripts! specials! interviews! possible original openings!

and PILOTS! and, like i said, PILOTS!

some people have LOTR squee. i have muppet squee.


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