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I'm kinda grossed out that the selective deleting of Tumblr blogs seems to have been done mainly for the benefit of Julia Allison, but I'm honestly not surprised and don't really care that much. I really like the concept behind Tumblr, the simplicity of its programming and all that, but somewhere along the line it turned into this really self-referential insular circle jerk that is thoroughly unappealing. Obviously you can use Tumblr in such a way that you never even see any of that stuff -- I'm sure many people who use Tumblr would have no idea what I'm even talking about here. But for a large subset of active blogs, the dialogue has started to resemble what the Gawker comments used to be like, back when you had to be specifically invited to comment. It's very...ick. So, while in principle I'm opposed to blog censorship, especially half-assed and incompetent censorship (see: my LJ tag), I am also in principle opposed to giving Julia Allison any attention at all AT ALL. So JUST STOP WRITING ABOUT HER. She is a completely inconsequential human being that no one outside of idiotic bloggers has even heard of. Just STOP.
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Once again, the comments over on Jezebel drive me crazy. Sure, I understand the sentiment about not wanting to hear your neighbors scream for 40 hours during a home birth. But it makes me really sad that so many women my age are under the impression that birth is like that — screaming and pain for days and days. Births can go on a long time, and there can be noisier periods (usually grunting is a more useful sound to make than straight up screaming), but any widwife attending a birth where a woman has been straight up screaming bloody murder long enough to disturb neighbors to any degree beyond “dog barking” or “loud sex” or other standard apartment-dweller’s annoyance noise, needs to GET THAT WOMAN TO A HOSPITAL, because that is not a home birth that is going well. So that’s really a red herring as far as what many of these commenters really have an issue with here.

There’s just so much “placentas, EW!” in these comments, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it over there. I’m not planning on storing my placenta in the freezer or anything, but I feel like a lot of women in my cohort, as represented on Jezebel, have bought into the idea, as promoted by the medical industry (not to mention just society in general), that the female body is gross and foreign and birth is something that needs to be dealt with like a disease instead of as one of the MAIN FUNCTIONS OUR BODIES ARE BUILT FOR. Seeing that on a supposedly feminist site is very disapointing. But I’m getting used to it. Given the bizarro moderating over there (i.e. how the posters get away with saying incredibly negative stuff about other women all the time, but anyone who says a celebrity looks like shit in a Snap Judgment post gets shamed in those best/worst comments threads), it doesn’t surprise me anymore.

There’s also a definite classist tinge to a lot of the commentary, like the person who wonders why home birthers don’t just go to a birthing center, or have a midwife AND a doctor. Sadly, that combines with the overall Park-Slopey setting of the Times article in question to overlook one of the main problems that arises with medical birth in this country, and especially in places like NYC — if you’re lucky enough to have insurance, you often have to fight to have them cover anything but a hospital birth. And forget about NYC birthing centers if you don’t know about them from the start — they book up 8 months in advance. A woman who works two jobs to support herself and get some shitty insurance doesn’t have the time to spend online researching different birth options, or fighting with her insurance to cover a midwife, LET ALONE both a doctor AND a midwife. The “get a doctor and a midwife” comment was the “let them eat cake” moment in the middle of this trainwreck.

For the record — I am not having a home birth. I am planning a natural birth IN a hospital. But I only feel comfortable doing that because A) I live in the People’s Republic of Madison, and the doctors I’ve dealt with are definitely more enlightened that the people you’ll run into in many of this country’s hospitals (where the priority is to deliver as many babies as quickly as possible to maximize monetary return and diminish the chance of being sued for malpractice by getting those babies OUT OUT OUT CUT ‘EM OUT) and B) I have the incredibly luxury of being able to research my options AND have insurance that will cover many different styles of birth (and if it didn’t, I, again, have the time to argue with them about it — many, many women do not). Oh, and C) I have no qualms about throwing a giant fucking hissyfit at any doctor or nurse who tries to force me into a medical procedure that I do not want. I have a friend (who is probably reading this, but I won't name unless she wants to chip in) who was given an episiotomy without being asked by the on-call doctor, even after having made her choice clear to her regular OB and on her birth plan. Luckily, when I told this story to my doctor, he was obviously horrified, so I know he’s on my side here. But if I show up at that hospital to a doctor I’ve never met before, I don’t care about being polite — you cut me, or break my waters, or fucking do any goddamn thing to my private parts without my express consent, you are facing not just malpractice charges but sexual assault charges, too. I will say this loudly, up front. I don’t play. Too many women come out of birth feeling violated in one way or another by the medical professionals that worked on them. I REFUSE. But if I didn't have the supportive community of friends that I do, I wouldn't even realize that I might have to pipe up and say, "Hey, please don't cut my taint without asking me first." Wouldn't have even OCCURRED to me. And in that sense, I am luckier than most women in this country. The stats are mind-boggling. There is no way that 1 in 3 women in this country have physiological reasons why they can't give birth vaginally. There are many reasons to have a c-section; I personally know many women who have had c-sections and NEEDED c-sections, and I will have one if it is necessary. But most women in the U.S. assume that medical interventions at birth are necessary and in their best interest when they AREN'T ALWAYS. Making people who pursue things like home birth or just natural birth in general out to be either dirty hippies or Park Slope elitists doesn't serve any woman's best interest. The commenters on Jezebel talk a good game about being pro-choice. I think a lot of young women don't really understand the full ramifications of what that phrase should mean. But what it definitely DOESN'T mean is "EW, PLACENTAS! Go to the hospital and shut the fuck up!"

