Jan. 21st, 2008

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Ugh. Coachella looks pretty crap this year.

The headliners the first day? Seriously? Bleak. Really, really awful. But then below the fold on Friday is Spank Rock, Stars, Diplo, Adam Freeland, Santogold, Modeselektor, and various other people I've listened to a lot this past year. So, maybe worth missing a day's work, turn in early, whatever. Day two? Kraftwerk AGAIN? Blerg. Portishead I would dig seeing, but I've seen Death Cab before. Ditto for MIA (and she SUCKED when we saw her, anyway). Hot Chip and Mark Ronson and Junkie XL, sure, OK. Still not impressed. I'm not a Pink Floyd fan, so I don't care about Roger Waters. Ditto for Love and Rockets. I didn't even bother to watch Bauhaus when they were there a couple of years ago, so I'm probably not going to bother with Love and Rockets. (I kinda wish I had seen Bauhaus, though, because apparently Peter Murphy sang "Bela Lugosi's Dead" while hanging upside down like a bat. That's kinda cool.) I don't like My Morning Jacket. I don't really like Spiritualized very much. I like many of the Justice REMIXES, but I don't love the Justice album itself. Could take or leave Chromeo. I might wander by the Gogol Bordello tent to see if Elijah Wood shows up, because he's all "Everything Is Illuminated"-friends with that Eugene guy. The Streets -- meh. Metric we've seen before. Really the only thing potentially interesting that whole day is Kid Sister with A-Trak, but what do they really have to offer once they've played "Pro Nails"?



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