May. 6th, 2008

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Earlier this year, I was doing a really good job at posting regularly about two topics near and dear to my heart -- politics and Lost. Since I became gainfully employed, this regularity dropped off. And now I feel like I should post about both of those subjects, but I don't know if I can. If I don't post about Lost immediately after viewing it, I kinda lose the intensity of my reactions. (Although my reaction this week can pretty much be summed up as "Ick, you two suck. DON'T CARE.") And the election has broken my brain. Everyone knows my feelings about the national news media at this point. But the blogs, though certainly not as bad as the MSM, have been falling into some unfortunate patterns that I'm not enjoying. Namely, the INCESSANT emphasis on polls. I swear to god, every day I have about 15 posts in my RSS reader about various different presidential polls. And they ALL SAY DIFFERENT THINGS and NONE OF THEM ARE RELIABLE OR MEAN ANYTHING, and yet EVERY DAY, it's all "oh, Obama's been affected by the Wright scandal" and then 12 hours later "Hey, Rasmussen says he's bounced back from the Wright scandal!" and I'm seriously like, WHO CARES?? Jesus, people, I understood it before Pennsylvania because there was a 6 week break and they needed to fill time, but this week has honestly been the worst week yet. You can't wait a damn week and just SEE HOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTE? Polls of white people, polls of black people, polls of old people, polls of young people, polls of people with syphilis, polls of people with pet iguanas...and every polling outfit says something different from the rest, and the numbers change wildly from day to day. This reflects nothing. It's useless, and annoying, and I'm seriously about to track down the guy who writes for TPM Election Café and beat him about the head with my shoe.

Also, Hillary keeps saying things that absolutely infuriate me, and I don't actually enjoy being infuriated anymore. I used to, actually, a little bit -- something fun about righteous indignation. But now that this has dragged on for SO LONG, I'm exhausted by it. Like, there was a little brouhaha last week about Hillary on Bill O'Reilly saying, "Rich people...God bless us!" That was the quote that was everywhere. (And of course Wolfson put out a statement saying, "No, no, she said 'God BLESSED us' which A) no she didn't and B) how is that really any better?) I didn't really care too much about that part of the quote, but what actually got me pissed was what she said AFTER that, which was something along the lines of, "We deserve every penny of it." REALLY? You really think that all rich people deserve EVERY PENNY of that money? The guys who ran Bear Sterns into the ground -- they deserved their insane Christmas bonuses and immediately subsequent severance packages? You think Paris Hilton deserves every penny of the money she'll inherit because her grandfather built some hotels, or every penny of the surely exorbitant amount she earned for that Carl's Jr commercial where she writhed on a car sloppily eating a burger in wet lingerie that NEVER EVEN AIRED? And honestly, you think Bill O'Reilly deserves every penny of the millions he brings in every year spouting the same predictable bullshit day after day? All of these people surely deserve compensation for the work that they do. But I would contest the EVERY PENNY concept. I mean, seriously, Isaiah Thomas does NOT deserve the amount of money the Knicks have thrown his way over the past few years.

She also had that fun quote about how people need to decide if they are "are they with us or against us in standing up to the oil companies" with regards to that idiotic gas tax holiday. I rambled about that a little bit over at [ profile] mtbandit's journal, and I'm gonna copypasta that over here real quick:

Honestly, I doubt this proposed tax holiday would leave consumers with any extra money in their pocket at all. As many people have pointed out, gas prices are pretty inelastic, because we're so dependent on oil that we're pretty much willing to pay any price. The gas companies know this. They'd pocket the money and not drop the wholesale price at all. We wouldn't even get our $40, and, like you said, the prices would then rise dramatically after labor day. Blech.

There's an article on Salon today that's all "But Obama voted for a gas tax holiday in Illinois!" that really pissed me off. The gas tax in Illinois was COMPLETELY different. The tax that they suspended was essentially a sales tax, tacked on at the consumer end, hence an actual difference in price at the pump. The tax Clinton/McCain are talking about is an excise tax at the production end on the oil companies. Not the same thing, especially given that I doubt the windfall tax she's talking about enacting to cover the difference would even get past Congress. So it's just a break for the oil companies. This is why her line about, "Are you with those of us who stand against the oil companies, or against us?" totally enraged me. She's driving me crazy.

So, now I feel much better that I've gotten a little bit of rant out of my system. I can end my lunch break with the knowledge that I've tossed my two cents into the vast well of the interslice, shouting into the void as so many of us do.
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I am seriously a little shocked at the results of the primaries tonight. I guess all those polls I was complaining about really did get into my head and make me start thinking that the Wright thing was going to have an effect on Barack's lead.


I assumed that he would win North Carolina. But not by this much. The percentages look like they were looking all along there -- he's going to win by 15 points. So much for that Drudge leak to minimize expectations this morning, Camp Hillary. But I really had no idea it would be this close in Indiana. A few months ago, people were predicting an Obama win because the state was NEXT TO Illinois. I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard. Gary does not an entire state make. But, well, wow. In general, though, the demographics in Indiana are much closer to Ohio than Illinois, so him coming out essentially tied there? That's huge. HUGE. Totally cripples Clinton's "Unelectable, can't win white working-class voters" narrative. Even without Clinton's crushing defeat in Gary, she still only won the rest of the state 52-48 apparently.

I'm doing a little dance now.


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