*sigh* Just in general another occasion for Jezebel to make my blood boil.
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I would really like it if people would just stop talking about the damn New Yorker cover. Yes, it may be tasteless and/or destructive, but there are SO MANY MORE important things that we need to be focusing on. As in, every single one of John McCain's policy positions is either objectionable or nonsensical. When liberals fuel the fire of a non-issue like the New Yorker idiocy, it's just goading on cable news morons who would much rather talk about salacious stuff like cartoon Obama flag burning than substantive things like McCain's theory of "magic economics" where we can balance the budget by slashing taxes, spending more on defense, and getting rid of like $2 in earmarks. TA-DAH! But, you know, that would be vaguely complicated to talk about and might require multisyllabic words, so pundits would obviously rather grunt about terrorist fist jabs. DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEM. WE DO NOT NEED 10 SEPARATE BLOG ENTRIES ON HUFFINGTON POST WITHIN 2 HOURS ON THE NEW YORKER COVER.

That is my public service announcement for the day. Now back to iPhones.
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Note to self-when out-of-context quotes on blogs send you into a blinding rage, always check to see if the article is titled "A Modest Proposal." *facepalm* I am rather embarassed now. Damn you, Jonathan Swift! Gulliver's Travels gargles my balls!
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THIS is what happens when I take a day off from reading blogs, people! Things go crazy, and I fall behind! Ugh, I've got a huge backlog EVERYWHERE now.
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Do women have the RIGHT to flush their tampons if they damn well please?

Short answer: Uh, yes? I guess?
Slightly longer answer: But I don't see how this is a righteous-indignation-level issue. Are the tampon police hovering over you every time you go to the bathroom? Flush 'em if you want to. But, oh, and also, ENJOY CLEANING UP YOUR OVERFLOWING TOILET.
Even longer answer: Moe, please stop talking. This is why people hate feminists. Seriously. Flush your tampons and deal with the resulting septic mess, or put them the trash and move on with your life. Stop throwing a goddamn tantrum and realize that not everything is about the patriarchy oppressing you and by saying that it is, you undermine actual worthwhile causes.

End of Moe Tkacic rant for the day.
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I was extremely disappointed with the Lee Siegel interview on The Daily Show last week. To recap, Lee Siegel is a writer for the New Republic who wrote some really crappy blog post about Jon Stewart, then sockpuppeted his way through the comments talking about how Lee Siegel is an authentic American hero, and you guyz r totally teh suck, so shut up! When his douchetastic sockpuppetry was found out, his blog got shut down and he was briefly suspended from the magazine. To kill time during said suspension, Siegel decided to write a whole book about how the internet is totally stupid anyway, and he totally doesn't care about what all the webdorks think of him. Actually, the totally BRILLIANT irony of the book is that his central thesis is that the web is an invalid forum for social criticism because you never know who is doing the posting. Everyone's a sock puppet! Not just me! And it's destroying Western culture, through its mass sockpuppetdom! As such, he insists that his "Sprezzatura" alter-ego on the blog was created as "a prank and a provocation", not because he's a whiny baby. So he's not really a petulant flouncy sock puppet, he's simply a damn troll.

