Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:46 pm
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Yay for LJ app for iPhone!

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Question of the Day: Why does the iTunes Genius feature insist on putting "Careless Whisper" by Wham on every single 80s-related playlist I ask it to generate? Starting with Whitesnake -- gives me Journey, Foreigner, Genesis, Def Leppard, Van Halen...and WHAM?
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Thing I like: Genius playlists in the new iTunes. Hell YEAH if I want to listen to "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper I'll also want to listen to Heart, Wham, and Til Tuesday! Love IS a motherfuckin' battlefield, Pat Benatar, thanks for pointing that out!

Thing I don't like: That Nancy Botwin keeps fucking stuff up with her hot shirtless boyfriends. I already don't get to see Romany Malco on my TV anymore; now just because she has a moral problem with human trafficking, I can't see the sexy telenovela guy next season? SHENANIGANS.

Other thing I like: Teeny baby bump.

Corollary thing I do NOT like: Pregnancy heartburn. Whooorf.
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Somehow I managed to isolate all my vocals in the left channel on my podcast. I'll fix it, but I can't get to my website until after MobileMe is up and running. So, in the event that any of you had downloaded it before the site went down, listen at your own risk -- it sounds shitty. Wait until tomorrow evening, when I will have had a chance to reupload, presuming the DotMac-MobileMe switch doesn't go horribly awry. In which case, I will have more pressing issues on my mind than the podcast.
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Cool thing I just did: Went back and put markers with chapter titles after each song on my podcast. Then, when I synced the podcast with my iPhone and put it in widescreen/Cover Flow mode, tapping the screen once brings up a track listing within the podcast -- just like an album despite the fact that it's a single file. Easy to navigate! Skip the last 4 minutes of "Goodbye Horses" because it's extremely repetitive! Skip the parts where I talk because you find my voice annoying! It's all up to you, the listener!

Good thing I just learned: iPhoto has always been the bane of my existence, with the twenty different levels of file storage and duplicates and pictures totally disappearing on me because I moved the file around or something, whatever, I don't know. Well, iPhoto '08 has the iPhoto library in your Pictures folder as a single package. This makes it seem like you can't access those pictures, which might be extremely annoying. But really what it does is keep them out of sight so it's harder for you to mess with where they're stored in the hierarchy rather than change the organization within iPhoto. That way they don't disappear on you. But you CAN access the library hierarchy by right clicking and selecting "Show Package Contents" -- and, as someone over on TUAW suggested, you can create an alias of those contents to put in your pictures folder or on your desktop, so that you can access the files if you need to attach them to an email or otherwise upload them somewhere, but you wouldn't actually be fiddling with the data itself. And now, when I rearrange my pictures in iPhoto, it just rearranges them in that library package behind the scenes, so I won't have multiple copies in multiple locations and won't accidentally delete the one that actually IS still linked in iPhoto leaving a giant annoying "missing picture" graphic in its wake. I look forward to playing with this more. A lot of people find it counterintuitive to make it HARDER to access those pictures from the finder, but it honestly makes a lot more sense than the way iPhoto data was saved before.

Awesome thing I plan to do now: Sleep.
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Holy shit, who put DC FOLLIES on iTunes?? The Sid and Marty Kroft "Land of Confusion" Reagan puppet show? I half thought I dreamed that show. Seriously, until I was about 16, the entirety of my understanding of the Reagan administration was composed of nuggets I'd gleaned from Doonesbury, DC Follies, and my grandmother shouting at the TV screen at dinner. I'll be good and just download one least for now.
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Everyone knows that television shows have gotten progressively shorter, with regards to their actual running times. The Wire is a notable exception. It's episodes are all upwards of 55 minutes long, some even over an hour; I can barely watch them because my attention span is so shot from crappy network TV. My good friends over at NBC Universal have hit a new low, though. This past week's hour-long episode of The Office (Are they all going to be an hour now? Because storytelling-wise, it REALLY doesn't work well) topped out at 39 minutes. 30 Rock? 19 minutes. NINETEEN MINUTES. That's embarrassing. I really have no larger point to make here. I just think it's ludicrous that the networks were actually angling to get iTunes customers to pay MORE for shorter shows that are packed to the brim with sponsorship as it is. (No, Hiro Nakamura, I do NOT want to buy a Nissan Versa.)
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So, two new NBC shows are up on iTunes -- Journeyman and Chuck. Confused? Don't be -- neither of them are actually produced by NBC/Universal, so Fox and Warner Bros. still gets to put 'em up there. However, this doesn't bode well for House fans -- House is an NBC/Universal productions, even if it shows on Fox. Ergo, no House on iTunes. As far as I can tell, the returning shows that won't be on iTunes this fall due to the NBC/Universal fallout are House, Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and Battlestar Galactica. Am I missing any? Apparently My Name is Earl isn't an NBC/Universal production, so we might see that premiere on iTunes come Friday morning. Unfortunately, I HATE My Name is Earl, despite my enduring love for Jason Lee. If I can overlook the Scientology thing, I think I can get past the fact that his show is horribly unfunny.

