May. 27th, 2008

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Cool thing I just did: Went back and put markers with chapter titles after each song on my podcast. Then, when I synced the podcast with my iPhone and put it in widescreen/Cover Flow mode, tapping the screen once brings up a track listing within the podcast -- just like an album despite the fact that it's a single file. Easy to navigate! Skip the last 4 minutes of "Goodbye Horses" because it's extremely repetitive! Skip the parts where I talk because you find my voice annoying! It's all up to you, the listener!

Good thing I just learned: iPhoto has always been the bane of my existence, with the twenty different levels of file storage and duplicates and pictures totally disappearing on me because I moved the file around or something, whatever, I don't know. Well, iPhoto '08 has the iPhoto library in your Pictures folder as a single package. This makes it seem like you can't access those pictures, which might be extremely annoying. But really what it does is keep them out of sight so it's harder for you to mess with where they're stored in the hierarchy rather than change the organization within iPhoto. That way they don't disappear on you. But you CAN access the library hierarchy by right clicking and selecting "Show Package Contents" -- and, as someone over on TUAW suggested, you can create an alias of those contents to put in your pictures folder or on your desktop, so that you can access the files if you need to attach them to an email or otherwise upload them somewhere, but you wouldn't actually be fiddling with the data itself. And now, when I rearrange my pictures in iPhoto, it just rearranges them in that library package behind the scenes, so I won't have multiple copies in multiple locations and won't accidentally delete the one that actually IS still linked in iPhoto leaving a giant annoying "missing picture" graphic in its wake. I look forward to playing with this more. A lot of people find it counterintuitive to make it HARDER to access those pictures from the finder, but it honestly makes a lot more sense than the way iPhoto data was saved before.

Awesome thing I plan to do now: Sleep.


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