Given that Siegel is a giant wank, and given that the post that started the whole thing was ABOUT JON STEWART, I was expecting at least SOME MENTION of the original incident during the interview. But the interview was surprisingly inert -- the New Republic blog disaster never came up, so there was a glaring lack of context for the book itself. Siegel just sat there, choading it up in his black-mock-turtleneck/tweed-sport-coat/self-satisfied-shit-eating-grin combo. I honestly think Jon Stewart was going to talk about it, but as soon as Siegel opened his mouth, he realized it would be totally futile to talk about anything of substance with the man, so instead he decided to make the interview as boring as possible to avoid stoking book sales for this absolutely useless human being. Pretty much the opposite tack as he took with Jonah Goldberg. (I'm still dying to see the unedited cut of that interview, by the way. I'm hoping against hope that now that the writer's strike is over, they'll post it on the web.)

But yeah, here's the Siegel interview. If you click it, prepare to be bored stiff. (Although it's kinda worth it just to see how lame and smug this guy is.)

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Playing around with Tumblr. It's basically like if LJ, Vox, Pownce, and Facebook ran into each other at high speed and exploded in a giant ADHD sprawl of aesthetically pleasing fonts and rounded edges. But, since I am part of a generation of techno-narcissists whose every thought must be documented, I have installed the bookmarks bar link. It works pretty well. But, you know, I also used and Twitter and Pownce and Vox and MySpace and Friendster and pretty much every other web 2.0 ridiculousness that's come down the pike, so let's see if this holds up any better.
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Miscaviage vs. Denton. Ugh, I don't know who I'm supposed to root for in this -- they're both such horrible human beings. But, as usual, I'm on the fair use side of things, so...Denton. I feel dirty. To counteract that, I'm going to post links to the Gawker media posts I've found most heinous since Denton went on his 2008 page-views binge. (To clarify, starting January 1st, all the editors of Nick Denton's blogs get paid by the page view, so they've basically started trolling. It's pretty gross.)

Hey everyone! Let's make fun of some girl because her dad is a publisher! [Gawker]

Madams are inherently wise because they're sex-positive, even if we don't really know anything about how they treat their employees. Go Team Vagina! [Jezebel]

Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder are totally made up by hysterical women. Shut the fuck up about your incurable pain, tools of the pharmaceutical industry! [Jezebel]

OK, to be fair, Moe's been posting obnoxiously inflammatory shit since before January.

Misquoting Katherine Heigl. [Defamer] Yeah, that one's totally minor, but it's still shoddy journalism.

Of course, when the atmosphere in a workplace drives an editor to quit after ONE DAY, what can you really expect? I know it's kinda cliché at this point to pile on Gawker, but whatever. Nick Denton is a jerk who gives his writers incentives to be assholes. Also, I'm pissed that he's forcing me to side with Vanessa Grigoriadis on something, which I don't like AT ALL .
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New Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi, as pointed out by [ profile] talamasca. Contains my new favorite Matt Taibbi quote:

George W. Bush's war in the Mesopotamian desert was an experiment of sorts, a crude first take at his vision of a fully privatized American government. In Iraq the lines between essential government services and for-profit enterprises have been blurred to the point of absurdity -- to the point where wounded soldiers have to pay retail prices for fresh underwear, where modern-day chattel are imported from the Third World at slave wages to peel the potatoes we once assigned to grunts in KP, where private companies are guaranteed huge profits no matter how badly they fuck things up. And just maybe, reviewing this appalling history of invoicing orgies and million-dollar boondoggles, it's not so far-fetched to think that this is the way someone up there would like things run all over -- not just in Iraq but in Iowa, too, with the state police working for Corrections Corporation of America, and DHL with the contract to deliver every Christmas card. And why not? What the Bush administration has created in Iraq is a sort of paradise of perverted capitalism, where revenues are forcibly extracted from the customer by the state, and obscene profits are handed out not by the market but by an unaccountable government bureaucracy. This is the triumphant culmination of two centuries of flawed white-people thinking, a preposterous mix of authoritarian socialism and laissez-faire profiteering, with all the worst aspects of both ideologies rolled up into one pointless, supremely idiotic military adventure -- American men and women dying by the thousands, so that Karl Marx and Adam Smith can blow each other in a Middle Eastern glory hole.

to replace my old favorite Matt Taibbi quote:

With very few exceptions almost everyone who jumped onto the Don Imus pigpile was a shameless opportunist whose mind was made up years before this incident even happened, and used the occasion of a radio jock stepping in shit to robotically jerk off his constituency for a cheap buck. First of all, let's just get this out of the way: the idea that anyone in the media world gives a shit about the dignity of women, black or white, is a ridiculous joke. America's TV networks have spent the last forty years falling over each other trying to find better and more efficient ways to sell tits to the 18-to-35 demographic. They make hour-long prime-time reality dramas these days about shopping-obsessed sluts hitting each other with pocketbooks, for Christ's sake. Paris Hilton, a dumb, rich slut with a cock in her mouth, gets her own primetime show. MTV, the teenie mags, the pop music industry, they're basically all an endless parade of skinny, half-naked brainless whores selling makeup and jeans to neurotic, self-hating, weight-obsessed little girls. The idea that NBC -- the company that proudly produced 241 episodes of Baywatch, a show whose two main characters for nearly a decade were Pamela Anderson's tits -- the idea that that network was "offended" by the use of the word "ho" is beyond preposterous. Until this incident, I would have wagered very good money that "Ho" would be in the title of at least one NBC-produced reality pilot within the next ten years. You can't see that? Trivia-battling sluts in Ho-llywod Squares? An irony-for-irony's-sake callgirl-improvement show called Pimp My Ho? Would you bet real money that the Paris-and-Nicole vehicle The Simple Life wasn't originally called Whore Acres at some stage of the pre-production process? I sure as hell wouldn't. Programming decisions of the The Bachelor ilk aren't spontaneous mid-show farts by an aging drug-battered brain like the Imus deal -- they're wide-awake decisions, forged in the crucible of number-crunching corporate reflection, to use reactionary images of cheap brainless skanks to sell Fritos and pickup trucks.

The man may be vulgar, but he's a damn entertaining writer. He knows these issues inside and out, and he sees through all the crap. Now, how much of that is genuine bile, and how much is him realizing that this persona is his meal ticket, I can't say. His dad is a correspondent for Dateline NBC, so it's not as if his blood lines are pure of douchebaggery. All I know is, when I read him I am simultaneously full of righteous indignation and laughing my ass off. That's pretty much my sweet spot.
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Step away from Owen Wilson, Travolta and Preston. I swear, if you two come within 15 feet of that poor man with an e-meter and a bottle of frickin' niacin, I will have to call shenanigans on your Scientologist asses. SHENANIGANS!

(I seem to have come down with a case of the dread OotP CAPSLOCK OF DOOM of late. I apologize for that. Usually when politics makes me upset, I start paying attention to celebrities, and vice versa. Unfortunately, they both have me quite riled up right now.)
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I'm kinda getting sick of Heather's posts over at Go Fug Yourself. She's really reaching. Her last three posts have been based on one girl being too tan, one girl standing funny, and one girl wearing a vaguely ill-fitting tank top. The site didn't seem too bitchy when they were making fun of genuinely ridiculous outfits, but this has turned into nitpicking, which isn't a particularly flattering persona for her. Come on -- there isn't ANYONE out there dressing seriously fugly that you can rag on? (Also, she's not particularly funny.)

Jessica is still awesome, though.
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My new favorite thing in the whole world is NetNewsWire, which I'm sure everybody in the whole universe knows about other than me. It's about a million times better than Thunderbird, which I had been using as my RSS aggregator. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when my free trial runs out, and I'm always loathe to pay money for software if I can avoid it. (I am a cheapskate.) However, this may be something worth paying for. If anyone has any suggestions for Mac RSS readers that rival NetNewsWire, please let me know. Otherwise, I might try out the free Lite version when my trial expires. They don't have a lite version of the current iteration, but it's worth a shot. If it's crummy, I'll probably just pay the $30. If I was employed, I would have no qualms about paying, but I'm a little chintzy right now. Also, if I was employed, I wouldn't have time to be reading all these blogs in the first place. Catch-22!

(Also, the interface on NetNewsWire is pleasantly aesthetically similar to that of Peel, which is my other favorite aggregator. That makes my brain happy. Of course, since iTunes 7.3 is still all cracked out, I can't download any new music right now. So bogus.)
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My post yesterday may have given you the impression that I am not a John Edwards fan. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was an Obama girl at the outset, and I do still like him a lot. But John Edwards has been endearing himself to me in lots of little ways this time around. I think his willingness to be honest about his political mistakes, though obviously a calculated political decision in and of itself, is refreshing. I also liked his candor in describing his discomfort with the idea of gay marriage. Although I don't agree with his stance, he really made a good faith effort to explain why it's his personal opinion, and that he's aware of the problem, and he honestly "struggles" with it. And, as the good women (and John Edwards fans) over at Pandagon point out, it's great to see that he's not avoiding the issue, the way everyone in the last election did. For the record, only Kucinich and Gravel openly support gay marriage, so, unfortunately, it's not going to be the deciding issue for me this year. Sorry Kucinich fans, and Gravel fans (if there is such a thing).

