Feb. 10th, 2008

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I have discussed this, probably excessively, over on my tumblelog, but I just want to say for the record, to Robin Morgan:

The majority of my female friends are voting for Obama. Not a single one of them is voting for him because they are "eager to win male approval by showing they’re not feminists," or because they "can’t identify with a woman candidate because she is unafraid of eeueweeeu yucky power," or because they "fear their boyfriends might look at them funny if they say something good about her," or because they naively think that "it’s post-feminism and whoooosh we’re already free." There are plenty of "glorious young women" out there who don't agree with you that Clinton is "better qualified (D'uh)." Also, using the word "duh" (and spelling it wrong) is not helping your attempt to bridge the "misrepresented generational divide," not that you've done a good job of it otherwise. If sisterhood is so powerful, what good does it do to pit one generation against another? Over on Jezebel, a commenter said she wanted the third-gen feminists to stop "sneering" at 2nd gens. I would posit that this essay sneers in the opposite direction.

I have been shocked in this primary season at how much casual sexism still exists in this country, especially in the media. But to me, the point of feminism is EQUALITY between the sexes. I'm voting for Obama because I believe both candidates should be judged on their merits, not on the color of their skin or the shape of their genitalia, and I personally think Barack Obama would make a better president than Hillary Clinton. And NO, that's not me being some retarded 3rd wave feminist girls-gone-wild bimbo who thinks that feminism is passé or icky or that all the battles have been won. It's me saying that I'm going to walk the walk if I talk the talk about EQUALITY.


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