Please, NBC/Universal, I just want to give you money -- why won't you take it?
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My new favorite thing in the whole world is NetNewsWire, which I'm sure everybody in the whole universe knows about other than me. It's about a million times better than Thunderbird, which I had been using as my RSS aggregator. Unfortunately, I'm not sure when my free trial runs out, and I'm always loathe to pay money for software if I can avoid it. (I am a cheapskate.) However, this may be something worth paying for. If anyone has any suggestions for Mac RSS readers that rival NetNewsWire, please let me know. Otherwise, I might try out the free Lite version when my trial expires. They don't have a lite version of the current iteration, but it's worth a shot. If it's crummy, I'll probably just pay the $30. If I was employed, I would have no qualms about paying, but I'm a little chintzy right now. Also, if I was employed, I wouldn't have time to be reading all these blogs in the first place. Catch-22!

(Also, the interface on NetNewsWire is pleasantly aesthetically similar to that of Peel, which is my other favorite aggregator. That makes my brain happy. Of course, since iTunes 7.3 is still all cracked out, I can't download any new music right now. So bogus.)
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The new Surgeon General nominee founded a church that magically makes gay straight through the power of Jeebus H. Christ. That's who I want in charge of my health!

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is back on message -- Al Gore is boring! And we'll add a drop of Kerry in there -- he's elitist, too! You can't expect "Iowa hog farmers" to know who Abraham Lincoln is. Duh, Mr. Vice-Egghead.

Dennis Kucinich will debate my former boyfriend Joe Biden on Fox News. The entire universe yawns, rolls over, and goes back to sleep.

Lou Dobbs sucks.

That fucking sicko who raped and tortured a Columbia journalism student has pled not guilty. I have possibly never been quite so repulsed by a human being as I am by this man. Do not click this link if you are easily triggered.

Apple is oh-so-sneaky -- You may be getting those songs DRM free, but your name is embedded in every track you download. I've gotten pretty fed up with the Orwell references on LJ this week, but I enjoy the irony of this particular piece of pseudo-big-brotherhood juxtaposed with the memory of Apple's iconic "1984" ad.

Everybody's favorite bipolar brother/creepy Jesus/asshole Beverly Hills high school student is going to be on Law & Order next season. This would be more exciting if I ever watched Law & Order. Doesn't he seem like more of a perp than a cop? Maybe I'm just biased because I saw Hideaway in the theater.

They're still pulling this "Just because I'm a pharmacist doesn't mean I actually have to dispense pharmaceuticals as prescribed by a medical professional" crap. Like I said a NUMBER of years ago now, if you're Amish, don't work for the electric company. If you're a practicing Muslim, maybe "Bacon-taste-tester" might not be the appropriate line of work for you. If you have a philosophical problem with the inherent duties of your job, try finding another one.

U.N.K.L.E. + Josh Homme = Luvvvv
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...But then again, what do I know? I apparently still have a soft spot for Dashboard Confessional. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SURF THROUGH THE TOP 100 on iTUNES, PEOPLE! You learn things that you really didn't want to know about yourself. I'm afraid to listen to this John Mayer song at #68. What if I like it? What does that say about me?

I'm just going to download the Timbaland album and be done with it. I have no shame in liking Timbaland. I always have. Omarion and Akon and Mims and Rihanna and all of them can just go fuck themselves. I'm gonna get my top-40 fix from Tim. (And Fergie. Oh God, did I just say that out loud? Please, nobody look at how many spins Fergie has gotten on my profile. I'm so ashamed.)
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The one thing that makes this day salvageable is that I learned I can press control+option+apple+8 and get my screen to do what my dad used to call "Video Vortex".
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iPhone is teh pretty. The Beatles are coming to iTunes. Apple stock just went up $5.50 in two hours. If my day at work weren't so crappy, and if my butt didn't hurt so much, this would be an amazing day.

It's a shame I have no reason to buy an iPhone -- I have a video iPod, I bought a RAZR not 4 months ago, and I don't really use my phone for internet shit (though I MIGHT, if the iPhone really makes it as easy as Jobs made it seem). Segev has a Cingular upgrade he's sitting on, though. Maybe we could get a rebate through that? And then just switch our chips, and Segev can have the RAZR and i can party with the iPhone? Or *sigh* he could use the iPhone and I could wistfully pet it every now and then? MUST HAVE GADGET! THAT I DON'T NEED IN ANY WAY! BECAUSE I AM AN ACQUISITIVE YUPPIE AND I WANT IT!
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Today's favorite nerd quote, re: the Mac version of TiVo to Go, from The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

"Sure, it was probably a painstaking and grueling process to build a Mac OS X client, and it's even likely that many Bothans died to bring us this software."

I will give 1000 dork points to whoever can name the character who said that line.

Happy Macworld, everybody. Do you think we're getting a phone?

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wait, so, the ipod shuffle connects via USB, not firewire?
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ok, i got a $25 gift certificate to itunes for christmas, so i'm browsing some year-end best-of lists to find stuff to download. and i have to say, the indie music press is really repetitive. can we all shut up about the arcade fire? the album sucks. no, really. it's annoying. there's one good song, and i'm already sick of it.

and the animal collective sounds like junkie whales mating, and not in a good way.
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when someone tries to rip you off on ebay, send 'em the p-p-p-powerbook. fake escrow accounts are teh suck.


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