But oh my gods, how much am I loving ELIZABETH Edwards on this go-round? She just came out in support of gay marriage, flat out, and is the first spouse of a top-tier presidential candidate to ever do so. And what she said was so to the point and awesome, and is pretty much exactly what every rational human being should have to say on the subject:

“I don’t know why somebody else’s marriage has anything to do with me,'’ she said. “I’m completely comfortable with gay marriage.'’

Her mouth to her husband's ear, I hope. She also called Ann Coulter to the carpet, in a very dignified southern lady way, of course. She made Coulter look like an absolute idiot, which, obviously isn't hard but is always nice to see. And she's out there on the campaign trail with STAGE IV CANCER. As the daughter of someone with the equivalent of stage IV cancer (I don't believe they actually use that term with GIST, but it is metastasized, which I believe is the general definition of such things), I have the utmost respect for her strength and bravery. More than I want to elect John Edwards to the presidency, I want to make Elizabeth Edwards the first lady.
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Here is lesson one in why hosting random people's blogs on your political website isn't a great idea if you're running for president -- because semi-literate ramblings about Bill Richardson wanting wolves to eat children will have the words "" attached to them.

Nothing has been done to protect our children in New Mexico and if Bill Richardson is president I am sure he will continue support coyotes attacking kids in New Jersey, alligators killing children in Florida, mountain lions stalking and attacking children Arizona, not to mention wolves stalking children in every state they are soon to be released in...If Bill Richardson is elected president or even vice president I am sure he will work to make your neighborhood save for dangerous predators. His statements, appointments to New Mexico Game and Fish, and actions make it clear that as the safety of our children is not important to him; dangerous habituated wolves are..If you think this sounds like Jurassic Park or the Twilight Zone living in here is.

And when someone calls her a troll, her response is brilliant:

I have lots of advanced degrees too. Big deal. The issue is rural America is being forced to live with wolves that are habituated and endangering our children. Poor people should not have to live this becuase they are poor. I move here to this beautiful area as a telecommute worker. THat being said studying what other pro wolf writer and biologis say about wolves is not unterstanding wolves or living with them. These wolves are not what I grew up with in canada. You should read up about wolves in russia a new book and really learn about wolves...there are otehr books too. Even Dr Mech talks abotu wovles wiping out species of snowshoe hair and deer on Elsner Island. Children are more important that wolves.

You've gotta love the "I have lots of advanced degrees" response -- I wonder if her thesis work involved unterstanding abotu wovles? When asked for further clarification, she replied:

Fact: Defenders signs up to compensate they claim full market value for confirmed wolf kills

Lies: Defenders has failed to pay. When they have paid it was less than market value. Horse owners should know that horses in defenders eyes are only worth a capped vaulue of $2000.

Your dogs being attacked in your front yard and ripped apart in front of your kids - free killing enjoyment for the wolves.

Defenders takes in thousands of dollars in donations promising to compesate and claiming full market value. No so. Stop Supporting these Crooks.

Plus how to you compensate for my child not being able to walk safetly to school or home?

That's a very good question -- how TO you compensate for something like that? I'm glad John Edwards is worried about my ability to walk safetly. Oh, wait, you mean this woman actually has no ties to the Edwards campaign and is posting this same story on lots of right-wing blogs too? Glad to know the Edwards moderators are paying attention.

Look, I know these are mostly just typos, and despite my ignorance of the issue at hand, I'm sure it is a very important election-deciding litmus test for tens of people in rural New Mexico. But when I see a lede that says "The official John Edwards blog has a great new message about Bill Richardson that will surely be offensive to Democrat primary voters," I assume that the writer has actual ties to the Edwards campaign. In fact, my initial thought was, "Didn't they hire that chick from Pandagon? Has she lost her mind?" But no, the website is apparently set up similarly to Kos. And if that site isn't enough of a clusterfuck to turn you off to the idea of sponsoring hundreds of random liberal loonies, I don't know what would be. This is the sort of thing that makes me cringe, because apparently whoever is running their web campaign is at about the same level as the person on the Obama campaign who thought Obama techno ringtones would be a killer strategy. Yikes. I probably can't find campaign work because I just said "clusterfuck", right?
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I'm catching up on a backlog of Wonkette posts in my Thunderbird reader. Goddammit, that blog is funny. Gawker has gone down a seemingly-neverending hole of suck (how sad is it that I'm nostalgic for Jessica Coen?), Defamer is consistent but uninspired, Fleshbot isn't my cup of tea, and I barely have enough information to form opinions about the rest of Denton's blogs (Jezebel? The hell is that?) -- but Wonkette managed to get even better after the departure of its original author. That's impressive, especially considering Ana Marie Cox was extremely bright and witty.

