Feb. 15th, 2008

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Basically, I will sum up the episode in two words: Naked Sayid. Niiiice. You know, it's weird...I am very conflicted by Naveen Andrews. Obviously I think Sayid is awesome and hot -- that's kinda beyond dispute at this point. But Naveen Andrews himself I am simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by. I think he's hot but at the same time I think he's gross. I think this has something to do with the fact that he's fucking Barbara Hershey in real life, and she's had such terrible plastic surgery that it kinda hurts to look at her, so I'm kinda mushing them up in my brain. Also, Naveen Andrews's real-life accent is the least pleasant British accent I think I've ever heard....it just doesn't sound right coming from him, and it messes up my brain. On top of that, he has a tendency to just go around impregnating women at somewhat inopportune times...he had a kid with his high school math teacher, and managed to knock up some woman during the, like, six months he and Hershey broke up in 2005. Maybe he's just got super sperm. And then there's the heroin addiction. There's a lot about him that turns me off -- but, you know...the hotness!

Anyway, enough about hot Sayid. Back to the show.

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