So, here's a gem from the beginning of June -- apparently Wonkette can't get enough of Ron Paul, and that's fine by me:

Some Ron Paul geeks got very angry about our fun trick last night — we put Ron Paul on our “Choose the Debate Winner” poll and watched as someone quickly voted for Ron Paul 5,000 times, obviously putting him in First Place, and then we changed his name to “The Mickey Mouse from HAMAS-TV,” so that we’d have a real winner. And then the Ron Paul geeks got on their Linux or whatever and HAX0RD the DoS or something, so now the poll won’t load — either that or shit’s just broken on our servers, like always.
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Interesting side note to the whole Strikethrough debacle -- Brad Fitzpatrick no longer works for LJ. Probably a smart move to disable comments on that post. There would no doubt be thousands of Brad-ciples committing virtual hara-kiri upon finding this out. Six Apart wins, open source nerds lose. The end.
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Generally Jessica Valenti and I tend to disagree on a lot of things (see a comment on another Feministing thread where she compares FGM to "designer vaginas" -- a similar comparison to the one that made me lose all interest in my Gender & Human Rights class a couple years ago), but I think she sums this one up right: People are assholes.

I mean, seriously. Jordin is not fat. She's certainly big, but she's big the way I'm big -- she's 5'10" and broad shouldered and kinda thick. Obese?? Not by a long shot. And to have that little twig of a blond woman say that Jordin's handlers are probably going to make her lose 40 pounds like that would be a GOOD thing makes me want to vomit. "I look at Jordin and I see diabetes, I see heart disease..." Christ, woman, you want to know what I see when I look at three-quarters of the girls in Hollywood? I see osteoporosis, I see drug addiction, I see bradycardia, I see amenorrhea, I see tooth decay. I see Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Should they be "allowed" to win American Idol for the example they set?

Also, in the video clip they show pictures of LaKisha before they show pictures of Jordin. This pisses me off in a whole "They all look the same" kind of way -- seriously, the editors at Fox News can't tell apart the black girls on the show?
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The new Surgeon General nominee founded a church that magically makes gay straight through the power of Jeebus H. Christ. That's who I want in charge of my health!

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is back on message -- Al Gore is boring! And we'll add a drop of Kerry in there -- he's elitist, too! You can't expect "Iowa hog farmers" to know who Abraham Lincoln is. Duh, Mr. Vice-Egghead.

Dennis Kucinich will debate my former boyfriend Joe Biden on Fox News. The entire universe yawns, rolls over, and goes back to sleep.

Lou Dobbs sucks.

That fucking sicko who raped and tortured a Columbia journalism student has pled not guilty. I have possibly never been quite so repulsed by a human being as I am by this man. Do not click this link if you are easily triggered.

Apple is oh-so-sneaky -- You may be getting those songs DRM free, but your name is embedded in every track you download. I've gotten pretty fed up with the Orwell references on LJ this week, but I enjoy the irony of this particular piece of pseudo-big-brotherhood juxtaposed with the memory of Apple's iconic "1984" ad.

Everybody's favorite bipolar brother/creepy Jesus/asshole Beverly Hills high school student is going to be on Law & Order next season. This would be more exciting if I ever watched Law & Order. Doesn't he seem like more of a perp than a cop? Maybe I'm just biased because I saw Hideaway in the theater.

They're still pulling this "Just because I'm a pharmacist doesn't mean I actually have to dispense pharmaceuticals as prescribed by a medical professional" crap. Like I said a NUMBER of years ago now, if you're Amish, don't work for the electric company. If you're a practicing Muslim, maybe "Bacon-taste-tester" might not be the appropriate line of work for you. If you have a philosophical problem with the inherent duties of your job, try finding another one.

U.N.K.L.E. + Josh Homme = Luvvvv


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